His Introvert Wife

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The man creep me out and my hold on Vaeon’s hand tightened. Vaeon patted my hand to calm me and he pulled me at his back.

“You.” Vaeon kicked the man who was trying to crawl towards me and the man flopped down on the ground groaning in pain.

“Take this bastard out now.” Vaeon growled like a ferocious lion and the men moved forward to hold the man.

“Save.” The man croaked out staring at me and Vaeon pulled me in his embrace burying my head on his chest.

“Move fast.” Vaeon hissed rubbing my back and the man’s pleading face came flashing on my mind.

Who is this man? And what is he doing here?

This place has high security with cameras at every corner and no one can get out and get in easily as there is a scanner at the entrance. And this man had managed to escaped those men and ended up here.

Also, looking at the way how Vaeon had reacted he seemed to know this person and the person seemed to be familiar with this place layout.

And this man, he seemed to be someone who is familiar with me as he was pleading with me to spare his life. He didn’t fight with the men when they were coming to him but he stared at me, like I’m the only one who could help him.

But only few close relatives and business associates knows about this marriage and the whole world only knows that Vaeon Dragul had married but the bride name and photo are not released yet.

I’m also from the rich family and my father owns chains of hotel around the world but I’ve never attended the press meeting and parties so very few people know about my existence.

My parents too were happy with not exposing me to the media and I too wanted to become independent woman so I entered into the business world without using my family’s name.

I met Esme when I was in junior high and since then she is my only friend and the first and last person know about my true identity. Other than her no one knew about my family background.

I do not know much thing about Esme’s family background and have only met her father who had came to our weeding but with her I can feel free and share anything.

Since then we had done everything together and graduated on the same day from the same university. And we are now business partners.

Also, she too had a thing for interior designing and I too was tempted to work as one so we startup an online agency to communicate with our clients and our biggest customer is the Dragul’s.

We had finished the project in three months and only few of the employees knows about me. And I had talked about keeping the marriage private to my father and Vaeon was more than happy to comply the request.

So why is this man pleading me to save him?

“Wait.” I managed to voice out looking at the men who were walking away holding the man.

There were three of them among which two of them hold the man on both of his hand and Ross walked in front of them. The man was limping and trailed of blood was left on the path they had walked.

“Amore. What happened?” Vaeon asked looking bewildered but I just stare at the man who had pique my interest.

Those men stop on their track and all of them turned back to look at me. Two of the men were confused as to why they were stop and Ross was not showing any emotion.

“Who are you?” I ignored the looks everyone was giving me and muster up a courage to face that person.

“I a-am-” The man was trying to speak but Ross cut him off signalling the men to take him away.

“He is the spy send from the rival team. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. This will not happen again.” Ross apologised for the whole incident.

“Increase the security.” Vaeon commanded snaking his hand on my waist.

“I had already informed Leo. I will take my leave first.” Ross walked away to the entrance and few minutes latter, we heard the starting of the engine.

“I’m sorry Amore.” Vaeon whispered placing his head on top of my head.

“Vaeon.” I called out turning around to look at the big man.

“It’s me who is sorry.” If I hadn’t ran away then I wouldn’t have encountered that dangerous man.

“I...I couldn’t protect you. If that man had gun or something dangerous then-” I place my finger on his lips and stop him from speaking further.

“You were there for me and you came at the right time.” I said moving my hand to caresses his cheek.

“But I have vow to never let you cry yet I...” He trailed off looking down not meeting my eyes.

“You were not the one to make me cry so it’s alright.” I flashed a smile to brighten his mood but he looked distressed.

“Hey! Don’t blame yourself. I have Hemophobia so it triggered me.” I said intertwining my left hand with his.

“Also, your voice soothes me and I was able to calm down.” I tiptoe on my foot and pecked his lips.

My husband is taller than me so that if I have to initiate a kiss then I need to stretch my legs.

“You know I was sacred to death when I heard your scream. I was thinking of tricking you to come back but that high-pitched scream made me to have cold sweat.” He pecked my forehead placing his head against mine and we remained in that position for a while.

“Don’t scare me like that? Hell! I will never give you the chance.” He muttered looking straight into my eyes and I felt touched hearing his words.

“I promise.” I said leaning towards his face to seal our lips.

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