Twisted Fates

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Chapter 2


Only one thing can make a soul complete and that one thing is love.

I always thought that I believed it, I wanted to find my mate, my other half badly. I wanted my happy ending like my parents. I didn’t know what was in the game play when I actually found him. The guy I would love for the rest of my life, he wasn’t like I thought he was cold and mean shut off from the world this is my beginning.

“Mom,” I whined at her as she once again fussed over my dress.

“The Royal family and the Warriors pack is going to be here and I don’t need you looking less of a lady.” My mom snapped

I sighed it wasn’t my fault that our Alpha made the Beta of our pack break the rules. I didn’t see why the whole pack had to get in trouble for it since the marriage never happened thanks to hunters. Our Alpha was trying to make peace with the neighboring pack, they wouldn’t sign the treaty so your Alpha asked his Beta to pretend to be a mate of one of their pack members.

“I don’t get why we all have to be here.” I mumbled.

My mom gives me a sharp look and I roll my eyes at her. We stood around talking in groups, we were the first pack to get talked to since the Beta and the girl died in the attack. I was worried that the Royals would make sure we became Rouges.

I pat down my dress, one of the few nice ones I still have. “Maybe you can use this time to find your mate.” My mom said just before we walked to the pack house. I did want to find him, the person I was going to love for the rest of my life but I doubt he’ll be the prince. Or a Warrior since Warriors lived longer than us they didn’t find their mates very often.

The sound of doors slamming shut brings me back to the present. I turned to see that the Warriors had arrived first, my head snapped up when I smelt the most amazing thing ever, I wanted to follow it but my mom held me in place. I looked around at the people they were tall and mean looking. They watched everyone’s move. The Warriors are guardians of the Royal family, they were making sure there were no threats before the Royals showed up.

I looked for the smell of spring and woods or a cold night in winter where you’d sit around the fire drinking hot chocolate. My mom tried talking to me asking what was wrong but I wasn’t listening all that good. My wolf was chanting something so fast that it was hard to understand.

That’s when a guy stepped in front of me, he’s icy blue eyes started back into my green ones. He was taller than me. I had to look up to see his face. He had dark black hair, his face was cold showing nothing. My eyes locked with his;

“Mine” he growled out loud and clear.

“Mate” my wolf cries, stopping her chant. Which I finally understood she’d been chanting mate the whole time.

I closed my eyes for a second trying to breathe. I was a Warrior’s mate. My mom sequeled in happiness but I couldn’t make a sound. This wasn’t someone I wanted as a mate. I wanted someone who was soft and caring, someone I could grow old with and have lots of children with but being a Warriors mate I wouldn’t grow old and the need to have children wouldn’t need to happen so quickly, the Warriors were also not that caring because they had an important job to do. He began walking away, a pack member stayed with me. He didn’t ask for a name he didn’t even bother trying to talk to me other than telling everyone I was his. I wanted to run and hide to cry my eyes out, I couldn’t believe this.

“Marcy, he’ll come back, he is here for the Royals” mom said. She probably saw the disappointment on my face as I watched him disappear into the pack house, I could almost see him walking into Alpha Trent’s office, where the family of our Beta would be.

I smiled but I felt as if my heart broke. “I’m gonna go for a walk.” I tell her. My father had been quiet this whole time and put a hand on my shoulder, I shook it off and looked at my mom. She nods and goes back to helping Luna with pack duties since they were great friends. As I walked I noticed that the Warrior that had stood close to me after my mate walked away was still following me, I ducked behind a tree and began climbing up. He looked around for a second trying to find me before I jumped on him.

“Ah!” He yells out in surprise, just as quickly he throws me off him. I landed on the ground hard, I quickly got to my feet.

I swung my hand and hit him in the face, he’s nosebleed but I didn’t hear the crack so I knew it wasn’t broken. He pushes me away, I kick at him and he slammed me into a tree.

“Who are you?” I yelled fighting to throw him off.

“Beta Whitman of the Warriors Alpha Daryn asked me to keep an eye on you.” He says letting me go once he notices I wasn’t going to hit him. I wanted to swing at him again but thought better of it since he was a Warrior if he really wanted he could have hit me, instead he made it harder for me to hit him never once did he punch or fight back.

“Did he say stalk me as well?” I snapped at him walking around him, I was still hurt over Daryn’s rejection to talk to me.

He doesn’t say anything for a minute or two. I grow tired of him. His face paled and I knew he was mind-linking my mate.

I chuckled nervously, he blinked, staring at me with shock before he put up a cold mask. I sighed I guess the stories are true. Warriors don’t have emotions, great to know I thought bitterly to myself.

“What is your name.” Whitman asked me.

I raised a brow at him, does he really think I was going to tell him? “You think I’m going to tell you after you attacked me?” I asked.

“You attacked me actually,” he states.

“You followed me”

“My Alpha told me to keep an eye on his mate”

I try to keep my face blank so he does want a mate. Or maybe he was just going to keep me cause you can’t leave your mate. Another rule passed by the Royals after the King’s mate tried to leave him when they first met.

“Of course, I would like to finish my walk.” I say and begin walking away. Whitman follows not saying anything just watching the woods around us.

We walk until I find the river between my land and Ravenclaw. The pack that was supposed to be an Alliance when our Beta and another pack member of Ravenclaw married. I had a friend a couple of years ago that would come here with me. We’d swim in the river, careful not to cross the border to Ravenclaws land. My friend Sara ended up finding her mate and going to his pack, he was a blacksmith, though werewolves don’t usually use weapons we use them when fighting hunters sometimes.

“The meeting is going to end soon, Alpha Daryn wants you back, you’re coming with us.” Whitman says after a while pulling me from my thoughts, I was staring out into the river thinking of the time Sara dared me to cross the borderline. I remember how I thought about it before taking another drink from the bottle we had stolen from her father’s study. I was almost caught. We ran away as fast as we could, drunk laughing loudly, our parents were so mad.

“Can I go home first and say goodbye and pack a few things?” I asked

Whitman sighs “if your quick Alpha Darkyn wants to leave before the King and Queen.”

I tried to make it quick. I knew a shortcut from the river since I used to seek out in the middle of the night and come here after fights with my parents. My mom on the other hand made a big deal out of it.

“Oh my baby from her mate!” She gushed. “See I told you might find your mate.”

I sighed trying to pull away Beta Whitman watched us. “Mom we have to go, we need to go talk with Ravenclaw.”

“Oh but when will I see you?”

“I’ll ask my mate if you can visit in a couple of months.” I said grabbing the suitcase mom had packed. Or never I thought bitterly I knew that if I ever bought my mom to meet Daryn and his pack she’d embarrass me, I’d miss my dad though he was really quiet as we left not saying anything to me.

“I am so sorry for that.” I say when Whitman and I are out of sight of my parents.

He doesn’t say anything, he’s face gives nothing away. I sighed to myself I didn’t know what I was supposed to do or what to say. I wasn’t anyone Luna or mate or friend. I didn’t have many friends here in the pack since I didn’t take the time to make any because I was shy. Sara had been my only friend and then she was gone.

The King and Queen were walking out of the pack house, when they saw Beta Whitman and I walk up the stop I bow in respect. Whitman doesn’t follow and they don’t seem to mean the Queen was smiling at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. The King on the other hand looked a little bored.

“This is um . . .” Whitman trails off seeing as I never gave him my name. I smirked idiot.

“Marcy Carmona Alpha Darkyn’s mate.” I said.

The Queen smiles at me again but the King keeps a blank face. I didn’t get why anyone could keep from showing emotions. What was wrong with showing someone happiness or at least looking at me as if you don’t like me something would be nice.

“Alpha,” Whitman says.

I turned to see my mate walking towards us. He doesn’t look happy when his eyes land on me. He looks even more pissed. Probably doesn’t want to have to deal with me, I think to myself.

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