His Introvert Wife

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"Pumpkin." Dad croaked out trying his best to hide his emotion and mom hold my older brother arm giving me a sad smile.

"Dad." I whisper engulfing him in a hug and at that moment I wished I hadn't agreed to marry.

Mom and Zachary too join the hug and it was like the family hug. Mom was the one to pull away and she wipe the tears that were flowing out. Dad peck my forehead like he always do and then he place my left hand on Vaeon's hand.

His hand was cold but still his hold made me feel secure and he lead me to the car which was waiting for us to take us home.

Home. Once my parents house was my home but now my husband house will be my home. Vaeon help me to get in the car and for the last time I look at my family who were having difficulty with sending me off.

Vaeon closed the door after getting in and the driver drove the car taking me away from my family. But my mom had told me that I'm going to my another family so I should be feel overwhelmed.

"Itzel." I hear Vaeon call me and he forwarded a handkerchief which I gladly accept dabbing my cheeks which were wet due to the tears.

"Th-Thank you." I managed to whisper and he squeezed my right hand which was on my lap.

I look at our hands and his gesture made me to feel better. We didn't utter a word but the silence was the soothing one.

I find his gaze on my face and when I look at him overcoming my shyness he gave a heartwarming smile making a smile to crept on my lips.

His intense gaze made me nervous so I rest my head against his shoulder hiding my giddy smile.

Within 10 minutes or so the car came to the halt and Vaeon get out forwarding his hand to help to get out afterward.

We walk hand in hand to the front door and there his or my new family were waiting for us with a huge smile plastered on their face.

My father-in-law, mother-in-law along with aunt Mauley who is the housekeeper were waiting for us at the doorstep.

"Aww they are looking so cute together." Aunt Mauley squealed giving us a dreamy look and Zelda, my mother-in-law nodded coming forward to take us inside.

"Finally." I heard father-in-law mumbled and he gave a soft pat on Vaeon's back when we pass by him.

The home or may I say the mansion was nothing like the one I had been living and I was kind of surprised when I saw the Dragul family at the front door.

I heard Vaeon live on his own and his family meet up during weekends as the Dragul men are busy but I feel good to have them here.

"Welcome to the family." My mother-in-law beam giving me a hug and I look at my new family.

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