Me and my girl

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This is a book about girls called era and Alex; they are both 16 years old ,they both are lesbian but there parents are against lesbian/ gay people but 1 night Alex asked Era out... What will happen

Romance / Mystery
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Just friends

It was 11 PM at night,Era and Alex where on call playing Truth or dare it was all fine they played on call for half and hour then went onto text Era had her go then Alex then Era again until 1 round Alex decided to make a move and text ‘truth or date' but, Alex chickened out and said it was autocorrect;Era believed it was autocorrect.The next day that met up at the ancient,brown , gigantic oak tree ;which they built a swing on it when they were both 7.15 minutes later,era had arrived once again late ,they decided to sit on the swing together the sun started setting.“era?”Alex said sounding kind of confident.Era looked at Alex and answered“yes what's up?”Era looked back at the sunset.“well I wanted to say this last night but I chickened out,okay so”Alex said then stopped to shake her sweaty hands“Well I like you and I...”Alex said oagain but this time being interrupted.“I like you to Alex ,like more then friends ,wanna... actually not right now!”Era said while smiling and her hands slowly moving towards Alex's still slightly sweaty hands.The rest of the night they chatted normally they said bye then went home both with butterflies.

The next day Alex walked to Era's house all ready for school,knocked on the door but instead of Era's friendly face there was mrs Livingstons (Era's mum) disappointed face ;Alex was confused so she asked “oh hi miss Livingston, how are you today! ”but Era's mum just looked angrier now !Lucy (miss Livingstone's real name) grabbed a broom and started hitting Alex with it “YOU SINFUL GIRL YOU WANT TO GET WITH ,MY DAUGHTER,MY DAUGHTER, YOU DEVIL IN DESCISE YOU STAY AWAY!”Lucy had shouted while still hitting Alex.Era came running down to see her mum hitting her love ,her future friend or more ,her possible future wife!Era screamed “GET OFF!”then Era hit her mum after to stop her.Lucy stopped and looked at Era for an answer,but instead of an answer Era just kissed Alex and Kucy on the cheek and said“Don't fight I have already chosen my love,mother you might not like it tho"them sitting herself on Alex then forced Alex into a make out;Alex blushed and Lucy just screamed “NO THE DEVIL TOOK MY CHILD!HELP,”while crying.

Era and Alex moved into Alex's uncle jack house ,jack was fine with that.When it got to 7 o'clock they both went to the tree again but this time it was different,It had been spray painted with horrible comments such as “Gays should burn in hell!"and “You have no purpose!”.Era broke down into tears, Alex stood there in disbelief ; The horrid teens that did that came a long to the tree and quoted “oh look what the cat dragged in!” While pointing towards Era and Alex “At least there is a hot 1 (meaning Era)”he walked towards Era and checked her out.“Heck off Era "quoted Era, “I am taken".“Yes I know that you're my girlfriend don't need to remind me,HAHA!The boy laughed at.Alex looked at era, leaned in and kissed her slowly to prove him to shut it .

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