His Introvert Wife

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"Vaeon! You don't need to hold her hand like that she wouldn't run away." Aunt Mauley chuckle diverting attention towards our joined hands.

"Mauley! Let him be. He seems to be in shock that he finally married and had a wife now." Father-in-law snickered giving a sly smirk to Vaeon and Mauley and my in-law laugh looking at us.

"Itzel!" Aunt Mauley called breaking our joined hand and sharing a sly glance with our mother-in-law she walk me to the staircase while helping me to mange my bridal dress while climbing the stairs.

When we reach the top, we turn left and we stopped in front of the master bedroom. And if I guess correct it's...

"You seems to be tried so let's take you to your room. And your hubby will join you in few minutes. So shall we?" She wink making me blush and we enter the room or may I say my room.

"Here. You can rest for a while and he will join you. And I'm so happy for Vaeon and you. He finally gave up the life of loner." Aunt Mauley mutter the last part but standing close to me I hear it and she beam with happiness. I saw her genuine care for Vaeon which make me return a warm smile.

With a one last look at the room and giving me a sweet smile she strode out of the room leaving me to look over my new room. One glance at the room and one could tell that it belongs to the upright gentleman except the dazzling lights and the scented candles.

The floor to celling window caught my attention and I walk there looking at the star filled night sky. Then I heard the click of the door lock and turn around to find Vaeon enter the room holding a rectangular box in his hand.

He walk towards me maintaining the eye contact and stop when he is a step away from me. But my gaze was on the box he was holding.

Ruful Tuff is the most branded chocolate and one of my favorite so my hand itches to grab it. And when I saw him looking at me without speaking a word I just take it and flop down on the chair beside me.

I hurriedly open the cover and the exotic smell of the chocolate wafted my nose making me plop one on my mouth. The rich flavor of hazelnut with caramel burst into my tastebud and I was so engrossed in eating the chocolate that I forget my husband who was starting at me.

"Vaeon! come." I managed to croaked out still busying savoring the chocolate and when he came near me I pointed at the box to pick one but he just stare at me like a maniac.

His constant staring made me feel slightly uncomfortable but when I saw five or six of them still left behind I took one to plop on my mouth

then a hand grab the box away and a warm lips cover my mouth taking me by surprise.

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