His Introvert Wife

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"You enjoying, my girl." My another favourite person asked with a huge grin plastered on her face.

"Duh." I said with a pout and she sat on the chair next to me.

Everyone was enjoying the party or dancing and I also had my dance with my dad which was quite emotional and then I had to take some rest as the heels was killing my feet.

"Tired?" I asked seeing her stretching her leg a little bit in a ladylike manner as she was wearing the gown and it would look inappropriate.

"Yeah. You?" She asked with a sly smile.

"Yes." I said and look around to find the gaze of my husband who was looking at me intensely.

A blush crept on my cheeks due to his intense gaze and I lower my eyes looking everywhere but at him.

When Esme, my bestie nudges me then I become aware of my surrounding and look at her to find her smirking.

"What?" I asked sounding innocent but my bff knows me better than that so the teasing begins.

"Aww Itzel, he is totally into you. I notice him staring at you since you were dancing with your father and even when you were talking with your family, he was searching for you. And when he did see you he couldn't tear his gaze away from you." Esme said in a bit dramatic way and I smile knowing that he, my husband was looking for me.

"Zel! You nervous?" Esme asked after few seconds and I weakly nodded my headed bitting my lips.

"You should be as it's your first wedding." She said as if I would marry twice.

"And let's get you refreshed, shall we?" She motion me to get up and we walk to the changing room which was at the side of the hall.

"Zel." Esme called while helping me with the gown which was quite long for my liking.

"Yeah." I voice out trying to walk steady without tripping.

"You know you're looking like a princess ." This is the second time she had tell me and I smile hearing her.

We reached the changing room Esme opened the door helping me to enter.

There was a mirror at the left along with the chairs and the room was small, just enough to change the dress. I sat on the chair and Esme stand behind me looking at me through the mirror placing her hands on my shoulder.

"I still can't believe that you're going away from us." Esme said with a sad smile and now I know why she had bring me here.

"But I'm always in your heart. Am I not?" I pout returning the sad smile and she shake her head in denial.

"You're my lovely sister, my bestie and it's just that..." She didn't finished her sentence and didn't made any eye contact which made me worried.

"What are you saying Esme?" I asked giving her just-tell-me look and she sigh and continue speaking.

"Didn't you think that it's quite odd that your dream came true? I mean all the things you've told me about your marriage proposal and the guy you wanted?!" Hearing her made me to think for a while and before I could speak, she speak further.

"It's seems like my sister is lucky." Esme grinned squeezing my shoulder and one word occupy my mind....


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