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Chapter 2

I made my way back to the party with Marissa hot on my heels she was extremely curious to know what I had been doing on the beach for so long but I simply told her that I was enjoying the fresh air and lost track of time which was true!

She dragged me back into a crowded room and proceeded to dance with me, I felt a lot more at ease after meeting my handsome stranger and I found myself actually having a good time! We danced for what seemed like forever but in reality it was probably no more than half an hour when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned and met a warm pair of blue eyes, and a mop of blonde hair and I recognized him as the person who spilt his drink on me earlier.

‘I am so sorry for earlier, I made a mess all over you!’ the mystery man stated his lips pursed into a tight frown. I simply smiled and told him it really wasn’t a big deal.

‘I’m Jake, Jake White.’ He held out his hand for me to shake which I did so. ‘Nice to meet you Jake, I’m Tessa, Tessa Harris.’ I know I already told Blake that I don’t give my name out to strangers but the Whites they aren’t exactly strangers my father worked with his father James White so I already knew that he’d be harmless.

We continued to chat for a few minutes, and I managed to learn that he too was taking a course in Veterinary Science. It was about midnight when I checked my watch and decided it’d be better if I head home after all I had an early start in the morning. I told Marissa my plans gave her a hug and headed for the door. I was met with the cool outside air and after a few moments of relishing the fresh feeling I took out my phone to call a cab.

‘I can take you home if you’d like?’ offered a familiar voice and I turned to see Jake smiling at me with his blue eyes shining.

‘Sorry, but you’ve had a few drinks I think I’d be safer in the cab.’ I smiled and said politely, he shook his head and let out a small laugh.

‘Smart girl Tessa but I haven’t had anything to drink, I’m not much of a drinker due to family reasons what I spilt on you earlier was juice.’ I continued to laugh at his confession and his cheeks seemed to redden with my reaction.

‘I would love to get a ride home, thank you Jake.’ We gestured for me to follow as we made our way to his car. The drive home was pretty quiet but not in an awkward kind of way, I thanked him for the lift and we exchanged numbers before I headed up to my dorm room.


The perfect way to spend a Sunday would have to be spending time with animals at the shelter, for as long as I can remember it has been my favorite place to be. I was never really allowed to have a pet myself but I love animals especially looking after pets that haven’t had the best life. When I’m older I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a house filled with animals from shelters and my poor husband will just have to live with it.

After several hours of work at the shelter I decided to get to know the area a little better and have a nice long walk home, maybe get a bite to eat. I managed to find a little smoothie shack along the beach and couldn’t help myself so I ordered a mango and strawberry smoothie. I was placing my phone into the back pocket of my jeans when I bumped into a large, hard figure.

‘Oh fudge I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going.’ I rushed and looked up to meet the same sandy brown hair and green eyes staring back at me.

‘Blake, hi.’ I gushed feeling my cheeks redden. A smile formed on his face clearly happy about my embarrassment or the fact that I’d remembered him.

‘I’m beginning to think you are following me Ginger,’ he chimed starting down at me with a small smirk playing at his lips.

‘I’m not exactly the stalking type Anderson so maybe you are doing the stalking?’ I joked stepping back and starting to walk.

‘I actually just finished my surfing lessons and was going to get a smoothie but I happened to bump into a really cute girl and now I think I’m just going to go along and do whatever she is doing.’ He said falling into step besides me.

‘You need surfing lessons? I wouldn’t think so by the way you were surfing yesterday.’ I said honestly curiosity getting the better of me. He seemed to like what I said probably because I basically admitted he was a great surfer and that I was watching him.

‘No Ginger I don’t need lessons I give lessons to a few kids on Sunday mornings but I’m always happy to hear how talented I am.’ He winked and I couldn’t help but laugh, he was just so easy to be around.

‘So what I’m hearing is if I wanted to learn how to surf you’d be able to teach me?’ I pleaded stealing a glance at him. He pretended to think about it, even placing his hand on his chin in mocking.

‘What would I be getting out of teaching you how to surf?’ he said eventually looking at me with a smirk that could honestly make me do anything he wanted of me.

‘You get to ahh’ I couldn’t think of anything I could do to make him agree but then it hit me. ‘I will buy you smoothies and breakfast after every lesson.’ I said triumphantly.

He laughed, ‘Well not as great a proposition to what I thought you were going to give me but you have yourself a deal Ginger.’ He help out his hand for me to shake which I did but feeling his hand in mine didn’t feel the same as it had last night when I shook Jake’s hand, I felt a jolt of electricity travel through my body. I looked up at him with a smile trying to act as normal as I thought possible.

‘I don’t think I want to know what you were thinking Anderson but how about we meet here every Saturday morning at 8 and we surf for an hour before getting breakfast?’ I offered hopefully.

‘That sounds like a deal but I will need your name, number and your clothing size.’ He said with a deep husky tone, that caused the hairs on my arms to stand up.

‘Tessa Harris, 555555555 and why exactly would you need my clothing size.’ I said in a clipped tone giving him a glare when he laughed taking out his phone adding my contact and proceeded to whisper in my ear.

‘To be able to get you a wet suit for Saturday Ginger.’ For what felt like the 100th time that day I felt my cheeks redden.

‘Ahh I’m a size 4.’ I said shyly and he turned to look at me.

‘Sounds like a deal Ginger, can I walk you the rest of the way to your dorm?’ I shook my head, I was insanely attracted to him but I still didn’t really know him so I wouldn’t be very comfortable with him knowing where my dorm was.

‘No I’ll be okay from here see you Saturday.’ He winked, gave me one last smile and turned to walk back towards where we first came from. I waved him goodbye and waited for him to be out of sight before walking to my dorm. See you Saturday indeed, I smiled.

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