His Introvert Wife

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My gaze again went to the objects fallen on the floor and I stiffened looking at the shiny black object laying down beside my mobile.

Fear crept inside me when I stared at it for a while and goosebump rises on skin making me to shiver. I so wanted to screamed out loud to wipe out the strange sensation building up on my body but I was frozen on my current position.

“Amore!” Vaeon voice out walking towards me but my gaze didn’t waver towards him.

He stopped before the objects and crouched down picking up the pistol and my mobile with each hand. He hold the pistol as if his is familiar with it and I stare at his every action till he get up standing in front of me.

I so wanted to ask what the hell the pistol was doing on his study but word weren’t coming out from my mouth.

I then saw him placed the pistol back on the drawer and he raise his head to look up at me.

“Am...I-” He was about to say something but I cut him off by engulfing him in a hug.

He was taken aback by my abrupt behavior and I too was shocked to see my own reaction. It’s just that his scent drive away the dark feelings surrounding me and the first thing that came to my mind was his embrace.

When I had the episode, while I had seen the man and during the nightmare, both the time he was one who made me feel secured so I unconsciously yearned for his embrace.

These days my emotion level had gone higher that it was before and I needed him to pacify me. Without my knowledge I’m depending on him and he now have become the most important part of my life.

Does marriage do this to everyone?

“Amore! I’m sorry that I scare you but-” I agin stop him by tiptoeing on my feet and pecking on his lips.

I had thought of getting away after touching his lips but he grabbed the back of my head and leaned down to kissed my lips.

I was startled by his sudden action so my mouth gape opened which gave him the perfect opportunity to pry open my mouth and he shoved his tongue inside my mouth.

He didn’t gave me the chance to recover from the shock and deepened the kiss exploring each and every corner of my mouth. This kiss was different from what we had shared before and he kissed me so passionately that my legs felt week.

Seeing me almost falling on my back he snaked his hand on my waist and pulled me up towards him. I then wrapped my legs around his torso and bounded my arms around his neck.

All the while he didn’t leave my mouth and his intensity increased as the kiss deepened. I moaned in the between the kiss and it was all swallowed up by him.

The man kissed me like there is no tomorrow and it almost took my breath so I hit him on his shoulder blade telling to pull away. If he continue kissing me like this for a second then I would die of suffocation.

“Hah...” I gasped when he left my now swollen mouth and hastily take in a breath.

He too was out of breath so he gasped leaning his forehead against mine. His hot breath fan on my face and he looked guilty while his gaze finally went to my lips.

“I’m sorry Amore.” He sighed avoiding my gaze and walked towards the sofa at the side.

Then I remembered that he was kissing me while I was clinging to him a kola bear. How much strong is this man?

He could easily hold me up for a few minutes and that too while....

He sat down on the sofa with me still clinging to him and made me to straddle him placing my legs comfortably at the side.

“Amore! I....” He trailed off looking at the distant and for the first time since I had met him I find him nervous.

I cupped his face with my hands which were on his shoulder and he flinched on the contact. Then he turn his face towards me but didn’t look into my eyes.

Seriously, the man is avoiding me?

“Hey!” I frowned looking at his sullen face.

“You don’t want to speak to me? Then okay. I will-” I tried to stand up but he tighten the hold putting me on the place and buried his head on my chest.

I was caught off guard by his strange behavior and sat still on his lap. I felt him take him a breath inhaling my scent and my hands move on their own accord to caresses his hair.

I didn’t know what had caused his mood to sullen but it must be bothering him so much that he couldn’t stop himself but act in this way.

But what had trouble him? He was okay the second ago and had also kissed me hard almost making me to lose-

Wait. Is it about that pistol? I accidentally saw it and reacted abnormally. But I just couldn’t stop myself from getting scared of it.

“Vaeon.” I called him slowly running my hand through his hair.

He didn’t respond for few seconds and finally whispered yeah which I heard as I had placed my head on top of his head.

“Is that pistol troubling you?” I directly asked and I felt him stiffen which confirmed my guess.

“Vaeon. It’s....I’m scared of the things relating to violence so please don’t mind me. I just couldn’t control my body reaction.” I tried to explain so that the man would lessen his guilt.

“I don’t remember much but I seemed have some bad memory related to violence or something like that so since my childhood my parents have guarded me against it.” I shared the deepest secret of my life which I had only share with my sister when she accidentally saw me on my worst state.

“And I was homeschooled during my early age and slowly I overcame it but I avoided people as much as I could. “ I still don’t like to be in a crowded place and most of the interactions were done by Esme while dealing with the clients.

“Also, you might have that pistol for protection. It’s normal these days to have one, yeah?” I asked thinking about it and he raised his head from my chest.

“I’m extremely sorry that I made you feel pain.” He uttered sounding sorry and I stare at his face to reading his current thoughts.

“So you hate those men?” He mumbled looking dejected but I couldn’t understood what was going on his mind.

“No. I’m scare of them.” The black shiny pistol came flashing on my mind.

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