His Introvert Wife

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“Cousin?” I voice out raising my head to looked up at Vaeon.

“Hi. Cousin.” Esme’s awkward reply came the next second and I turned my gaze to the screen.

“Amore. She is the daughter of my uncle, mom’s only brother.” Vaeon answered noticing my dumbfounded expression and then I recalled someone mentioning Vaeon’s maternal uncle while we were having our reception.

But I was so busy with my emotional rollercoaster that I couldn’t remembered meeting any persons. Also, Esme had almost dragged me to meet her dad and when I greeted him, he gave me an appropriate gaze.

Also, he specifically told me to call him uncle and he waited till he heard me called him uncle. And I didn’t liked to mingle with the crowd of people so I had just smiled at them, minimizing the conservation as much as possible.

“Ooo...” I made a o shape and nodded my head to indicate that I remembered him.

“Let me hold it.” He took the mobile from my hand and sat down beside me.

“Leave me.” I muttered lightly hitting on his chest and let my hair to fall down at the side to cover the half of my face.

“No.” He whispered near my ear and I shivered when his lips brushed against my earlobe.

“Be good and let me hold you.” He muttered placing his head on top of mine and tighten his hold on my waist.

“You...” I gave up fighting with him and couldn’t looked at the screen to meet my best friend’s gaze.

It’s okay when he get lovey-dovey when we’re alone but this man, he brazenly hugged me in front of his own relative. He might be okay with the open display of affection but I’m a shy person so he needs to give me sometime to get used to it.

But no, he is adamant to not let me go and the way his fingers are moving, I doubt if I resist him then he would made me sit on his lap.

That has been the most likable position for him and whenever he got the chance, he would put me on his lap.

Also, he would tried that position when he made love to me and I felt embarrassed of it after we had our love making session in the bathroom.

At that time, something strange engulfed me so I was bold enough to tried it out but when I recalled it now, I just felt it was a dream.

The way our body connected with each other and the lewd noises came from my mouth. And the sound of our body touching each other’s....

Wait! Why I am thinking about it?

“Do you mind?” I heard Vaeon asked after few seconds of silence and I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

I just wanted to face palm myself. How can he be so shameless to asked the other party that you mind PDA? I shook my head and looked up towards him.

He too looked down at the same time and I gave a sharp glare pinching his waist. He had wore a thin t-shirt which gave me better access but his muscles was so hard that I needed to put a bit more force.

I then smirked at him and looked forward to get away from his hold but he pulled me dangerously closer to his chest. Fortunately, I didn’t ended up on his lap.

“Cough I..I don’t mind.” Esme voice came from the other side diverting my attention towards her.

So, I thicken my skin and looked at the screen to see my sister looking down at the papers on her hand trying to avoid seeing our intimate moment.

“That’s good.” He said as if she is his student and her answer was correct.

I wonder how he will look when teaching the student?

“And. How are you? Your work has been doubled. We have trouble you.” Vaeon caresses the side of my waist where his hand was holding me and I felt warm hearing his words.

The we, he had used in the sentence created a strange sensation in me and I loved hearing it.

“No. No. It’s my duty as the business partner to run the business. Also, she will come back soon.” Esme answered looking awkward at the screen and she seemed quite nervous as she was twisting the pen with her hands.

We have been together for so many that I know each and every behavior of hers and she always twist the pen whenever she is anxious about something or someone.

If it was some other day then she would have tease us about the PDA and make a joke about it but what’s is stopping her today.

The moment ago she was full on teasing me and even asked me about my first night, so what’s got her? Had something happened to her brother?

“Yes. We will be back on Monday. Also, thank you for taking care of my wife for all these years.” Vaeon smiled showing his gratitude and I don’t know what to fell.

His each and every word had touch me and I don’t know that he is a sweet talker. Everyday he will come up with something and amazed me with his action.

“Amore! You talk with your friend. I will take my leave.”He pecked on top of my hair and passed me the mobile getting up from the sofa.

Then a foolish smile crept on lips and my gaze lingered on his figure till he completely disappeared from my sight. And I shook my head turning my gaze back to the screen.

“Hey! Why are you looking nervous?” I asked the first question that came to my mind.

“I...W-when I was nervous. Look at you, you’re smiling like a love struck teenager.” She smiled wriggling her brows at me.

“And Zel! Come back soon so that I could listen it in detail.” Her chuckled reverberated and my battery got down.

“Wait! I will bring the charger.” I hold my mobile on my hand and climbed up the stairs to go to the master bedroom.

When I entered inside, I walked to the nightstand to took the charger but I remembered that it was damaged. Also, Vaeon had told me that he had an extra charger on his study so I walked out the door and stride towards the study which was at the end of the hallway.

I pushed open the door and walked to the side table where I had seen the charger. And I gasped inhaling a breath and pulled opened the drawer at the left.

“Zel! Why are you running like that?” Esme asked making me to looked back at the screen and I grabbed the first thing that I had touched.

“I wa-” I stopped speaking when I felt something cool on my hand and when I looked at the thing I had taken out, I dropped it as if it burned me.

“Zel!” Esme shouted when the mobile slipped from my hand and landed on the ground.

Then a click sound came from the door and I looked at the side to see Vaeon steeping inside. He was taken aback by presence and when his gaze goes to the objects fallen on the ground, he looked up at me with an unknown emotion.

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