His Introvert Wife

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I felt something heavy on my body and when I tried to remove it still in deep sleep something pulled me close making me feel warm.

I nuzzle close to the source of the warmth and I heard a groan near my ear. The gripe on me become tighter making me slowly wake up.

The minute I opened my eyes I saw a bare chest making me startled and I closed my eyes to opened it to see the same chiselled chest.

Then I noticed that I’m laying my head on someone’s body and the person was naked. I tried to pull away but the arm around me hold me still.

My gaze goes to his lower body and his penis was erected. I linger was gaze for a few second as I was utterly confused and when I regained my senses I shrieked getting away from his embrace.

I sat on the bed and pulled the quilt to cover my naked body. My cheek started heating up and I glad that my waist length hair covered half of my face.

Then a chuckle resounded making me embarrassed and I find it quite familiar. I tightened the gripped on the quilt wrapped around me and looked at the man laying on the bed.

There Vaeon was laying in his full glory showing off his sexy body. When our eyes met I couldn’t look longer and diverted my eyes to look elsewhere.

“I didn’t know you would screamed when just seeing my naked self.” Vaeon teased looking at my heated face.

“Also I didn’t think you remembered last night activity. I wouldn’t mind to help you remember.” Vaeon gave me a heated look and I tried to avoid looking at his lower body.

Then Vaeon slowly move toward me and tried to removed the quilt but I get off the bed sprinting towards the bathroom.

“Slow down love.” I heard Vaeon muttered getting up from the bed.

God! It was so embarrassing and my body ached due to the sudden movement. The last night activity came flashing back and I scolded myself leaning against the bathroom door.

From the outside I could heard laughter from the man who had bullied me and when I looked at my naked body in the mirror I find marks from last night.

I took a long shower taking my time and when I walked inside the room I didn’t see Vaeon anywhere. I get ready for the day applying the concealer to hide the hickeys and walk down to the kitchen.

I looked around the living room while passing by but I didn’t see a single soul nearby. And my gaze goes to the wall clock which shows 1 pm in the afternoon.

When I was close to the kitchen I heard some noises and then Vaeon came out holding a plate full of fruits on it. Seeing me he gave a warm smile and signaled me to follow him to the dinning area.

“I was about to call you. But...let’s eat. You might be hungry.” He placed a plate full of pancakes in front of me and it tempted me to devour it.

“How is it?” Vaeon asked after I swallowed the pancake.

“I didn’t know you could cook. It’s amazing.” I moaned savoring the delicious pancakes.

“I could do more than cooking, love. You had your first share of experience, hadn’t you?” He teased with a sly smirk and I choked coughing hard.

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