Twisted Fates

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Chapter 4


Alpha Darkyn hasn’t said anything to me since we left, mom was so happy for me. She told me over and over in the texts she sent every five minutes. I was nervous, I had an Alpha as my mate. Why couldn’t he be something less important? Someone . . . oh I don’t know not a fucking Alpha.

I was happy though to say I had found the one I am to be with for the rest of my life, even if he’s an Alpha even if he is a Warrior or immortal. It was a long drive to the other pack, Darkyn was silent as he drove. I nervously played with my fingers. I didn’t know what to say to him and mother advice on what to do wasn’t helping.

I felt tears come to my eyes. No! Calm down you can’t freak out breath. I thought to myself as my anxiety rose within me. I tried letting out calming breaths but I couldn’t. I freaked myself out. It’s just that I’m not really good with unfamiliar places or people.

Darkyn looks at me from the corner of his eye, I bite my lip as a tear falls, my hands begin to shake, digging into my bag of bathroom stuff I look for my meds when I have a really bad panic attack. I start crying and have to stop looking, wrapping my arms around myself, I kind of rock back and forth trying to calm myself.

Darkyn takes a deep breath and sighs before pulling off into the side of the road.

“W-why a-a-are we st-stopping?” I stutter through the tears.

I knew my face was red from trying not to cry, Daryn doesn’t answer, instead he gets out of the car I hear another car door open and close their footsteps on the gravel road then Whitman slides into the driver’s seat.

“Luna what’s the matter?” He asked, seeing my red face.

“Anxiety,” I whisper slowly with our werewolf hearing I knew he heard me.

He sighs before sliding closer to me, I sink back against the car door. Picking up my bag that I had dropped he starts going through it, I blush and take it from him - with badly shaking hands -pushing it behind me and staring at him with wide eyes.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, trying to calm myself. Though I had a feeling he was only trying to help me, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed about him going through my personal stuff.

“Don’t you have meds for anxiety?” Whitman asks.

“I do,” I choke out. I have to wrap my arms tighter around me. My hands shake so badly I can’t wipe away the tears.

“I was trying to help find them.” He says calmly.

I shake my head. I don’t need him going through my stuff, he sighs again and pulls me into a hug. I tense up not expecting it.

I could hear his heartbeat in his chest. It beats loud and fast. He was a little tense too but he doesn’t let go, I follow his breathing every breath he takes I take one.

“Are you calm yet?” He asked suddenly

“Yes,” I say pulling back and wiping the rest of my tears away.

Once I was calm he started the car and we began making out with the other pack. Darkyn was waiting for us when we finally parked the car, when I got out careful not to knock my bathroom stuff over. I didn’t need everyone to know that I had panic attacks and to see my girl things.

Whitman talks to Darkyn about something while they’re talking and two guys walk up to us.

“You guys must be from the Warrior pack.” The older guy says.

“We are.” Whitman says coming behind me.

Darkyn wraps an arm around me, a little tense. I don’t know how I was going to get used to being someone’s mate. Mom says that it’s easy but we haven’t said two words to each other and when I freaked out he sent someone else to deal with me.

The two guys lead us to an office where a girl with dirty blonde hair and green eyes is standing behind the Alphas desk.

“Taryn” the Alpha says when he walks into the room and sees the girl behind the desk.

“Alpha” she says bowing at him before moving to sit in the seat in front of him.

Darkyn comes behind me and tells me that we have to stand in the back, making sure to watch for danger. We all stand until the Royals walk in, her eyes following the Prince as soon as he walks in.

“Mine!” He growls out

“Mate” she whispers shocked.

He moves closer to her, she takes a step back and he looks hurt at the action. She shakes her head and wraps her arms around herself like protecting herself from the fact she was someone’s mate.

Everyone watches them, even when the Queen and King walk in everyone keeps their eyes still on the Prince and the girl. Her face showed everything about the fear of seeing the person she was meant for standing in front of her.

“Son?” The King says looking at him to the girl.

The Prince keeps his eyes on his mate. The newly Alpha cleared his throat, “welcome Queen and King to RavenClaw, Taryn Dyer is the sister of April Dyer who had passed away not too long ago.”
Everyone’s eyes snapped to the Alpha. No one said anything about the fact that the Prince’s mate was here because of something his sister did as the meeting went on.

“Rules are rules and her sister broke them, but she is now dead . . .” The Queen trails off.

“I think she,” the King pointed out, “should deal with the consequences of her sister’s actions.” The King says.

“No she is my mate dad.” Mark says.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

“There since had been punishment!” The King growled. “What will people think if we let her walk away free?”

“It was her sister! Not her, I don’t see why she had to get in trouble for something she didn’t do!” The Prince yelled back.

“Enough you two, we will figure out what young Taryn will do for her sister’s actions for now Mark will care for his mate.” The Queen says.

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