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Chapter 3

I was sitting in my last class of the day rather tired if I’m completely honest. I’m usually a great student I am used to getting high grades and studying hard so concentrating in class or during lectures was usually second nature to me but I guess my first day was just a little more exhausting than I was expecting.

Meet me after class?-B

I smiled glancing at my phone. ‘Is this my stalker? Why exactly would I meet you after class?’ I replied after a few moments.

I’m no stalker Ginger, but I thought maybe you’d come with me to get your wet suit?-B

I felt my smile widening knowing how fast he replied, I was kind of happy that he offered for me to go with him so obviously I had to agree.

‘I don’t know you very well so maybe you really could turn out to be a stalker. I finish in twenty minutes meet me by the smoothie shack?’

See you then Ginger ;)-B

I was suddenly a lot more alert and found myself counting down the minutes till I could leave class I guess this is what having a crush feels like, and I think I like the feeling.

As soon as my lecture was over I made my way out in record time and walked towards where I’d be meeting Blake.

As I got closer to the smoothie shack I could easily make out Blake’s large, fit frame I found myself admiring the deep navy colored jeans that were snug around his legs and the tight white shirt he had on which too was snug fitting almost like a second skin, I could see his tattoos that peeked out from his t-shirt. I was so lost in admiring how effortlessly sexy Blake looked I seemed to completely miss the beautiful blonde batting her eyes at him but he also seemed oblivious to the attention she was attempting to receive from him.

His eyes were glued to his phone but he seemed to sense my approaching presence and he looked up a smile instantly lighting up his beautiful face. It felt like a whole zoo was attacking my insides and I couldn’t help but return his smile.

‘I thought you said twenty minutes Ginger that was thirty I was starting to think you stood me up.’ He smiled making his way over to me. I laughed and shook my head ‘No I said class finished in twenty minutes it took me ten to get here.’ I stated matter-of-factually.

‘I could’ve met you at your class you know?’ he said his tone playful and he turned to give the blonde that was chatting him up a glance.

‘I still don’t know you yet Anderson you could be a serial killer for all I know.’ I said smiling. ‘That must be hard,’ I said looking up to meet his eyes, he looked at me puzzled waiting for me to finish my statement.

‘Having women chasing after you all the time, giving you attention just because you are good looking.’ I concluded and he seemed to like what I had said by the way his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. ‘You called me good-looking’ he said his voice laced with amusement and I couldn’t help but smile back at him. ‘Too bad you know it.’ I said rolling my eyes but he still had the same cocky smirk across his face as we made our way to the wet suit shop.

We made our way inside and the lady sitting at the desk her focus on her phone caught a glance of Blake and instantly a smile found its way to her face and before I knew it she was making her way over to us.

‘Hey Blake! I haven’t seen you in forever are you here for another surfboard? I have the perfect one for someone with your talents.’ The girl squealed her sickly sweet perfume invading my nostrils.

‘Hey Dianna, no unfortunately not today, I’m here with my friend Tess we need to buy a board and a wet suit.’ He said smiling at her in a friendly way but glanced at me when he said my name. It was the first time I’d ever heard it coming from his lips and it honestly sounded heavenly. I was caught up in the moment but was snapped back into reality when Dianna coughed to get my attention.

‘Follow me, I’ll show you the boards that would be suitable for your… size.’ She seemed to look me up and down with distaste, but I took no note and followed as she said. She talked me through which boards she would recommend and bla bla I wasn’t a hundred percent interested in what she had to say so instead Blake helped me pick the cutest baby blue board with paw prints that seemed perfect for my size. Next was the wet-suits.

‘Next, we need your bra and clothing size, 32A and a size 8?’ she said sweetly going through the wet-suits on the rack. Before I could respond Blake did and seemed to shut her up quiet effectively. ‘She’s more like a 32 C and she’s a size 4, and could you pick a suit that is black? I think it’d look great with her hair.’ And sent me a quick wink, I felt my cheeks redden but said nothing mostly because I was pretty speechless.

After I had paid for both my board and wet-suit Blake offered to take home my board and wet suit and told me to just bring a swimsuit on Saturday for our lesson, and we went our separate ways.

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