His Introvert Wife

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I look at his hypnotising grey orbs waiting patiently to know my thoughts and I couldn't stop myself from wanting him.

"Yes." I whispered feeling embarrassed and I felt his hands on my legs till he reached my hip.

He then kissed between my breasts and slowly trail kisses to my belly button. I whine when he reached near my womanhood and tried to turned away but he caught my hip making me lay still.

I blushed hard when he look up at me and I avert my gaze to the celling. I want him but my shyness and the fact that it's my first time kind of made me felt awkward.

"Relax." I heard him say as my breathing became erratic.

Then I felt his hand on my pussy. He separated the fold slowly and I closed my legs instantly as the sensation was foreign to me.

"Itzel! Open up your legs. I promise to make you feel good." Vaeon said and I parted my legs looking away.

"I-I...It-" I stammered trying to say it's my first time but he cut me off.

"I know love. Just trust me, yeah?" He coaxed me and I nodded trusting him.

I felt his finger on my clit and he rub it slowly making me moan in pleasure. I have never felt anything like this before and I couldn't imagine what it would feel when he would enter me.

Just then he plunged his middle finger inside me making eye contact with me. He slowly pulls the finger and pushes it back making me throw my head back in the pillow.

Then second finger was entered following third making me moan loud in air. He left hand came to my chest hold my left breast and it was enough to make me go wild.

He groans thrusting his finger inside me and increases his speed making me cum hard on his finger.

Vaeon pulled out the fingers inside me and put those in his mouth moaning out loud. " So sweet."

I was tired from my release and I tried to controlled my breathing when I heard the click sound and look at Vaeon to see him discarding his clothes.

He stripped down looking impatient and when he removed the boxers I couldn't help but gasped seeing his size.

He was huge. Huge. And I don't know how he will fit inside me. I heard first time hurts but his...

"It's made for you Itzel. So you don't worry." Vaeon winked standing proud with his erection and my face redden making him chuckle.

He then hovered over me whispering relax in my ear and he kissed my lips making me taste myself.

It felt weird at first but when he deepened the kiss I forgot everything. And he entered slowly me making me feel pain.

"You okay?" He asked looking worriedly at me and I nodded telling him move.

Slowly the pain was subside with the pleasure and he thrusted inside me making me feel whole. My nail pierced his back and I screamed his name feeling the intense pleasure.

"Vaeon." I moaned when my orgasm hit me and Vaeon too cum at the same time filling my womb with his seed.

I felt warm inside and Vaeon pulled out with a plop sound. He laid beside me and pulled me in his embrace.

"That was amazing." Vaeon whispered hugging me tight.

Indeed it was amazing.

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