His Introvert Wife

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“What are you doing Amore?” Vaeon asked putting the glasses on the top of the table and sat down on the chair beside me.

“I was checking out my man.” I answered passing the plate of breakfast to him.

“My man?” He voice out with a satisfied smile plastered on his face.

“Mmm.” I confirmed slicing the pancake and put a piece on my mouth.

“So you need to take a picture?” He asked with a raise brow and I was stupefied for a second not understanding his words.

“What? That’s what the girls these days do, no?” He asked looking baffled.

“Oh! Then you know what girls these day like to do.” I said sounding bitter and stabbed the pancake with more force than necessary.

“Amore! I just thought that-” He was about to reason out but my mood got sour and I wave him off busying munching on the bacon.

“Quickly eat your breakfast. It’s getting cold.” I pointed at his untouched plate and avoided looking at him.

I find his gaze linger on me for few more minutes and with a shake of his head he started eating his breakfast. I absolutely do not like to eat cold food so when I had almost finished eating the breakfast, he was just starting to eat the second pancake.

“Here. Eat it for me.” Out of nowhere, half of the pancake landed on my plate and I raised my head to see Vaeon munching on the other half.

“I’m already full. I can’t eat more than one.” I said putting the pancake back on his plate.

“If my wife don’t want then I will eat.” He gave a heart warming smile to me and all the sourness from earlier melted away.

“You should always listen to your wife.” I said getting up from the chair and a hand caught my wrist stopping me from walking further.

“Accompany me.” He pulled me back and I landed on the top of the chair.

“Ow.” I yelped tightly holding the plate and glared at man who was behind this.

“I don’t fell like eating alone when my wife is here.” He pouted smiling sweetly at me and I end up nodding my head.

“And I don’t know much about girls but I saw you snapping pictures with your friend so I thought you want to get one.” He explained himself biting the crispy bacon and I inwardly groan scolding myself for being stupid.

“I know it’s just that-” This time he stopped me from talking further by placing the small piece of the bacon on my mouth.

“Eat it.” The bacon was halfway into my mouth and he urged me to have it.

He was looking straight into my eyes and I got drown in his intense gaze that I subconsciously opened my mouth and took a bite from it. And it so happened that I ended up biting his fingers on the process. We were so immersed in each other that only when I bite harder to swallowed it then I know that I was biting his finger.

“Ah..I’m sorry.” I hurriedly swallowed the bacon and pull out his finger from my mouth.

“How can you be so stupid?” I scolded the foolish man and blow air on the fingers which has a tooth mark.

“Let it be.” Vaeon said as if he didn’t feel any pain and he smile looking at my worried face.

I raised my head to look at his face and dropped the hand which I was holding at the moment. This man seemed to be made of iron as he never flinch even when he got hurt. Then my mobile rang diverting my attention and from the ringtone, it was from my best friend.

“I need to answer the call.” I said getting up from the chair and ran away to the living room.

I had placed my mobile atop the coffee table so I grabbed it from there and sat down on the sofa accepting the call. And the call was indeed from Esme, whom I have left to handle the whole company. In this whole week, she hadn’t call me once so I’m afraid that something might have happened in the company.

“Hey! What’s took you so long to accept the call?” An annoyed voice came from the other end the second I placed it near my ear.

“Oh! I forget that you might be busy with your hubby, no?” She teased making me to blush and I smiled at the man who was staring at me sitting on the dinning table.

“It’s been a week and my sister never came me. ” Here, starts her usual drama.

“And even when I called her, she was late to pick it up.” I could imagine her making face and shed fake tears.

“My sweet sister. I do answer your call and I do miss you.” I half-lied lowering my voice feeling guilty.

“Yeah. You missed me so much that you forget to call me.” She sounded sad and I was tongue-tied.

“Now that you are married, you have no time for me. Your only sister.” This time she sounded mad and I don’t know how to coax her.

“Anyways, how are you? And how do you feel being the married woman?” She emphasised on the word married and I understand the hidden meaning behind it.

“Was he good to you? Also, did you enjoy it?” That shameless sister of mine have no qualms on her words.

“I..I felt what other married woman felt.” I didn’t give the answer she wanted which irritated her.

“So he is not so good as his looks says.” She concluded her own theory and I heard the flipping of papers from the other end.

“No.” I shouted feeling irritated and she laughed out loud.

“Haha my sister has fallen for her hubby. Can’t listen to any negative comment?” She teased making a smile to form on my mouth and I couldn’t refute her as I have forgotten about my dear ones in this whole week that I’m here.

Heck. I didn’t even call my dad who had sent messages to know about us.

“Zel! Let me see your face.” She said making me to turn on the front camera.

“You have become more beautiful.” She wriggled her brows at me and I shake my head hearing her so called compliment.

Then I heard footsteps coming from behind and a shadow halt beside me. I looked up to smile at Vaeon who seemed to have finished washing the dishes and he bend down pecking on my forehead.

“Ooo...” Esme’s energetic voice came from the other end and I hide my head on Vaeon’s thigh which was just in front of me.

“Hello! Cousin.” Vaeon greeted standing straight and no reply came from Esme’s side.


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