The Withering Flower

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Rayen has gone through so much since she was born. she was sold and homeschooled, used as a punching bag and sex doll. The only person who was kind to her was her master's son. When she turns sixteen, he master sends her to the same school as his son and she meets the rival gang leader's son, who is also a playboy. What happens when the playboy falls in love with this withering flower?

Romance / Other
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Just hi“You worthless piece of shit!” my mother, Alice Smith, yelled, kicking me in my ribs. She pulled me up by my hair and held my chin, making me look at her. “Get in your damn room and pack your bags,” she whispered threateningly, her warm breath hitting my face at our close proximity. She let go of my hair and I scrambled off of the floor and into my room, up the stairs. I took out a suitcase and packed the few clothes I had bought during the years and took a backpack and put my only two pairs of shoes in them.

My mother had just given me another for not packing my bags, not that she needed a reason. We were going to move to my father’s hometown, Santos Valley in Mexico. My father wanted to reconnect with his roots, so he was dragging us halfway across the country. I had not minded because I only had abusers here, but it still bothered me a little because this was my home, as much as I hate it. I shed a few tears thinking about it, but wiped them away and continued to pack.

When I finished it was 9:00p.m, so I took my curly black hair out of its ponytail and changed into a black hoodie and some grey shorts. I took out my old MP3 player and plugged in my headphones. When I put my headphones into my ears, music flowed into my ears. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. I drifted into unconsciousness, listening to the calm flow of music coming from the device.

I awoke to the feeling of cold water coming into a harsh contact with my skin. “Wake up and go make breakfast quickly!” my father exclaimed into my face, the stench of alcohol contaminating his breath. I rushed off the bed and down into the kitchen. Half an hour passed and my parents came down and sat at the counter. I served them their food, took an apple and ran upstairs. Since they would not buy anything for me, I used what little salary I had and bought fruits and clothes and put whatever I had left into my savings and since I had not grown since eighth grade, I simply added clothes and shoes to my closet

At around when I was six, they stopped providing all basic necessities for me, so I had gotten a job at a grocery around the corner, only after hours of begging. The old man was kind to me when I had told him about my situation two years later, he even treated me like his grand-daughter. Now that I was fourteen, I was the new manager, but when I told him my father wanted us to move, he said he would adopt me just to keep me here and even cried an ocean. He gave me a recommendation if I ever wanted a job elsewhere and even wrote the correct amount of years I had been working there, eight. Today was my last day here and I only had two hours before we needed to leave, so I spent an hour there, then headed home to put all the luggage in the van and do anything that my parents neglected to do. 3 hours and 18 minutes

When we got to the airport, I got out of the car and took out our bags. Their bags were as light as a feather, but I though nothing of it. They went to park the car while I checked us in ang got our tickets. They came to me and we walked into the airport terminal. When we got into the airport terminal, I put the bags as close as I could to where we were sitting then excused myself to go to the bathroom. I did my business and walked out of the stall to wash my hands.

Someone entered the washroom, but I paid no mind to it. They walked behind me and stood there. I looked up into the mirror and saw it was a man. As I was about to scream, he covered my mouth with a soft cloth covered in a chemical. I held my breath, but pretended to go unconscious. He must have believed I was knocked out because he removed the cloth and threw me over his shoulder.

I opened my eyes and swung my feet, until my right foot came into contact with his private area. His hands were of me in a second and holding his groin. I jumped off of his shoulder when he crouched down and kneed him in his nose knocking him out. I ran out of the bathroom and immediately hit into a hard surface and fell down. I got up and apologized keeping my head down so that he didn’t see my face, in case he was with the guy who tried to kidnap me. He assured me it was fine and let me pass.

When I moved towards my parents, I saw them collecting money from some men. It all fell into place; they had sold me off. “Maldita sea” I whispered in Spanish, turning away from them and walking the other way. Once again, I bumped into a chest, but this time I felt a prick in my neck. “Lo siento hermoso,” he whispered as it all went black.

After what felt like hours, I woke up in a black room, on the floor, handcuffed to a pipe. I stayed silent, until I saw a door open. A very tall man stepped into the room and flicked a switch, turning the lights on. I squinted my eyes while they adjusted to the light and he walked closer to me. He held my face and said, “Deberías ser divertido para jugar.”

I cringed at the stench of his breath and said, “Where am I?” He laughed at me and walked to the door. “You’re in Mexico,” he said humorously before walking out of the room. A guard entered the room and walked towards me, unbuckling his belt. “Es hora de jugar a la puta,” he said, making me shiver of fear.

He pulled off his close then came close to me and ripped off my clothes. I began to cry hysterically and he slapped me telling me to shut up. I tried to calm myself and containing my sobs, while he began to rape me. I cried out in pain, but he did not care and continued. By the time he finished, I had bled so much, he had blood all over my thighs and his. I was still crying, but he didn’t seem to care anymore.

He unlocked the handcuffs and pulled me up. “I’m taking you to shower, puta,” he said to me, pulling me along roughly. He pushed me into a hallway and walked in front of me. When we got to the end of the hall, he opened the door and inside there was a small bedroom. “This is your room, so take care of it. Your bags are on the bed and the white door is the bathroom,” he said and left me.

I walked into the room and closed the door behind me. The room was small, pink, windowless and had few pieces of furniture, including: a nightstand, a wardrobe, a queen-sized bed and a table with art supplies. I walked over to the bed and saw a box on my suitcase. On the box, there was a note saying ‘Wear this and the guard outside will bring you to me.’ I opened the box and saw a sheer dress.

I took out some skin colored underwear, took the dress and went into the bathroom. I got into the shower and turned it on. I shrieked when the freezing water came into contact with my skin, but got used to it. Tears poured out of my eyes as I showered, making everything blurry. When I turned off the shower, an hour had already passed, so I looked for a towel and found some in the cupboard under the sink.

I dried off and pulled on the clothes. For a fourteen-year-old, I had developed quite a lot. I wore ‘DD cups’ and had fairly large hips. In my old school, girls often called me a ‘slut’, because of my body. Eventually, I just rolled with everything they said about me and since I would not respond anymore, they started to get physical with me.

I stared at myself in the mirror and was disgusted. The dress had left nothing to the imagination. The top of my breasts were on display and my entire torso was on display. I wanted to change, but I knew disobedience would get me nowhere but in trouble. I walked out of the bathroom and threw my dirty clothes in the hamper next to the closet, only to fine a pair of nude flats in front of the closet. I slipped them on and walked out of the room and found the guard waiting patiently on the wall.

He eyed me before leading me down the hall and up some stairs. We walked around for about five minutes, before we stopped in front of two, big, brown doors. The guard said to knock and wait for a ‘come in’. “Buena suerte,” he said while walking away. I knocked on the door and waited a few minutes before hearing the ‘come in’ the guard told me to wait on.

I pushed the heavy doors open and entered the large library. “Up the stairs,” I heard a deep voice say and looked for the stairs. I found them and walked up, until I saw the man who had left me in the basement before what had happened. He gestured for me to sit on the chair next to him. I reluctantly walked over and sat in the soft, brown, leather chair.

“Since your so-called ‘parents’ sold you to me, you are to follow every one of my demands and everyone else’s as well. You will also be given chores to do during the day and you will be homeschooled until the age of sixteen,” he stated in a serious tone, “As long as you do as told, you will be treated well.” I nodded and began to think of ways to escape, he was insane if he thought I was going to willingly stay here. He motioned for me to leave, so I got up and walked down the stairs.

As soon as I got down the stairs, I began to run, looking for a way out. I heard guards following me and panicked. I ran into a random room, locked the door and slid down it. When I turned around, I was met with a young boy about my age. I put My finger to my lips, telling him to stay quiet. He nodded and we stayed in silence, until we heard the guards pass. “Muchas gracias,” I whispered to him.

“¿Estás bien? ¿Estás herido? ¿Qué te pasó? ¿Quién eres?” He asked question after question. I was glad my father at least taught me Spanish. “Mi nombre es Rayen. Mis padres me vendieron a este hombre. Uno de los guardias me violó y estoy tratando de escapar. ¿Cómo te llamas?” I rambled on with questions, but he cut me off by putting his finger to my lips. He told me to be quiet.

More guards were passing by and they seemed to be confused. “Mi nombre es Leandro. Me disculpo, pero el hombre que te compró es mi padre. No puedo ayudarte an escapar, porque si se enteraba de que te había ayudado a esconderte, daría veinte latigazos con un látigo. Si quieres, podríamos hablar en la lengua inglesa,” he said and I nodded, a little scared that he would let everyone know where I was. He took my hand and lead me into a closet. In the back of the closet was a small door. “I believe your room is on the other side of the door. I will try to protect you in any way I can princesa,” he said letting my hand go and hugging me. We held onto each other, until we heard a knock. He let me go and I whispered a ‘thank you’ before going through the door ad closing it.

It was my room and I was relieved that he did not lead me into a death trap. I pulled off the dress and my bra and threw on an oversized hoodie that went down to my knees and hopped into bed and closed my eyes. I heard the door creek open, but kept my eyes closed, hopping they would think I was asleep. “This girl is troublesome,” I heard my buyer’s familiar voice say. He sighed before closing the door and leaving. I drifted into unconsciousness with a final thought, ‘I think I will be just fine.’

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