His Introvert Wife

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Fear crept in my body when I saw his ugly state and that man slowly tried to get up scrunching his face in discomfort. I so wanted to run away from there but my feet was rooted to the place.

Burly images came flashing on my mind and I felt intense pain on my head. I move my hand to hold my head and tightly close my head to get rid of those frightening images.

I heard a child scream and the disoriented images changed to a small girl who was crying hysterically shouting at someone. I couldn’t see the face of that person but I felt suffocated as if that was the worst nightmare of my life.

“No. Get away.” I muttered trying to stop that heart wrenching cry of that little girl.

As far as I remembered there was no such thing that had happened to me before and I have Hemophobia since childhood. So seeing the man covered in his blood had triggered me.

“Itzel!” Vaeon shout came from behind and hurried footsteps were heard.

“Amore. What happened?” He removed the hand which was clutching my head and made me to look at him.

“I...” I managed to croaked out and a tear slipped from my eyes startling him.

“Hey! It’s alright. I am here.” He pulled me in his embrace and I placed my head on his chest.

His voice and the sound of his heart-beat helped me to calm down and I take a long intake of breath to get rid of the anxiety.

I am here. His voice rang on my mind fading away the evil thoughts and I hugged him tight as if he is my sanctuary.

“Itzel. Calm down.” He rubbed my back in a soothing manner and sighed when he heard my even breathing.

“I’m okay.” Few minutes latter, I pulled away from his embrace and flashed a small smile to the man who looked more tensed than me.

“Don’t run away like that from next time?” He said with a stern face placing his hands on my shoulder.

“Hmm.” I meekly nodded my head and the man cupped my face pecking my forehead.

“Stop there.” A voice shouted from behind us and we heard hurried footsteps coming towards us.

Then I recalled the battered man who was laying on the ground and tightly gripped Vaeon’s arm making him to look back at me. He took my hand on his and stood in front of me blocking the man’s line of sight.

He was taken aback when he saw the man lying down on the ground and clenched his fist as if suppressing the rage burning inside him.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Vaeon roared looking at the men who had just arrived and were panting to take a breath.

“Boss. This bastard ran off when we were taking him to the headquarter.” A familiar voice spoke out and I looked up to see Ross standing in front of the man.

“Drag him out of here.” Vaeon growled looking menacingly at the man on the ground and the man shivered clutching his stomach with his hand.

“Roger that Boss.” The men wearing black suits shouted and ran towards the man.

“S-Save me.” The man pleaded looking pitiful and crawled towards me.

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