His Introvert Wife

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He pull me up still kissing my lips and sucked the chocolate inside my mouth making me feel dizzy. It was the second kiss on the same day and I wasn't experienced much so I just let him lead me.

After sucking the chocolate I felt our tongue tangled up and the kiss become heated and my heartbeat rise to its maximum. I groan and grab the back of his hair pulling him closer.

All the rational thoughts flew off my mind and he pulled apart when we were out of breath. We gasped for breath standing in front of each other and our chest rises simultaneously. I blushed under his heated gaze and looked everywhere but at him.

Few second later a hand grab my chin and made me look at him. His breath taking grey orbs captive me and he bend down to join our lips.

He shove his tongue inside my mouth and explore each and every corner making me shiver in pleasure. He tightened his hold on my waist and deepened the kiss walking us towards the bed.

We plop down on the bed with him on top of me with our mouth stuck with each other. He slow down a bit and bite my lip making me whimper in pain and pleasure.

He then kissed my jaw trailing kiss on my neck. I gripped his hair harder when he reached my sensitive spot and he suck on that spot making me a moaning mess.

"Va-e-on." I moan out loud as his hand roam around my chest and he pulled away sitting beside me.

"Itzel." He whispered gazing intensely at me and pulled me in his lap.

I wrap my hands around his neck and he run his hand through my waist length hair making me gripped his coat closing my eyes.

"Vaeon." I croaked out feeling his hands roaming around my back.

"Itzel! My wife, I love you." He confessed making me startle and I opened my eyes to be greeted with his breath taking smile.

He peck on my forehead with a mesmerizing grin and continued speaking. "The moment I saw you kind of struck me.Itzel! You don't know how happy I was when my dad told me about you being my bride. I was waiting for the right time to approach you but fate has its own plan."

"And when I saw you walking on the aisle wearing the wedding dress I was confirmed that you're the love of my life." His hoarse voice along with his heartfelt thoughts made it impossible for me to resist his charm making me sealed our lips.

I don't know whether I love him or not but I know that he is the first guy with whom I feel a different kind of emotion.

And that's the reason why I agreed to marry him and I believed that he will make me fall harder for him.

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