His Introvert Wife

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I walked towards the sliding window and look out to the forest where birds were chirping and the sun was high in the sky. I opened the sliding window to get the fresh air and smiled taking in the green surrounding.

It’s not early in the morning but it is the first time in many days that I have woken up early than my sexy husband. And the reason behind the laziness is my so called husband who had pampered me so much that I’m forgetting the duties of the good wife.

It should be me to get up early and cooked him delicious food but all I’m doing is sleeping and eating. Also, the main culprit is the man himself as he never let me do anything. Even though there is no maids to serve us, he himself do the things which are needed to be done.

I have never thought that the CEO of the Dragul Empire would do household things and would happily run the errands. In this whole week we are here, he had never bring out some papers to check nor he had attended any conference.

Once or twice he had received the call from his assistant talking for half the day but other than that, that man would never left me alone. He had even wanted to accompany me while I was using the washroom and I had to think up hard to kick him out of the there.

He is everything I had ever wish for and is more than I could deserve and the only shortcoming is that he tends to be horny the every second I touch him. I’m not complaining but when I woke up after our love making session would end then my body would fell like it had been ran over by a truck.

And he will only sleep holding me on his arm. When I went to bed I will sleep on top of my pillow and the next morning I would be wrapped on his arms. Every night before going to bed I would make up my mind to not snuggle to him but each morning my head would be atop of his chest.

This morning too he had his arms wrapped around my waist and I had slowly unwrapped his hand as to not wake him up from his sleep. And I had to placed my pillow in replacement to me when he stir around in his sleep.

A foolish smile crept on my face while recalling his handsome face and I walked towards the kitchen to cook breakfast for us. In this whole week of marrying him, he was the only one who had cooked for us so today I decided to make something for our breakfast.

The refrigerator has food stock for a whole week and there is a backyard where fresh vegetable grows so I can make anything I want to eat. But the biggest problem here is that I’m not an excellent cook like my husband and had only made few dishes for my father to taste.

So I opened the refrigerator and took out some eggs and bacon. I checked out the ingredients kept on the drawer and decided to make pancake. I took out the pancake mix from the top of the drawer and pour it into the bowl. Then I added the egg and half cup of water and battered the mixture.

I heated the pan on the stove and after checking its temperature I pour out the mixture on it. I then placed the bacon on the oven and set the timer to bake it. I made total of 3 pancakes and placed it in two plates. The bacon too was baked and I placed it at the side of the plates.

While I was busying plating, a hand snake my waist and pulled me backwards to him body. I didn’t need to turn around to know who the man is so I continued plating the bacon and Vaeon placed his head on my shoulder burying his head on my hair.

“Mmmm. Smells so good.” He whispered near my ear and I paused in my action.

“Vaeon!” I yelled shaking my body to get rid of his hold.

“Why did you trick me to sleep more?” He bite the tip of my ear and tighten his hold on my waist.

“You were sleeping soundly so I didn’t like to wake you up.” He looked so handsome while sleeping that I had hard time getting up from the bed.

“But you know I like to wake up holding you on my arms.” He said in a hoarse voice licking my ear.

My breath hitched when I listened to him and I leaned my body back resting the back of head against his head. This man would always speak out sweet words which melts my heart and I feel blessed to have him as my man.

My man. It’s sounds pretty good.

“Amore from next time don’t leave the bed early than me. And the bacon looks delicious.” He moved his hand to grabbed it but I smacked his hand on the mid-way.

“Let’s sit down on the dinning table and devour our breakfast.” I hold the two plates and walked towards the door.

“Vaeon! I forget to take out the juice. Ca-” I turned around remembering about it and Vaeon cut me off before I could finish the sentence.

“You go. I will bring it out.” Vaeon walked towards the refrigerator and took a jar of mango juice.

“Thank you.” I smiled looking at his busy figure and walk out to the dinning table.

The dining table was round in shape made for the family of four and I placed the plates on top of it. I sat down on the chair from where I could see inside the kitchen and saw my husband pouring the juice on the two glasses.

He was wearing a shorts and a black t-shirt and he kind of looked cute while doing the household things. Now, I don’t need to worry about cooking for a lifetime.

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