The King of the Ruby Crown

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An Arrogant King who doesn't allow no one to defy him, and a lost Queen that no one knows of; who is defiant. Will cross paths in the most awkward way. What happens when a ruthless King meets a rogue who will defy him in every little thing? Will he be able to control his anger, and make her obey him? or will she who doesn't believe a man can control not even her heart fall for a heartless man? ............................................................................................................ Meet Nikolas and Rose, two vampires with different beliefs and different desires. Not only will they defy each other, but they will also bend their hearts for a bit of taste of each other.

Romance / Mystery
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“YOU ARE NO KING!!” she yelled.

“BUT I'M YOUR KING!” He shouted back.

Two ruthless vampires who don’t tolerate each other. One is a king and the other a rogue. Both with the power of mind control, but unable to control themselves.

Destiny played it for them when they were paired as mates. He accepted the moment he knew, but hated it when he found out who she was.

She hated his guts and decided to reject him, but the king didn’t let her do as she pleased so he defies her and decides to take her against her own will.

Will they be able to tolerate themselves as they live together or will they kill each other for the hate they feel?

Will the ruthless king have a change of heart when he finds out who she truly is? And will she believe that love truly does exist?

Meet King Nikolas The King of the Ruby Crown and Rose the Lost Queen who became a rogue since the moment she lost her memories and her home.

Author Note: This is just an Introduction/ sneak peek of the book.
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