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She thought she was finally going to be free allowed to live her life but then she meets Blake and she finds happiness she didn't know she could experience but what happens when he isn't who she thought he was?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

‘Come on Marissa you look gorgeous why don’t you just buy that one?’ I asked trying to sound as excited and genuine as I could muster but we’ve been here for what seemed like hours and I was so over shopping.

‘Just because you are some sort of shopping wizard and managed to fall in love with the first thing you wore doesn’t mean that I am that way inclined.’ She sighed and headed back towards the changing rooms to try on what must have been the hundredth outfit, I couldn’t help but smile. It was nice change to have someone spend time with me without knowing who I truly was and therefore not having an ulterior motive.

You see this is my first semester at college and here I am starting anew without the watchful eye of my father. I moved as far away from home as I could without moving to a new country hoping to be able to finally live and experience life the same way that everyone else does. You see my father is a rather important man, Tom Harrison America’s top criminal attorney which meant that not only was my family stupid rich, but we had many enemies. A few things happened in the past which made my father treat me a bit more like a procession than a daughter but I wont get into that right now all you need to know is that he is fiercely protective. I lived for almost ten years with security surrounding me at all times, which meant I was never able to make normal friends the people that were allowed to be around me were mostly what I would describe as pretentious snobs and very superficial.

I snapped out of my inner monologue when Marissa came out of the changing room in a deep navy cocktail dress and I felt my mouth open as I stared at her. She was absolutely gorgeous naturally she stood 5’5 with gorgeous silky black hair and sun kissed skin which she said she inherited from her Latino mother.

‘Wow Rissa you look amazing!’ I gushed and she turned to face me looking extremely happy.

‘This is it I have to get it!’ I giggled and nodded she rushed back into the dressing room and slipped back into her skin-tight white jeans and black tank top and made her way to the counter to pay. She grabbed my arm and linked it in hers as we made our way to the exit.

We decided we wanted to walk back to our dorm, it wasn’t too far and the view on the walk back was gorgeous (it was along the beach). We strolled back our eyes trained on the water in front of us.

‘Oh how I do love watching surfers’ Marissa stated to no one in particular her eyes dancing around the beach.

‘Do you think you could teach me? I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf!’ Marissa giggled and nudged my arm.

‘Why would I bother teaching you when we could come back to the beach tomorrow and get a couple cute guys to teach us?’ I laughed at her proposition she was definitely a lot more boy crazy than I was and I think she’s had a lot more experiences with boys that I have. Well knowing my experience with boys has been little to none means I know she’s had more experience.

‘You already know how to surf don’t you?’ I questioned her and she grinned at me like a child on Christmas.

‘Hun I’ve lived here my whole life I can definitely surf!’ I couldn’t help but laugh with her and before we knew it we were back at the dorm.

Marissa showered first because she was insistent on doing my hair and makeup as well as her own, I tried persuading her telling her I was fine with a more natural look but she was having none of it. She kind of reminded me of having an older sister the way she treated me, so I was happy to agree after a little arguing. We came to an agreement that she could do whatever she wanted with my hair as long as she didn’t go over board with the makeup, I didn’t feel like having to scrub my face for hours when I got home trying to remove the layers of paint she’d applied to my face. I made my way out of the shower and was quick to put the dress on that we’d brought earlier that day, I went for a simplistic black dress which reached my mid-thigh. It didn’t feel too short that I felt my ass was out but not long enough to make me feel like I was a prude. It was backless so I showed a good amount of my pearl skin at the back and was a cow necked top.

I made my way back to our dorm room to see Marissa gazing at herself in the mirror, she turned to face me a smile appearing on her face.

‘Finally! I thought I was going to have to drag you out of that bathroom. Sit here so I can get started.’ She motioned to the chair in front of her I laughed at her bossiness and took my seat.

‘You look gorgeous by the way.’ She winked at me and got to work on my hair it’d been a while since I’d had anyone, I was remotely close with do my hair so this felt nice.

Before I knew it, she was done and she swirled the chair I was seated in around so I could check my reflection. I found myself take a sharp breath in, I looked so much like my mother. I was always told I was a mini her, but I never believed what they had said. My naturally red curly hair was swept into neat curls which framed my face perfectly and the rest was in some sort of bun at the back of my head. My eyes were framed with a Smokey brown eyeshadow which seemed to bring out the blue in my eyes more and a thin layer of foundation covered my face but a few of my freckles were visible through the foundation. My lips painted a deep red just seemed to tie in the rest of my look.

‘Thank you so much Rissa, you did a great job!’ I gushed as I got up to give her a hug. ‘Oh I know I am so talented!’ She giggled returning my hug. She reached for her phone taking a few pictures of us together before heading towards the door.

‘We’ll be the best looking there but we’ve to get going now or all the boys will be too drunk to appreciate our beauty.’ She grabbed my hand in hers before heading outside and getting into the cab that she had ordered, I tried to ignore the butterflies forming in my stomach I took a few deep breaths. This was it my first party, my face broke out into a smile and Marissa seemed to notice so she grabbed my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. I gave her a very basic run down on my life but I made sure to leave out certain details, I was tired of always being known as just Tom Harrisons daughter and being used because of it. Instead I told her my name was Tessa Harris and that my dad was a lawyer, so we earned a decent amount of money, she was in a similar situation so she didn’t push for any other information. I had also mentioned that I was pretty shy in school, so I didn’t go out a lot, wasn’t exactly the truth but was close enough.

The cab came to a stop outside a villa on the beach, if there weren’t so many people around I think the area would be rather beautiful but this is a college party so there are people everywhere. I thought the outside of the house was packed but nothing prepared me for what the inside would be like. There were people everywhere all over each other, people were sucking face all around me, dry humping in the corner the stairs were covered in people with more people on their lap. The scene before me is what I’d imagine the beginning of an orgie would be like but I guess this is just what college is like. Marissa seemed oblivious to my face while checking my surroundings instead she grabbed my head and lead me to what I guess was the kitchen where she handed me red solo cup with a questionable smelling liquid in it. I tasted it and tried not to gag as the luke warm liquid made its way down my throat. Yeah no way was I going to finish that instead while we made our way to where people were dancing I carefully poured the drink on the floor careful not to draw attention to myself. My cup was eventually empty and I continued swaying to the music pretending to drink out of my empty cup every so often. I gasped when I felt a cool liquid making its way down my head, karma I guess. The person in question turned to face me his blue eyes widening.

‘Oh shit-fuck, I’m so sorry.’ I couldn’t help but laugh at his obvious nervousness. He looked down at my leg seeing the trail whatever the red liquid he was drinking made.

‘It’s okay don’t worry about it I’m just going to try and clean it up.’ I spoke as loudly as I could hoping he could hear me over the music blaring. I told Marissa the same thing and she told me to call her if I needed anything, I nodded and tried to find myself a bathroom to clean up in. I eventually found one with a really long line I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and decided it wasn’t worth the wait and maybe I’d go for a walk outside instead.

I was met with a cool breeze and I felt my body relax, it might have been a mix of the salty air and the sound of the waves but I much preferred this scene to the one inside, I reached down and removed my shoes making my way towards the soft sand. I smiled to myself feeling the sand in between my toes, I can’t remember the last time I was at the beach let alone the last time I felt the sand beneath my toes. This part of the beach had a few people making out close enough to the house but as I walked further away, I found myself watching the waves. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as a tall, built figure made his way towards the water with a surfboard in his arms. I sat down in the sand feeling the water lap at my feet but keeping my eyes trained on the man with the board. He stopped to drop the board on the floor and reached for the hem of his shirt I felt my breath hitch and I wasn’t really sure why until I saw what was hidden underneath the white material. I’d obviously seen people shirtless before but this seemed more intimate this seemed as if it were a private show just for me. I watched as his muscles flexed as he stretched to reach his board, I scanned his perfectly toned torso and studied the tattoos that seemed to cover up his arms and part of his chest.

I’ve never really thought that tattoos were anything attractive but seeing them on this stranger I suddenly understood. I shook my head and broke myself out of the trance I suddenly found myself in, I was completely gawking at a complete stranger, I hadn’t been able to make out his face but his body was definitely gorgeous. I kept my eyes trained on the moon ahead of me, I didn’t want this stranger to think I was a complete stalker. That didn’t last long because before I knew it my eyes were glued to his figure cutting across the waves like he was apart of them, he did so with so much ease and precision again I found myself in awe of a complete stranger. I continued to sit in my position for another half an hour walking the mysterious surfer until I heard my phone ringing.

‘Tess where are you? Are you okay?’ I heard the panic in Marissa’s voice and I suddenly felt guilty for not telling her where I was going.

‘I’m at the beach the line at the bathroom was taking too long so I decided to clean myself up in the ocean.’ I laughed nervously as I got up and slowly made my way to the house but turned to look for the mysterious surfer who seemed to have vanished.

‘I’ll meet you at the back door, I’m glad you’re okay.’ She said before hanging up, I sighed before continuing to walk.

‘Wait you forgot your shoes.’ I heard a deep voice behind me yell, and I found myself stop dead in my tracks and turn to face where the voice was coming from. I was met with the figure I was openly staring at for the last forty minutes coming closer towards me with every second. I was suddenly able to see that his hair was a deep sandy brown colour and was currently stuck on his forehead because it was wet, my eyes were met with his deep emerald coloured eyes and his perfectly pink lips and I felt all the air leave my lungs. He has perfect bone structure his face covered with a five o’clock shadow usually I liked clean shaved guys but on him it just highlighted his facial features. I tried to calm the feeling in my stomach as my eyes wondered down his perfectly toned body, of course he’d have perfect abs and strong arms. I sighed as his eyes met mine feeling completely lost in there beauty. He raised his hand to give me my shoes, and I found myself laughing but taking them from him anyway.

‘Thank you, they completely slipped my mind.’ I said honestly and I felt my heart beat increase when he gave me the most perfect dimpled smile despite being a bit out of breath, I don’t blame him after surfing and having to run after me.

‘It was no problem I couldn’t let my fans leave their shoes behind at the beach.’ I felt my cheeks burn. ‘I’m not exactly what you’d call a fan but you are great on the surf board.’ He laughed at my obvious discomfort, ‘My names Blake Anderson and I was only messing with you I feel honoured to have you watch me.’ I couldn’t help but laugh with him maybe it was because of the way he laughed but before I could continue the conversation anymore, I remembered the reason I was walking towards the house in the first place.

‘Thank you for my shoes Blake Anderson but I’ve got to get going.’ I said smiling as I turned to walk away. I felt him grab my arm and spin me around tingles covering my arms and I slowly pulled them away from his grasp nervous he might feel the effect he had on me. ‘Are you not going to tell me your name?’ He smiled as he cocked his head at me.

‘I don’t give my name to strangers, bye Blake.’ I managed to get away this time feeling my pulse quicken as I heard the hearty chuckle that left him. ‘I’ll see you around ginger!’ He yelled and I felt a smile creep onto my face, I hope you do Blake Anderson.

I hope you do.

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