His Introvert Wife

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"Ummm...." I bite my lips felling guilty and was stupefied for a second.

Itzel! How can you be so shameless?

"I....I'm s-sorry." I stammered while apologising and moved my right hand towards his injured ear.

I slowly rubbed it taking extra care to not inflict more harm and blow air on it to soothe it. I had bite the tip of the ear which had a deep tooth mark on it and now the redness has spread all over his ear.

"I didn't mean to-" I was about to apologise when Vaeon stop me mid-sentence.

"If you had wanted to bite then I could have given something else." His voice sounded hoarse and he stopped on his track.

It took me a minute to understand what he was saying and I blushed hitting hard on his shoulder.

"Youu..." How can this man joke when he was hurt?

"I was talking about food Amore. What do you...wait?" He gave a hearty laugh and tilt his face backward to face me but I hide my face on the crook of his neck.

"Get your mind out of the gutter." I mumbled scolding myself and his body vibrated as he laugh out loud.

My body too shake causing me to almost lose my balance and I tightly wrapped my arms around his neck putting a slight pressure. The clothes which I was holding on my hands get in front of his face so he grabbed it from my hand with his right hand and I took that moment to get down from his back.

"Hey!" My sudden action startled him and he shouted turning back to face me.

"Catch me." I giggled shouting back and ran towards the paved pathway which would take me to the lawn.

When I had ran a few steps, I turn back to look at my husband and find him staring at me with a sly smile plastered on his sexy face. That made me to run faster as I know that he had something up his shelves and it would be better if he didn't catch me.

And I was so immersed in thinking about my husband that I didn't see the things in front of me and crashed into something hard. Fortunately, I didn't lose my footing and halt on my steps.

"Agh.." A man groaned sounded and my eyes goes to the ground where a body was sprawled on it.

There is another person here?

I was shocked to see that person lying down on the ground and was about to help him get up when he turned towards me.

“Ahhhhh...” A blood curling scream escaped from my mouth and resounded in the surrounding.

The man was taken aback from my action and looked at me with wide eyes which made him to look more horrific.

His whole face was swollen and covered with bruises. Blood was dripping from his busted lips and he was clutching his stomach moaning in pain.

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