His Introvert Wife

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I also had fear of sharp objects but as I grow up I overcome my anxiety and I learned how to cook. And my dad was so overprotective of me that he wouldn’t leave me alone for a second and a nanny would be always beside me to keep an eye on me.

Most of the time my mom would be out of city to attend business meetings and dad would be the one who would take care of me. But he too having his own business couldn’t manage to stay all the time with me so my older brother was left behind to take care of me but he too had his own study plans and activities to do so most of the time and I would be inside my safe heaven aka my room where I would watch dramas and fawn over the lead actors.

Then Esme came to my life and I began communicating with her and I begun liking the conversations we would have. And she helped me to converse with the outer world being the communication channel in between me and the outer world.

And I don’t remember much about 6 years of my childhood and whenever I tried to recall it, I would feel uncomfortable and an unknown suffocation would engulfed me making me to shut myself from the outer world.

Till now I have never tried to search for the past incident and my parents also have never mentioned it ever but now after seeing that man, the memories were becoming vivid and the fear I had kept for all my life is resurfacing. This might be the major reason why I’m close off with the whole world and I’m an introvert since birth which made it easy for those around me to accept me.

Also, it’s not that I have never tried communicating with strangers but whenever I took a step, I would somehow back away by a force within me. And Vaeon is the only exception and the only stranger whom I felt a certain kind of connection.

I would usually ignore the guest whenever they would come into my house and I would felt awkward while I had to stay in their presence but Vaeon, the man I married, he made me glued my eyes only on him. The moment our eyes met at that dinner night I experience something which was foreign to me and being the romance lover it didn’t took me long to realise that I was attracted towards him.

And his bold action made me to took the biggest decision of my life and I had an arrange marriage with him yet he confessed his love in our weeding night. And when the marriage date was coming near I had had a talk with my mom regarding my problem and she had told me that Vaeon knows about me and he was the one who wanted to marry me in a month.

“Vaeon!” I called when I get rid off my thoughts and find him busy with his own thoughts.

And he was so busy dwelling in his thoughts that for the first time he ignored me while I was within in reach. It’s so unlike him to sit quite without doing some action and to not bother about me. So I gaze at him handsome face for a while to caught his attention but he seemed serious then an idea cross my mind.

I slowly move my right hand on top of his shorts where his crotch was and moved my hand around it. I bite my lips while I placed my palm on top of it and I got the reaction I had wanted. A bulged was formed and I know that he was stiff hard underneath the shorts.

“Amore!” Vaeon groan holding my hand but I put my left hand on top of his shorts button.

“I-I.....let me pleasure you.” I spurted out blushing hard and I was stunt hearing my words.

“You don’t ne-” He was about to deny but I cut him off.

“Please.” I voice out looking straight into his eyes and he was taken aback with my words that he looked at my eyes for a while to confirm my words.

He then let out a hearty laugh and I buried my head on his shoulder while my hand was still on top of his shorts. And it wouldn’t be the first time I would be pleasuring him this way but today I myself want to know how to pleasure my man. In this whole week he had taken good care of my each and every needs and I know how much he like my touch so it won’t hurt to try.

“Okay.” He whispered near my ear and I raised my head to look up at him to find him looking intensely at me.

And I felt him growing bigger under my hand and I averted my gaze opening his shorts button. I saw the bugle on his boxers and I was about to get off him when he hold my back while he pull down his shorts and boxers in a go.

His manhood sprang up in its glory and I gulped hard swallowing the bile arising on my mouth. And for a second I thought of backing off and pulled away my hand but Vaeon hold my hand putting it on top of his penis.

“This is what you do to me Amore. I’m painfully hard right now.” He said in a sensual voice and I felt something sticky on my hand.

I looked down to see white transparent liquid coming out from his penis and I rubbed the head while Vaeon moaned encouraging me to keep on going. I had already touch it so I had a bit of knowledge how to do it and I moved my right hand towards the bottom. I cupped his ball while I move my other hand on his hard shaft.

“Faster.” Vaeon groan moving thrusting his manhood on my hand and I looked at his sexy face not missing a bit of his reaction.

“Am-more.” Vaeon moaned ejaculating hard on my hand and it splashed all over my stomach.

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