His Introvert Wife

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“Good morning.” A sexy voice whispered near my ear when I had just opened my eyes.

“Good Morning.” I tilt my head to the left and greeted the man laying beside me.

“Did you sleep well?” Vaeon asked nibbling on my ear.

“I have a good sleep.” I answered thinking about the nightmare I had in the middle of the night.

The vague images which had came flashing on mind during the day haunted me at the mid-night and my chest pain hearing that young girl wails. I tired hard to see that girl’s face and I was somewhat successful but in the end I saw a body of the teenager laying down on the floor where the girl was crouching on the dirty floor and seeing the pool of blood I wake up shrieking out loud startling Vaeon who was in deep sleep.

He then frantically get up and hugged me to calm me down. Tears slipped from my eyes and I cried hard wetting his bare chest. He get off the bed and gave me a glass of water to drank. Then he hugged me and whispered soothing words till I get back to sleep.

It was the first nightmare I had had in the 24 years of my life and it shook me to the core. If not for Vaeon then I don’t know what would have happened to me. Now recalling the way I had clung to his body, I felt embarrassed to meet his gaze.

“It’s good that you slept well. Don’t think about it, okay?” He raise my chin to make me look up at him and he looked intensely at me as if he could see through my soul.

His gaze didn’t suffocate me but it made me feel warm as there is someone who is distressed to see me in such condition. I stare at his face where he had a glaring dark circle underneath his eyes and know that this man had not slept a wink worrying that I would wake up once he had gone to sleep.

Even my father who love me to bone had fallen asleep when he was taking care of me for the whole night while I had a high fever and this man whom I had married a week before, had sacrificed his sleep to guard me for the whole night.

It is really possible to love someone so much when you have met the person for the shortest period of your life. Heck, we have never share a word prior to the wedding and he had even confessed to me on our weeding night.

It’s not that I’m doubting his love for me but thinking from the another prospective is it really possible to find your soulmate without losing anything. There is a saying that no pain, no gain so am I so lucky that I got this brilliant man as my lawfully weeded husband?

Looking at his handsome face, his outstanding career and his powerful family background, he could get the world enchanting beauty but he end up of choosing me and he intrigued me at the first glance.

“Amore!” He called and pouted looking annoyed as I was dwelling on my thoughts forgetting about his presence.

“Let’s eat breakfast and then you should get to sleep.” I caresses his eyes which seems tired and pecked on each of his eyes.

But that naughty man raise his chin up and my mouth touch his lips. I saw a mischievous gleam on his eyes and he pry open his lips to kiss me.

“Mmm morning breath.” I pull away my face when he was about to trick me to kiss him and he huffed placing his head on my clavicle.

His breath fanned on my neck and he placed sloppy kisses moving my hair to my back. He glance me from the corner of his eyes and continue the ministration. He knew that I will lose control whenever he tease me like this and it had only been a day since he last touch my body. And now he is pouncing on me early in the morning like a hungry wolf.

“Vaeon! I..I need to go to the washroom.” I voice out not letting the man to be successful in his scheme and tried to get off the bed.

“Can’t it wait?” He said in his hoarse voice giving me a seductive gaze.

“No.” I furiously shook my head turning to right and placed my foot on the floor to ran away from the man’s reach.

But I underestimate him as he get off the bed faster than me and grabbed my arm before I could get up from the bed. He smirked glancing at my body and carry me up in his arm. This husband of mine seemed to have a fetish to carry me whenever he get the chance and I have become accustomed with this habit of his.

“Aren’t you tired of carrying me around?” I asked wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Tired?” He scoffed laughing at my question and shook his head.

“You my wife is light as feather and your body is so soft to touch. How can I stop my hands?” He roamed his hand around my back and his hand staring moving lower till it reach my buttock.

He gave a sly smile halting on his step and squeeze my butt slowly caressing it with his hands. My face became heated and I blushed hiding my face on the crook of his neck. In board daylight my husband is shamelessly touching my butt that too with a satisfied smile plaster on his face.

“Vaeon!” I groaned licking his neck and that one move made him to slap on my butt.

“Ouch.” I exclaimed looking up at the handsome man and he grinned seeing my shocked face.

“Don’t lick me like that Amore? Otherwise...” He didn’t complete the sentence leaving me to think about it and I know what this man is currently talking about.

“And does it hurt?” He asked looking slightly guilty and rubbed my butt as if to soothe it.

“Why have you hit me?” I sounded mad and move my right hand to remove his hand from my butt.

Who knows if this man would slap again?

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