Mated to a vampire

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Hi! I'm winter I'm 22 years old still didn't find my mate I'm a normal person well I'm not that normal actually I'm half a werewolf half a witch I have an older brother the alpha of the stronger pack in the world the moon fall pack my older brother is fully werewolf I'm excited to meet my mate I want the love that mom and dad have Shawn the most fearless vampire the 27 years old king alpha of the vampires he still didn't find his mate and vampire side is going to eat him alive he wants his mate as much as Shawn want her too What will happen when winter finds out that her mate is a vampire? will she reject him? is she ready to be a luna?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1*meeting him


I wake up today feeling like shit I have to train the warriors I jump from the bed and head to my big walk-in closet I love wearing girly stuff I'm not gonna lie I have a ton of clothes I decide to wear yoga pants and a sports bra I get out of my room and head to the training I was trained by my father, asher my brother, the beta dad's best friend and the beta's son brent asher's best friend and future beta I was trained to be the strongest female in the pack and I'm the strongest

Training is done and I'm very happy finally I can take a shower

'bitch I want to go for a run you promise remember'

And ohh I totally forget that's summer my wolf

'summer I beg you not now we will go later at night I need a shower I'm sticky' I replay hoping she would leave me alone

'fine but I will kick your ass if you don't take me at night' she said

I bloque her it's still morning and she's getting on my nerve

Finally, everyone leaves me alone to take the fucking shower summer is getting on my nerve mom is nagging on me because I still didn't find my mate believe me when I see him I will slap him so hard and dad is being dad he wants me to go to a meeting with him and Asher and I know nothing I mean absolutely nothing about the meeting why me aghh I always pray that my mate is a human so I can go with him away from the pack problems and mom nagging

I just got in the shower after taking my clothes I let the warm water relax me after finishing my shower I grab a towel then I look in the mirror i'm beautiful very beautiful I have mom's black hair and dad's blue eyes I have fairy skin like snow I was the queen bee in high school I wasn't a bully I was sweet and I still act sweet just don't cross your lines with me and you will be safe I head out of the bathroom to my closet again to grab a black mini skirt and a white crop top actually dad let me wear what I want even in meeting because he's fully aware if someone made a wrong move on me I will kick his ass and it happen before when I was 19 and this beta thought I was the pack slut so he grab my arm I make fly in the air and choke him and he almost end up dead lucky for him dad calm me down I shake my head ignoring the memorie and start getting ready after I get dressed I but a wing eyeliner,mascara and lipgloss I head out of my room to the meeting room and I knwo for sure the guests and dad and asher are there when I enter the room all the eyes were on me than I smell…oh no please no I tell myself

My wolf was yelling in my head 'mate mate mate'

I look at the room again to see everyone still looking at me the guests are looking at me like they saw a piece of meat so I decided to speak"hello to you too should we start the meeting or are we going to keep staring at me?"

I took my place next to dad

Then I heard someone saying"damnit who's she is hot I will fuck her on the table right here"

I didn't look who it was but I speak" I'm pretty sure that you don't have a death wish because if you said that again and you will go out of this place dead well I will answer the first question I'm the alpha's daughter now should we start the fucking meeting because I have somewhere to be"

"You should be on my lap I know that for sure"

I stand up and snap my finger and a person fly in the air who have the balls to talk to me like that he will be dead soon

I turn to dad "who are they again?"

Dad smirk point his finger on the person flying in the air" that's the beta of the alpha king of vampires his name is Andrew"

I turn to Andrew "well Andrew do you have any wish before you die"

"Down now" I met with a red color eyes when I turn around I say"mate" without thinking what who is he

He hugs me and said"mine" I relaxed and free Andrew who has fallen breathing heavily

Asher cough and I look at with a look that said'what the fuck did you just do'

Then I sigh and said" can we now like start the meeting I have to check at the worries and go shopping with your mate" I point at Asher " and I need to go for a run because summer is killing me we need to start the meeting now"

Andrew said something that will make him dead" what a slut"

I reply " are you planning to die today"

My mate look at me confused" but he didn't speak"

Asher and I start laughing our ass off

Dad decides to hide his smirk and then look between me and my brother

"Ok fine I will explain daddy! I'm half a witch I can read his mind and hear his thoughts" my poor mate I scare him

"Winter" dad said I know he wants me to continue

"I can't hear your thoughts nor my family only people who are not related to me so don't be scare"

"Can someone told me who's my mate and why is he here why I haven't met him before and what's the meeting about because I have no ideas"

Asher smirk I know that smirk that said 'wait until you know'

I heard Andrew thoughts again" he's the fearless vampire Shawn the alpha king of vampires"

I choked on my own Silvia saying "WHAT.THE.HELL" then I added quickly

"Oh no no no no no nope! You guys can finish the meeting without me my mind just take too much informations than he should thank you nice to meet you all"

"And the dramatic winter is back," Asher said

"Asher shut the fuck up"

"Make me"


This really fun I whisper some words and I set my eyes on Asher "take that alpha" I said smirking I know he hates it when I call him an alpha

"Winter stop playing games and free your brother and let's start this meeting "

I take my place gazing at my fucking mate should I be happy because I found him or sad because he's a king I Always wish my mate was a human so I can get away now I will be a luna wtf

"Winter your brother"I huff annoyed I snap my finger

After hours that I spent looking at my mate he's gorgeous he has hazel eyes and blonde hair small nose and pink lips I was thinking of the taste his lips and the way

And dad cut my thought "meeting done missy I will give you some privacy you two should talk" Asher decides to speak as well classic asher" use protection"

"Fuck off" I reply to my stupid brother and it wasn't the end of the conversation "Nah you will fuck him"

"Asher I will tell the whole world your full name if you don't …" I didn't finish my sentence"no I'm going sorry have a good talk" and he closes the door

I turn to my mate" should I call you Shawn or alpha"

he didn't reply he was looking at my neck I know he's hungry for blood because when a vampire finds his mate he needs to drink from her blood it's like when a werewolf finds his mate he needs to mark her and I know that cause I learn about vampires natures

I sigh and sit on the table "are you hungry for blood" I ask

he nodded his head and reply"truth be told yes but what I'm hungry for is your blood" he took a deep breath than add " can I drink some but just so you know it will hurt I don't want you to get hurt but I can't control my vampire side"

who would have know the heartless king have a heart

'he cares about us' said summer jumping in my head

"ok, you can drink but not here let's go to my room well actually it's our room because I'm pretty sure dad told mama that I found my mate so she will not let you have a room alone now should we go?"

his eyes light up a smile appear on his face showing his bright white teeth he takes my hand in his warm one butterfly dance in my stomach summer is singing in my head then he said simply"lead the way princess"

we enter'our'room he closes the door and suddenly I feel two strong arms around my waist he starts kissing my neck a moan escape my mouth without warming he bit on my neck and I feel his fangs in my skin second later the pain turns to pleasure we spend a couple of seconds in that position until he removes his fangs and he licks the mark chills travel my whole body now that he mark me and drink my blood I can't reject him and just like that summer took over she wants to mark her mate as well so she said "it's my turn"

"But you don't drink blood"

"yeah I know I will mark you and don't worry it will not hurt you a lot i don't have fangs"i reply smirking

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