Twisted Fates

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Chapter 3


Love sometimes like a dream and leaves like a nightmare

I felt betrayed by everyone I knew. I walked home slowly trying to think things over, I still haven’t cried. I don’t feel the pain of losing her now that I know her secret.

“Taryn?” My father asked when I walked through the door.

“Daddy!” I cried, as I threw myself at him he was all I had left.

He sighed as he hugged me back. “Oh baby girl, I was worried I’m sorry I didn’t go see you but I had to figure out what to do with your mom.”

“Mom?” I asked “Mason said April and mom died.”

Dad had tears in his eyes. “Yes, in a way she is dead but her heart is still beating, the hunters shot her in the head she must have moved and it didn’t hit anything to kill her but the doctors say she’s brain dead.”

That’s it I can’t take any more bad news; the brutal honesty from Mason the hurt of what the hunters did. April marrying someone who wasn’t her mate. Mom’s and her death, finding my mate in the middle of all this craziness I began to cry.. Dad’s arms around me in a heartbeat holding me as I cry and cry, I felt like I was never going to stop, the last couple of months were a lie.

“W-wha-what are you gonna do?” I stutter.

Dad looks at me with sad eyes. “No! No please dad you can’t!” I cry.

“She’s not going to wake up honey, I hate it more than you think but she wouldn’t want this.” Dad says. I cry harder, I knew he was right. It just hurts so much to know that there wasn’t anything we could do from her, it hurt that I couldn’t save my sister and I didn’t even try to help my mom.

“First the news about April now mom?” I say.

“What news? What happened with April?” He asked

“April was going to marry the Beta of Midnight Gold when he wasn’t her real mate.”

My dad sighs and tears fall down his face. He lost just as much as I did in the last few days. “I have to talk to the Royal family to seek out punishment.”

Dad doesn’t say anything after that he too just breaks down into tears, I cook something for him before going up to my room, I start the shower I smelt as if I was living in a hospital. I took a long time to get out. I didn’t feel like moving. I don’t want to do anything but lay in bed.

Mason comes for me, my dad follows me to the door he looked like hell but at least he was trying. Mason and I walk back to the pack house and into his father’s study. He doesn’t say anything to me I guess there wasn’t anything to say what would you say to someone who just lost half her family?

“They’ll be here shortly. It looks like the Alpha of the Warriors pack has found his mate.” Mason says to me before walking out I was sure that he would be meeting with the Warriors and Royals, I wish he had stayed. I didn’t want to be alone but I knew that he had a mate. I don’t know how I’m going to trust someone again.

I knew of the Warriors pack; they were the guardians of the Royal family. The Royals lived inside of the Warriors pack if Rogues attacked the Royals they had to go through the Warriors first literally. Though there weren’t many Rogue attacks anymore, my guess is that they were tired of losing all the time, a person can become a Rogue if the person leaves a pack or if the Royals mark them as one.

The Warriors were immortal; they didn’t die for millions of years like the rest of us. We stop aging the minute we get our first shift and we only start aging if we stop shifting.

It can take years for an immortal to find his or her mate. Immortals like the Warriors don’t age because they never stop shifting they are always needed, which is why they spend years looking for their mates. Some go a lifetime searching and never find them. It’s rare, and I was surprised.

I sat down in the Alphas chair knowing he’d probably get mad but I was always a daughter to him. The door opens and I stand quickly. I don’t want to show any disrespect to the Royals.

Instead the Warriors walked in, about five and a girl who looked a little upset and lost. A guy with striking icy cold blue eyes and dark black hair whispers something to her and she follows him to the back of the room.

“Taryn” Mason says when he walks into the room and sees me behind the desk.

“Alpha” I say when I see he’s father has not followed him in, meaning that Mason was going to hold this meeting.

We all stand until the Royals walk in, the most amazing smell hits my nose it smelt of summer and pine trees, just as the Prince walks in. Our eyes meet and everything around me disappears. No! I thought as he says;


“Mate” my wolf cries

No no no! This can’t be happening. I don’t want a mate. Not after what I have been through these past couple of days so I didn’t need this stress.

He moves closer, I take a step back and he looks hurt at the action. I shake my head and wrap my arms around myself protecting me from the fact I was his mate. When I looked into his dark eyes I saw my sister walking up to me telling me all about how she met her mate.Her telling me that she loved him and that they were getting married only after a couple of months. Her coming to me before the wedding to tell me I was a maid of honour and she was carrying his children.

Mason told me that she and my mom died in the attack, my father telling me that my mom hadn’t really died but would never wake up.

I blinked as I remembered that she wasn’t his true mate and if it wasn’t for her I’d never met my mate. If it wasn’t for her death I would still be looking forward to finding him. If it wasn’t for her I’d never have met him like this, I’m sure I looked like a zombie with red and puffy eyes from all the crying, I didn’t bother blow drying my hair after my shower so my hair was tangled and wavy since it was naturally curly. I didn’t dress up nicely. I threw on the first thing I found in my cloth, one of Mason old hoodies that I stole in high school and sweatpants.

Everyone watched us, the Queen and King had walked in but all eyes were still on us. I knew my face showed everything, the fear of seeing the person I was meant for standing in front of me.

“Son?” The King says looking at him to me.

The Prince kept staring at me, I couldn’t even think he’s name. My wolf cried asking me to go to him.

Mason cleared his throat, “welcome Queen and King to Ravenclaw, Taryn Dyer is the sister of April Dyer who had passed away not too long ago.”

Everyone’s eyes snapped to Mason. No one said anything to me as the meeting went on, Mark kept seeking looks at me when he thought I wasn’t looking.

“Rules are rules and her sister broke them, but she is now dead . . .” The Queen trails off.

I stopped listening. I still haven’t wrapped my mind around all this.

“I think she” the King pointed at me “should deal with the consequences of her sister’s actions.” The King says.

“No, she’s my mate dad.” Mark says.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

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