His Introvert Wife

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"It's call spanking Amore." He smirked slapping on my bottom and I bite on his neck in retaliation.

"Itzel!" Vaeon groaned giving me a hungry gaze and kicked the washroom door to open it.

He then carefully placed me atop the basin counter and took out the toothbrush from the holder. He squeezed the toothpaste placing it on the toothbrush and wet it with water by opening the faucet.

"Here. Let's brush our teeth." He handed me the brush and took out his own brush form the holder.

I was about to get down the basin counter when he shook his head and placed his legs on either side of my legs to stop me from getting down.

I huffed looking at the toothbrush on my hand and brushed my teeth avoiding the man standing in front of me.

He tried to made me look at him by playing with my hair but I ignore him looking sideways at the mirror on my back.

I spit out the foam on the basin and clean my mouth with the water. The man wouldn't budge even when he need to spit out the foam and he bend his body to clean his mouth.

"Vaeon! Please move." I hit on his shoulder to push him away but the man hold my hand staring at me.

"I will carry you out." He placed his hand on the back of my leg to lift me up but I stop him by kicking my legs on the air.

"I want to take a bath. So let me down." I pouted looking at his face and he nodded carrying me on his arm.

I always take bath once a day and yesterday I felt tired after witnessing that scene. So I slept changing into the night gown and now I felt uneasy looking at my skin.

"Hey!" I yelled near his ear but it didn't stop him from walking.

"Amore. I'm taking you to the jacuzzi. We will bath together." He smiled happily looking at me and I felt scared thinking about his current thoughts.

"No. I will bath on my own. You get out." I looked at the jacuzzi in front of us and he placed me down on it.

"You hurt me Amore." He feigned being sad and crouched down on my level.

"Vaeon. I seriously want to have a bath." I tried to reason out but he gave me a puppy eyes which I couldn't resist and reluctantly nodded my head.

"Amore. It's not that we haven't bath together so do be shy." He teased stripping down his boxers and I blushed looking at his erected manhood.

Yes, it's not the first time but back then I had no energy to take the bath and didn't recalled most of the part due to exhaustion. But now I'm wide awake and can bath on my own.

"Your gown? Wait. I will help you take it off." Vaeon too get in the jacuzzi and I saw the water flow out from the faucet on top of it.

Vaeon sat down in front of me and helped me to take the gown off. The jacuzzi was round in shape which was wide enough to fit two people so I moved to the edge of it leaning my back against it.

Vaeon had already filled it with water so I submerged my body till the water reach my chest and saw Vaeon giving me heated gaze from the other side of the jacuzzi.

He too was leaning his back on the edge and was staring at me. I then close my eyes relaxing on the water and a toe touch my feet drawing circle on it.

I looked towards the man and saw him smirking at me. Seriously, this man can never stop from tease me. Then a mischievous idea came on my mind.

I move a little bit to the left decreasing the distance between us and move my right leg towards his stomach. But to my dismay it landed on his crotch.

I stiffen when I felt his manhood and the man gave a dangerous look towards me. He groaned holding my leg with both of his hand and grinned pulling my leg towards him.

“Leave. I will come there.” I kick my leg to remove his hands and I floated towards him.

He had filled the tub with just the plain water so my every move is visible to him making me to comply with him.

He too floated toward me and stop when he reached the center of the tub. He then grabbed my hand and snake his hand on my waist making me to sit down in front of him.

He then put me on his lap and my legs parted at his side. Our body stick close to each other and I shivered when he roam his hand on my back.

“Vaeon.” I moaned as his shaft brushed against my vagina and I felt aroused.

I leaned my face to kiss him and sucked on his lips wrapping my arms around his neck. I gripped his hair to pulled him closer and his hand grabbed my butt keeping me on the place.

“Mmmm.” The sound of our kissing resonates on the washroom and Vaeon take the control kissing me fiercely.

“Amore.” He groaned deepening the kiss and his manhood rubbed against my butt increasing the tension on my body.

“I want you Amore.” He whispered biting on my lower lips and I hold his penis clumsily rubbing it with my hand.

I looked straight into his eyes and guided his penis inside me. I was wet enough from our hot kiss and he slowly enter me placing his hands on my waist.

“Vaeon.” I moaned once he is completely inside me and he helped me to move on top of him.

I blushed when I saw our position and looked down where our body was joined. I throw my head back when he thrusted inside me and I tighten my hold on his shoulder digging my nails on his skin.

“Agh...” He thrusted faster and I orgasm placing my head on the crock of his neck.

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