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"what the hell do you think you are,huh? There's nothing special in you, understand? Don't be proud of your looks because these looks can't effect everyone. And for your information, I don't have any interest in you. You are worth nothing to me" Amara Davidson - is a feisty and stubborn girl who never let anyone put her down. She is never afraid of anyone. She always do what she thinks is right. She has a reserve personality. She became mature at a young age due to her parent's accidental death. She being the older sister brought up her younger brother and sister. She always speaks for the truth and never tolerate injustice. She has a rule in her life that ' never do bad and and never accept bad'. Shawn Aresco - belongs to the richest family of New York. He is on the way to become the mafia boss after his father's retirement . He is a handsome, cruel,and ruthless man who gets everything he wants. He can't tolerate rejection. He has a rule in his life that ' never do good and always accept good' What happens when cruel shawn meets feisty Amara? It's like fire meets water.

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Chapter 1


Today was the day for which I've been waiting for last two years. Yesterday I turned eighteen. And now finally I can go back to my home in New York. We shifted in Italy after our parent's death in our aunt's house. And she said that we can go to our house when I'll be old enough to manage our stay alone. And now I'm eighteen and I can live alone there. But still she insisted me to take my brother Leo and my sister Alice with me for my support. Although I don't need anyone's support but I agreed to her because I wanted my siblings to live with me in our parent's house. So today we were leaving for New York. I was too excited. But my siblings were not. They said that they can't leave their school as they have so many friends here. But I forced them and finally they agreed. I don't think that I'll miss anything of Italy except my aunt. Cause I never made any friends here as I have a reserve type of personality. Instead I was excited that I'll go to a new school because this school sucks.

I woke up early this morning because I was not able to sleep due to excitement. I took a quick shower and started packing my stuff. As I was done I went downstairs towards the kitchen where I saw my aunt making breakfast. She was wearing an apron. And her hair were tied in a loose bun. She was looking beautiful as always and her green eyes were adding up in her beauty.

"Good morning" I said loudly causing a scream out of my aunt's mouth.

" Oh my God, Amara, you almost gave me a heart attack" she said breathlessly.

" I'm sorry,aunt, I didn't mean to" I said apologetically.

"It's okay,honey, by the way, you look so excited,huh?" She said with a smile

"Yeah,I am" giving her a nod.

"Oh, so you're excited that you'll get rid of me" she said while putting the pancakes in a plate.

"Oh,of course not aunt, I'll miss you. I'm excited because I'll go to my parent's house. I've so many memories of my childhood there." I said while taking plate from aunt's hands

"I'll miss you too dear. And keep one thing in your mind that you guys have to visit me every month.understand?" She said raising her eyebrows.

"But aunt we can't spend money on flight every month. We'll run out of budget." I said sadly.

"Amara, you don't have to worry about money. I'll pay your tickets and don't you dare to refuse." She ordered me.

I opened my mouth to argue but shut it as she raised her one eyebrow giving me a look ' don't you dare'. I sighed feeling defeated and murmured a 'okay' before eating my pancakes.

After I finished my pancakes I washed the plate and went to my room to get ready.

I wore a white t-shirt,denim jeans and black sneakers. I tied my brown shoulder length hair in a high pony tail and looked myself in the mirror. I didn't need make-up because of my fair skin tone and my pink lips. I had beautiful green eyes which were inherited by my mother wherease my other siblings got my father's eye colour which was blue. I stopped admiring me due to a soft Knock on the door. I went to the door and opened it and found my siblings standing there, ready to leave. Alice was wearing a simple shirt and skinny jeans with a bag at her back and leo was wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans.

"You ready?" Alice said.

"Yeah, just a minute." I said while turning around and going to pick my luggage. I was just going to grab it when Leo came and picked before I can.

"I'll get it" he said while picking the luggage and marching towards the door.

"Thanks" I said while following him.

We strode out of my room and went downstairs where our aunt was waiting for us. We all hugged her and bid our good byes before getting into the car and driving to the airport. We boarded in and get into the plane. Alice and leo sat together while I got a window seat. I sat down on the seat waited for the plane to fly. The last time I got on a flight was when I came from New York to Italy after my parent's death and I was scared to hell that time but I was with my aunt so she handled me. But now I was alone and also I was more than scared now. I hoped that the person on the other seat would be nice enough and can give me some courage. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep as the flight will be long enough. I opened my eyes as I felt some movement on the other seat. I looked at the person sitting next to me. And my eyes widened as I saw his muscular body. His body was well built and his biceps were visible from his black shirt. He was almost 6'5, way more taller than me. He had dark blue eyes,sharp jaw, thick pink lips. He was no doubt so handsome. I was slid out of my thoughts by clearing of throat.

"Uhh, hi" I said feeling embarrassed. I was looking at him like a fool.

"Hi" he said coldly.

That was rude. I was going to say another word when captain voice said that we are ready to fly. And my heart started beating fast against my ribcage and was ready to explode. As the plane started moving, I unknowingly griped the man's hand. Which I soon regretted as he said.

"What the hell! Leave my hand. And don't you dare to touch me again. " he threw my hand to my side and I was beyond shocked. Like how a man can be so rude. Can't he see that I was scared. I suddenly felt a urge to kick his ass out but stopped because of my situation. I closed my eyes and waited for the time to pass. And I swear if this man meets me another time I'm surely going to teach him a lesson because of his misbehaviour. After half an hour my eyelids got heavy and darkness filled my vision and I fell asleep.

After God knows how much time I woke up. Rubbing my eyes from the back of my hand, I took into my surroundings. I felt annoyed that we were still flying and the plane hasn't landed yet. Fear began to built in my mind again. Suddenly I felt the feeling to use the washroom. I was so mad at that man because of what happened earlier but I had to ask him to get a side so I can go to the washroom. I gained my courage and spoke coldly.

"Move" he didn't respond. I said again more harshly, trying to sound brave.

"I said, move" this time he looked at me for a few seconds and again averted his gaze on his phone. I was pissed off, he was way more rude and arrogant than I thought.

"Man, are you mad or what? Can't you hear me? Move your ass, I've to go" I said angrily. And what happened next was completely unexpected. He grabbed my neck and came closer and locked his eyes with mine. I was completely stunned at the sudden action.

"Keep your pretty mouth shut or I'll shot right in your head. And I do what I say so better watch your mouth." He said, anger clearly shown through his tone and eyes. I was obviously not scared by his threat because I'm not that kind of girl who feels terrified by such bullshit. I was just going to shot back at him when I felt a sudden jolt. And instead of throwing his hand back at his side, I grabbed it as my life was dependent on it. I'm surely never gonna travel by air again. He was amused by my action but I was hell scared. I thought that the plane is soon going to crash. And captain announcement proved it. He said that due to weather condition, plane was out of control. Although he said that it was now alright but I didn't believe him as another jolt was felt and I dig my nails on the person's hand and closed my eyes. He took his hand swiftly and gave me a deadly glare. Although I was not scared by his glare but i felt embarrassed that instead of insulting him of what he just said, I did a very stupid thing. And then the captain said that we were soon going to land. And I felt relaxed. So I gathered some courage to clear the things and said

"Look, I didn't mean to do that but I was way more scared at that time,so please don't take that wrong. And I want to tell you something that the threat you just gave me, I don't give a fuck about that. I'm not scared so don't you think that you shut my mouth. And one more thing, you are way too rude and arrogant and I just hate that"

I felt proud of myself when i said that but he just gave me a strange look and stood up from his seat. I didn't realize that the plane was landed and he just went out of the plane without saying anything. He was such a 'bad ass'. I sighed heavily and went out of the plane where Alice and leo were already waiting for me. I joined them and started moving outside the airport.

"How was your flight?" I asked.

"Good" they both said in a unison.

"And yours?" Alice asked.

"Terrible" I said in a duh tune.

"Why?" Leo asked.

"It's a long story. Let's talk about it later." I said, not in mood to remember that arrogant shit.

We booked a cab and headed towards our home. I tried to forget that plane ride and engaged myself in enjoying the view of New York from the cab's window.

New York has changed in these past six years.

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