The Witch and the Wolf

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~"God, what out neighbors must think with two half naked men leaving our house." Sammy sighed.~ Lilith, a 19 year old who believes that she is worthless goes on a journey. She finds her mate and learns to love herself. But troubles still come her way, causing her to question herself and the little world she lives in. But little does she now how vital she is to the survival of the werewolf race. ~A werewolf romance This book is mostly +16; however, it does get +18 at some points. Disclaimers will be put in the beginning of chapters that have adult content. *Slightly unedited* Comments appreciated

Romance / Fantasy
Sara F
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Chapter 1- Lilith

Screw up.
The voices whispered in my head.
Again, they whispered.
I screamed, clutching my head. What the hell is wrong with me? I curled up in a ball as if that would make the voices go away. When they didn’t, I laid there on my side sobbing until morning.
Sammy found me. My best friend gathered me in her arms, holding me as I cried.
“Lily, what's the matter?” Her voice soothing my nerves.
“Am I screwed up?” I whispered as I looked at her face. Her pale face contorted into a shocked expression. Her blue eyes staring at me in confusion. Her thin lips frowned. Long blonde hair brushed my face. Sammy is two years older than me. She's 21.
“No! Oh, Lily! Of course not!” she pulled me closer as I sobbed into her sleeve, staining the fabric with my tears.
The voices started when my mother texted me two weeks ago. Every time it seems my life is getting better; she texts me and screws it all up again. With every text she sent, the emptier I felt. I’ve been going on bike rides to clear my mind. All that talk about clearing your mind, having it blank, it has never worked for me. Every time I shut my eyes, I try to imagine a blank piece of paper. The paper just twists and wrinkles. A buzzing fills my head. I try to block it out but it just pushes against my mind. Trying to find a weakness. Let me tell you, it finds many.
Sammy held me in her arms, trying to soothe my shaking body but to no avail. Finally, she placed a hand on my forehead and murmured a soft word that instantly put me to sleep.
Sammy has always been better at magic than me. Her skills far exceed my own. In the eyes of the other witches, I’m weak. Like, always the guys go for the most powerful. The most pretty. The most… enchanting. I’m none of that apparently. I’m plain. Sammy on the other hand? Drop dead stunning. Always has been. Always will be. Her personality has always been the best to me, the way she would help people, no matter what. Her laugh. The beautiful smile that always plagues her face. How her honey blond hair catches the light. Just being around her could make the darkest soul bright. I love her for that. She is practically my sister. A friend that will not leave. Someone who will not call me a disappointment.
When I woke, I was in my room. The thin purple curtains cast a warm pinkish glow around my room. Everything felt so peaceful. Everything except my head. I got up groaning. Another day as a broken bitch. I thought as I pulled my clothes off. Hazel eyes greeted me as I looked in the mirror, soft and warm. If I looked hard enough I could see the pain in them. The memories that plague me. I look over my face, to the single freckle on my left cheek. Right over my jaw bone. My dark brown hair that falls in my face, my sharp jaw line, my thin lips. As my eyes trace my facial features they also start to trace my body. My thin body and small chest. And the thing I hate the most about my body. Right between my breasts, my sternum is bumped up. There is a medical term for it, it’s called Pectus carinatum. Better known as bird chest. And, God, I hate it. Its not horribly noticeable. It pokes up about an inch from where my sternum should be. Still, I hate myself. I hate that the fact that I have it. Its not common for girls, so why the fuck do I have it? Why can’t I just have a normal chest?
A knock at the door pulled me out of my thoughts. I rushed to pull clothes over my naked body.
“One sec!” I hopped over my pile of dirty clothes and opened the door. “Hey Sam!” She held a cup of steamy tea between her hands. Sammy offered it to me and I cradled it like it was my life force. Not going to lie, it kind of has been. Ever since I was 12. Me and my mom would- I swallowed. Don’t think about that back stabbing-
“You know you can talk to me.” Sam looked at me, we have known each other for so long, we could practically read each other’s minds. How long have we known each other now? Let’s see… I met her when I was around 3. So, like 17 years? Damn.
I shrugged, “I’m much better!” Lies. “Thanks to you!” I scrunched my face up and pointed a finger at her. She let out a loud laugh.
“Well now that you’re ‘so much better',” she giggled, “you can clean up your part of the house before your bestie goes haywire on you and kicks you out!”
I let out a laugh. She was way too sweet to do that!
“By the way, I’m going over to Veronica's in a bit, are you sure you're good?” she raised her eye brows at me.
I giggled, “of course, mom!” Sam rolled her eyes at me. She didn’t realize but she acted like a mom to me sometimes. I didn’t mind. I moved out of my parents’ house at 17. Living where ever for a while. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I lived with Sam at her small rented house for two years now. I moved in a month after I turned 17. Best birthday gift in my opinion. “Go have fun. I’ll just go down to get some breakfast.”
“Girl, you don’t check your clock, do you? You’ve slept past breakfast. And lunch. It’s-”she paused and looked at her watch on her arm. “3:47” she looked up at me. A hint of a smile played across her lips.
“Well! Who said you can’t eat breakfast for dinner? I happen to love it!” I grinned as I grabbed my keys from my desk. “Go hang out with Veronica! You haven’t seen her in weeks! You see my face every day!”
She smirked. “Alright. I’ll see you later.” She turned on her heels and walked to the front door. Sam held it out for me and we walked out in the afternoon sun together.
She got in her car and drove off. I was about to open my car door when I felt the back of my neck prickle, like someone. Something, was watching me. I turned to see eyes glimmering from the bushes. They were dark and mincing. Scary almost. Golden orbs stared at me. Then I blinked and the eyes were gone.
Yup. I’m broke. I turned and got in my car, unaware of the eyes still watching me.
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