The Withering Flower

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Chapter one: New beginnings.

“Rayen’s POV

Two Years Later

I woke up to the feeling of something entering my pussy. “Oh hell no,” I thought. One of the guards was fucking me, thinking I was asleep. “Wakey wakey bitch,” he said slapping my my face. I opened my eyes and saw it was Elfonzo, the guard who raped me on my first day here.

My face remained emotionless as he continued to pleasure himself in my hole. He hammered himself into me until he came. “The boss has some news for you, so change into some appropriate clothes and meet him downstairs with the backpack on your desk,” he said as he walked out of the room and I nodded. I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could after being so roughly fucked, peeled off my clothes and hopped into the shower. I scrubbed myself clean, but I still felt disgusting.

When I got out of the shower, I stared at myself in the mirror, not bothering to cover myself. Bruises and wounds littered my skin and hickeys littered my neck. “Hurry up slut”, Elfonzo shouted from outside my bedroom door. I grabbed the towel from off of the towel rack and walked out of the bathroom and into my small walk-in-closet. I sat down at my vanity and covered any bruises I had on my face or above my neck.

Master had bought make-up for me so that I could cover up my bruises when I go out for shopping. I wore a natural look as always. Some browns, whites and blacks were applied to my eyes, a light pink blush to my cheeks and some beige lipstick. I put on a fitted, sleeveless, olive turtleneck with a mid thigh, black, leather skirt and a white, sleeveless, collared duster coat. I put on some black, over the knee, heeled, leather boots and walked out of the room.

When I walked out of my room, after grabbing the leather messenger bag on my desk, the guards wolf whistled and I put my head down. Elfonzo grabbed my arm roughly and dragged me down the stairs. A whimper left my throat as he tightened his grip on my arm, probably leaving a bruise. When we got down the stairs, he threw me on the floor, in front of Leandro, making him pull the guard by his collar. “Watch it,” he said threateningly low.

Elfonzo nodded in fear and Leandro threw him on the wall and walked over to me. “¿Estás bien princesa?” he asked helping me up. I dusted off my hands and replied jokingly. “Sí, sólo estaba siendo un idiota.” Leandro laughed and I joined in. My legs wobbled and gave out, making me fall on Leandro.

Our faces were inches away and suddenly everything else became blurry around us. Before we realized it, we were both leaning into each other. Suddenly a throat cleared, snapping us both out of our trance. We both jumped off the floor and dusted ourselves off. We looked over and saw Master standing there staring at us intently.

“Buenos días maestro,” I said trying to shift his attention off of the fact that I had almost kissed his son. He looked at me as if i had just stabbed him in his back, but soon his calm expression returned. “Buenos días Rayen. ¿Cómo dormiste?” he asked.

“Dormí bien maestro, gracias por preguntar,” I replied, my face hot and red. He nodded and made a sound of approval before motioning for us to follow him. We walked into the dining room and he motioned for us to sit down. “Before we talk about what I just saw, I have good news for the both of you. Leandro, since, obviously, you two like each other, your mother and I have decided that you may date Rayen if you would like and the guards will not be allowed to have sex with her anymore, but they will still be allowed to beat her until her eighteenth birthday, where she will begin training to join the gang.

Rayen, starting today you will be allowed to go to a public school. To be exact, you will be going to the same school as Leandro. You two have most of the same classes, but there are people you are not allowed to talk to and you must stay with Leandro at all times. Leandro’s school is for creative and performing arts with a few other classes. The only classes you don’t have with Leandro are art and dance. You are in all the AP classes since you are naturally highly intelligent,” he finished giving us all the information.

One of the other slaves, Lily, brought us food and I began to eat after Master had taken his first bite. Master and Leandro discussed anything Master had forgotten to tell us. When we had finished eating, Lily came back and took up the dishes and when I tried to help, Master told me to ‘sit my ass down’. We heared a car horn beep outside of the house and Master told us that was the driver. “Adiós hijo y ustedes dos Rayen. Y recuerda, apégate a Leandro como pegamento,” he said before giving Leandro hug and patting my head softly.

We said goodbye and walked out of the house. I ran back and gave Master a hug and told him, “Thank you Master,” before running into the car. When I looked out of the window, I saw Master standing there a little shocked, before he waved at us. The car drove off and Leo looked at me. “Ray, how do you feel about being my girlfriend?” he asked me looking a little nervous. I decided to tease him a little bit. “Leo, is that you asking me to be your girlfriend? Hmm..,” I said wiggling my eyebrows at him.

“W-well. Umm. No. Maybe. Yes,” he mumbled the last part so I asked him to repeat himself. He shook his head and look down, mumbling something, but only a little louder. I asked him to repeat himself once again and he shouted, “Yes, ok. Yes, I am asking you to be my girlfriend.” I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. “That’s all you had to say and of course I will be your girlfriend you idiot,” I said to him, looking into his olive eyes.

The car pulled up to the school a few minutes later and we got exited the car. The black, white and gray colored schooled was beautiful. It was bigger than any building I had ever seen. “Come on babe let’s go inside and get your schedule, locker number and code,” Leo said before taking my hand and dragging me along with him. 'Bueno, aplausos a nuevos comienzos' I thought as we entered the two French doors of the school.

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