Twisted Fates

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Taryn, Marcy, Marzia come from three different worlds and three different lives but are the same in so many ways. Taryn was once looking forward to the day of finding her mate just like her little sister did, but after her sister's death she didn't want to find her mate. Too bad for her because young Prince Markus will stop at nothing to win her heart. Marcy dreamed of the day she'd find her mate, how romantic it would be. What she didn't know was her mate was the cold hearted monster Alpha Darkyn of the Warriors pack. Marzia knew how rare it was for Warriors to find her mate so when both Darkyn and Mariza found their mates around the same time, Marzia keeps it a secret. Unable to tell her brother that she had met the one she would spend all eternity with.

Romance / Fantasy
Emma Wolleson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


We grow up with hopes and dreams. It’s the beginning of who we are, but always remember that hopes can die and not all dreams come true.

My mother always told me that growing up, she said that the world was never as we thought it was. I didn’t know at the time what she was talking about, it wasn’t until I had gotten older did I see what she had been trying to tell me. This is my story.

“Can you believe it?” My sister sighs happily. “I’m getting married!”

I smile warmly at her. “It’s not hard to sis.” I tell her. Her dark eyes meet my green ones. I spin her around with a smile and I begin helping her into the dress she had picked. It was beautiful, I made sure her finished makeup was not messed up as I slid the dress carefully over her face. I wish we had put her in the dress before we did her makeup.

“Ready to walk down the aisle?” I asked as we began walking to the church’s door.

She looks at me with a little fear in her eyes. “As ready as I’ll ever be Taryn.”

“You’ll be fine April.” Our mother’s voice says out of nowhere beating me before I could reply,

We turn to see our mom walking towards us holding a white box. “You forgot something.” She says holding out the box.

April takes the box from her and slowly opens it, inside was a beautiful comb looking thing. It was in the shape of a music symbol.

“Mom . . . ” April trails off.

“My mother gave it to me on my wedding day, now I’m giving it to you.” My mom said.

April had tears in her eyes as she turned around, she turned around after handing the thing to me, I put it in her hair. My mom handed me the veil. She turns to look at us after I’m done. A tear had fallen down April’s face. I quickly wipe it away.

“Hey no crying sis,” I scold. She laughs as another falls down her face she wipes it away.

My mom and I opened the church doors, we got in front of April. We were her bridesmaids. April didn’t have any friends in her mates pack, the music started and everyone stood first watching us before eyes on the bride. That’s when the first gun goes off. Everyone screams in surprise. I push April out of the way but it’s too late she has been hit. I don’t see where the bullet hits her, but she screams in pain.

“Go back to hell!” Someone yells at the two of us. I move April out of the way again, the bullet hits me in the shoulder this time, I cry out in pain. Our mother laid on the floor beside us blood pooling around her. I didn’t even see her get hit.

“Taryn!” April screams just as another bullet meets her stomach.

I move towards her as fast as I can, the bullet hurts and I can tell its silver cause I can’t feel my wolf. “April! No you can’t leave me do you hear me?” I say.

She laughs weakly and I grab at the knife that laid close by must have come from the table. I was cutting the dress off, thankful that she had one of those dress bra things on so she wasn’t just in her panties and bra. I then use the dress to stop the bleeding. I carefully lift her into my arms and move towards the doctor’s office.

I try to walk as fast as I can but moving hurt April so much so we went slow. Everywhere I looked people were running or fighting with the hunters. Shots were heard throughout the pack, and someone had set a house on fire.

My shoulder was on fire by the time we got to the doctors. There were busy doctors and nurses running to and from places. When a nurse saw me with April who was slowly drifting off she ran and got another nurse and two wheelchairs.

They wheeled April away; she had been shot twice, once in the chest and once in the stomach. They fixed my shoulder right away, I had been shot three times that I couldn’t feel the other two one in my leg which is why I was limping and had to slow on the way here not just for April and one in the back I couldn’t lift heavy things or move to much from a couple of weeks. I also couldn’t shift for a week.

The doctors kept me in the hospital for a couple of days and the whole time no one would come to me with news about my sister or mother, I had a sinking feeling my mother wasn’t with us. My father never came by either and I was worried that he was hurt too.

A nurse came to check on me a few times. “Where’s my sister?” I had asked and every time she said she doesn’t know.

I was getting tired of sitting around. They had finally gotten everyone who wasn’t that hurt out of the way and taken care of. The ones who were shot were all out of surgery and I don’t know if anyone has died. It’s not like I could ask, all the hunters were caught and locked away.

Code blue was called and I saw three nurses come running by with a doctor.

Not long after that a doctor comes in. “Taryn how you are feeling?”

“Good, I guess I want to get out of here.” I said and he chuckles. “I want to know how my sister is.”

He’s face doesn’t give anything away. He just checks my charts. “I’ll have a nurse bring you your stuff you can go home today.”

I sighed why couldn’t someone answer the question? It wasn’t hard, I’ve only been here three days or more. I didn’t really know.The nurse came by and I did the things I needed to do so I could leave. As I left I looked around for my sister, or someone I knew but I was very shy and antisocial to have many friends.

I walked towards the pack house, even though my parents and I had our own house in the village I wanted to see if Mason was home from Alpha training.

Our pack Luna let me in as soon as I rang the doorbell, I was given crutches, I was very careful with my gun shot wounds. Silver made healing slow for werewolves could kill our wolves, not us as humans but our wolf spirits leave us a human with enough silver.

“Taryn!” Mason says as he picks me up not caring that I had crutches.

“Put me down Mason, I’m not a little kid anymore.” I said laughing.

He sets me on my feet very carefully and hands me my crutches, he holds half my weight as I try to stay balanced on the crutches. I was very clumsy. From the corner of my eye I noticed a figure standing behind him. She was about my height with fire red hair and blue eyes with so much hatred I felt like backing away.

I don’t, I stare back at her with confusion. I didn’t know her or why she already hated me.

“Taryn met Clara, my mate.” Mason says breaking the tension between us.

“Oh my gosh Mason hasn’t shut up about you since meeting you.” I said her eyes soften a little. Which was a lie, mason never told me that he had meet his mate, I glare at him when Clara wasn’t looking she was smiling at Mason with so much love I wish when my mate found me he’d looked at me that way,

“Um hi” she says awkwardly, not bothering to look at me.

“You have no idea who I am?” I asked as she shook her head. “Of course he didn’t tell you, I’m Mason friend we grew up together we’re basically brother and sister.”

She looks at me confused. “I thought Taryn was-” Mason cuts her off.

“Nope must have been a mix up.” He says staring at me with sadness.

“Mason, what’s wrong?” I asked, I knew he wouldn’t lie.

He shakes his head and nods his head towards the woods. I nod back speaking with our eyes. I didn’t know what the problem was. He spoke to Clara then followed me. Clara watches us as we disappear into the woods beside Masons house it was where we’d play hide and go seek and get yelled at to stay close, it was were Mason kissed me when we were ten hoping I’d be his mate, and it was were he told me that he loved me when we were fifteen and then it was the place he told me that he would be leaving.

We walked for a while in silence. Nothing has ever been awkward between us since we knew each other so well. Mason wasn’t like all the other Alphas, the one who are mean and rude or cold. He was nice and funny and sweet. I knew he’d take great care of Clara.

“Listen Taryn I’m not gonna beat around the bush anymore, I told the doctors not to tell you this because I should be the one. . . .``he trails off.

“Mason just tell me.” I said getting tired of all the mystery.

“Your sister and mother didn’t make it, along with her mate the Beta and some others.” Mason says quietly.

I knew I heard him right but I didn’t feel anything, no pain, I didn’t feel like crying either. I didn’t even want to scream and yell at him to knock it off and tell me it was a joke, I felt numb. “There’s more,” Mason says.

I nod ready to hear what else could have happened. “It looks like your sister was marrying someone who wasn’t her mate.”

“What do you mean?” I was confused.

“The Alpha of your sisters pack had a mate but wanted his Beta to marry someone of our pack so we can become Allies. When my dad found out that this wasn’t her true mate and what the other Alpha had planned he wanted to stop it before the Royals found out but hunters attacked before that.”

I stared at him in shock, a couple of years ago the Royal family had passed a law that you couldn’t mate with someone who wasn’t your true mate after two packs tried that. The soon to be Alpha had a mate already but when he’s father forced his son to marry the other Alphas daughter the son’s pregnant mate died. Alpha’s daughter was also pregnant with her mate’s baby but we never knew because she was keeping it a secret. It wasn’t until she gave birth without her mate.

The Royal family end up making both packs Rouge and taking the daughter and the baby away. No one has heard from the two since the son of the Alpha couldn’t believe that he had lost his mate and took off into the woods and hasn’t been seen.

Now anyone who marries someone who isn’t a true mate is punished by the Royals.

“Why would she do that?” I asked hurt that she was willing to break the law.

“I’m not sure, but the Royal family coming here would love to talk with you about your sister’s actions.”

“What?” I asked, the words he spoke didn’t sink in.

“The Royal family wants to talk to you about your sister’s actions.” Mason repeats.

I stare blankly at him, what were the Royals going to do if the marriage didn’t go through? Didn’t I have enough to deal with? I just lost the rest of my family other than my father.

“Look they’ll be here soon after they’re done with Midnight Gold. I’ll send someone to get you, your father wants to see you.”

With that he walks off, back to his mate I sighed. I knew it wasn’t fair to him. I was his friend and I didn’t know what my own sister had planned with the other Alpha did my mom know? What about my dad? Did Mason’s father know? I didn’t understand any of this.

What was going to happen? Did April have a mate before she was to marry someone else?

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