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NATHANIEL LACHLAN (Billionaire Brothers Series 1)

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Chapter 1

Elizabeth Paige

I was sitting in the waiting room and praying to God. I really hope I get this job. Joseph Lachlan needed a personal assistant. As soon as I read this advertisement in the newspaper I knew that it was my only chance. The pay will obviously be good considering the fact that “The Lachlan Enterprises” was the most successful business empire in the world. At the age of 75, he didn’t work much. His grandsons did everything but never took any credit. Thankfully my best friend was married to one of his grandsons due to which I got this interview.

Nathaniel Lachlan, the name made shivers run down my spine but I shouldn’t think about him at all. I have a boyfriend, Michael Hawthorne and hopefully he will propose soon. We’ve been going out for almost 7 years now. He also works in the same office where I am going to give an interview. He was kind of hesitant but then reluctantly agreed. I wondered why but I didn’t ask questions because of his temper issues. I try to avoid fights as much as I can but his anger issues do not help.

My best friend, Victoria, was very adamant over the fact that I should break up with him. But after losing my parents, Michael was the only person I truly had, compared to my not so friendly relatives. Due to my past I had a habit of clinging on to anything even remotely familiar.

“Elizabeth Paige? You are up next!”, The cheerful receptionist said and gave me a sweet smile. I smiled back at her and stood up. I took a huge breath. This is it. It’s my last chance.

The receptionist followed me and knocked on the door twice. I heard a faint ‘come in’. Walking inside alone and I started fidgeting with the files in my hand. Looking up to the man sitting behind the desk, I could see he looked really fit for an old person and by looking at him I could tell he was very handsome in his younger days.

“G-Good morning Sir” I wished him and gave him a smile.

Dammit Elizabeth! Why did you stutter?

You just lost the job you didn’t even have. “Don’t be nervous, Darling. Come sit here.” He said with a genuine smile. I felt less nervous now knowing that he is not as intimidating as he seemed. I nodded in acknowledgment towards two ladies sitting with Mr. Lachlan who were probably going to help him with the interviews.

“I am sorry sir. This is just a big opportunity for me. My name is Elizabeth Paige.” I said as I sat down and handed over my files.

He looked over my certificates and was impressed. I may literally suck at other things but I did complete my education well. After asking what seemed like hundreds of questions about my jobs, education and some personal, he looked satisfied. It felt like almost an hour had passed.

“Miss you are a very honorable woman. I would really love to have you as Nathaniel’s secretary.” He smiled while my eyes widened and I opened my mouth but no words came out.

“I-I am sorry sir but I thought this was- I mean I was supposed to be your PA.” Words almost spluttered out of my mouth.

“No darling, I am sure you read it wrong.” He said looking at me intently and then passed me the paper. I read each and every word again, but I was right.

“Sir this says PA for the CEO of the Lachlan Enterprises.” I stated and also pointed out in case. “Oh, I guess you are not aware. I am stepping down and letting one of my grandsons take over my company so technically it is for them.” He explained each and every word slowly, so I can register the fact.

He said it in a soothing voice but it didn’t calm my nerves.

Working with Nathan Lachlan! Seriously!

“Do you have a problem with this Miss Elizabeth? I chose you because I know you wouldn’t fawn over my grandson. He hates unprofessional people. You are a pretty honorable woman and I know you will only do your job. The bonus part is that you have a boyfriend which I am sure will be better for my grandson and for you.” He stated and looked at me with in need of an answer.

I couldn’t refuse. I needed the job. This shouldn’t affect me at all because I have a boyfriend. Anyways he is way out of my league. It will never happen. I think I am giving this too much thought. I mustered up a smile and stood up.

“Sir I would really love to work with your grandson.” He stood up and the relief on his face was visible. He shook my hands and said, "I know my grandson is now in good hands please take care of him.”

Saying that I was confused would be an understatement but I brushed it off and quickly called Michael to give him the good news.

Waking up at 6′o’clock sharp as I don’t want to be late for my first day. I took a shower and washed my hair thoroughly. While I brushed my teeth the feeling of nervousness started creeping up again. I will see Nathan Lachlan after 10 years. This really shouldn’t affect me. Almost turning twenty-seven now, hitting thirty soon, I remembered that I wanted to be married by this age but my stupid boyfriend doesn’t take a hint. I started dating him 7 years ago and living with him for five years now. A conversation about this is long overdue.

I picked up a loose black dress slacks and a dark black blazer shirt with black heels. They a bit higher than I wanted them to be but I guess it will do. I pulled my curly brown hair in a tight bun. I looked in the mirror and all my curves were hidden under my loose clothes. My body was curvy, and I was a few pounds heavier, yes, there was cellulite on my thighs.

I made breakfast for Michael and I. He came out running, picked out some things from his plate and ran off. He was late as usual. He was supposed to give me a ride considering we are going to the same place but anyways I decided to take the bus. Michael probably forgot we work together, I think in a pathetic attempt to reassure myself.

I reached The Lachlan Enterprises and my anxiety doubled. I went in and headed towards the receptionist. She gave me a professional practiced smile and held up a finger which asked me to wait till she finished a call. I returned the smile and nodded.

“Yes ma’am, how may I help you?" She asked in a friendly voice. “I am Mr. Lachlan’s new PA” I said in a nervous voice.

Great! His name was making me nervous. Just what I wanted. This can never end well.

“Oh yes of course! Ms. Paige! You will meet Mr. Lachlan’s assistant, Mrs. Watson on the 23rd floor. Here take this identity batch.” She handed over the badge and gestured me towards the lift. I thanked her and headed in. As I reached the 23rd floor, I walked towards the receptionist.

“Hello ma’am! I am the new PA. I am looking fo-” before I completed my sentence I was cut off by a relatively old lady. She gave me a warm smile and said. “Elizabeth Paige please follow me in.” She took me towards her office and handed over some files. As she explained me my job and how to make Mr. Lachlan’s coffee, I started leafing through the files.

She then asked me to go and meet Mr. Lachlan because of which my body went still and my breathing altered. Swallowing hard, I gave her a nod. Quickly, I made his coffee and headed towards his office. I knocked twice and heard him say ‘come in’.

Taking a deep breath in and reminding myself to be extremely professional. I headed in and stopped just near his desk. He looked up and gave me a nod urging me to speak. Some things never change like Nathaniel Lachlan. He is still the same. Just a little more muscular and more prominent features.

Elizabeth! Professional!

“Good morning Sir! I am your new PA, Elizabeth Paige. Here is your coffee” I said without stuttering, and I am really proud of myself. I deserve an ice cream treat for this.

He looked up examining my appearance and seemed satisfied. I didn’t look him in the eye because I am smart and I know what will happen if I do. He didn’t seem to mind that either.

“Hello Ms. Paige. Welcome to the Lachlan Enterprises. I guess my assistant gave you the files you need to work on and I will give you a call whenever I need you. Am I clear?” He said in a low but deep voice. Shit! I forgot that the voice obviously still affected me. I nodded wishing him a good day and headed towards my office.

Elizabeth you need to get over this. You are no more in high school.

During lunch, I wanted to meet Michael, but he said he was really busy, and he may also leave early as he has to attend his co-worker’s birthday party. Feeling sad over the fact that my boyfriend hasn’t spoken to me properly for over a month, and we also stopped having sex five months ago. I know this is heading towards a break up but I hate losing people.

I lost my parents when I was 19 and I had no family. Having no choice except, fending for myself but I didn’t stop my education. My parents would have been so disappointed with that decision as they always wanted me to have a successful career.

I continued working till 6. I lost track of time. Mr. Lachlan didn’t call me in a single time. I saw him leaving, so I got up and wished him a good evening. He looked surprised but then nodded and before leaving he said!

“Ms. Paige, it was really nice to meet you after so long.”

I gasped

Oh. My. God. He. Remembered.

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