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Something made Evelyn realize why she didn't want to socialize or be friends with Aden Wilson, who is the most popular boy in school.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

That night, the way you looked me in the eye, held my hand, and leaned in to kiss me, was something I have never experienced before.

Hi. My name is Evelyn White, and I’m going to tell you the story of how I denied my feelings towards Aden Wilson.

Today is Aden’s nineteenth birthday. Everyone at school knows who Aden Wilson is. He’s become the most popular and most talked-about student in the entire school. In everyone’s eyes, he’s the most handsome teenager in the school, while in my eyes, he’s a regular teenager with a tad bit more of personality.

Everyone at school was invited to Aden’s birthday party at his house after dark. I didn’t know the guy personally enough to go to his party and wish him a “Happy Birthday,” on the other hand, my best friend is very close to Aden. His name is Arlo Lopez, and he’s been my best friend ever since middle school.

Arlo knew Aden way before he became famous, letting me somewhat get to know Aden. But since I didn’t really find an interest in getting to know him or become his friend, every time Arlo would go hang out with Aden, I would make up an excuse not to go with them.

Eventually, my lies caught up, and Arlo got mad at me for not telling him the truth about my feelings towards Aden. As time passed by, we grew older and left those silly problems behind us and focused on the future, which was becoming a senior. Till this day, every time Arlo says he’s going to hang out with Aden, I just smile and wave goodbye.

I was walking down the main hallway of the school to head to my locker to grab y assigned books for my next class: Math. Math was one of my most favorite subjects because I understood them in an instant, and it was fun getting to resolve the equations on the board or in my book. The kids in my math class always take advantage of me when the teacher says we need to assign a partner for an activity. Most of the boys rush up to me and try to persuade me to do their work. Sadly, Arlo wasn’t in my math class because he failed the level of math below the one I am in.

I walk into the classroom and take a seat on the row next to the window, so when I get either frustrated or I'm puzzled with an equation, I allow the small and fresh breeze to brush away my anger. I take off my backpack and place it next to my seat. I then took out my pencil, eraser, calculator, and pen, so I ready for anything.

Minutes passed, and the room was slowly starting to fill with angsty teenagers. For the most part, I didn't mind the noisy boys that sit in the back of the class. The thing that does bother me is when I focus on something, and someone dares to bug me or distract me. I look over my shoulder and see a couple of teens enter the classroom to fill the few empty seats. As I scan the room, my eyes land on Aden. I observe at his seating position, which made me cringe because he had his hand on my crotch, scratching it. I flinch and turn back around to face the whiteboard white disgust.

Finally, the teacher walks in the classroom and asks me to hand out the surprise quizzes to everyone. The noises I heard throughout the entire room were groans and upsetting grunts. I do as told and start handing out the surprise quizzes to everyone. One by one, the papers started getting thinner and lighter from passing them out. I hand out the last two papers, which made me look at Aden. He smiled at me and grabbed the quiz from my hand with the same hand he scratched his crotch. I instantly turn around and rush to my seat.

“You have thirty minutes to finish the quiz. Once finished, place it on top of my desk, and you may take your leave,” Mr.Perez said as he walked to his seat and sat on his chair and kicked back.

“Time starts, now!” He yells at everyone, making everyone start the quiz.

Before the room was full of teens, I unlocked the window next to me and opened it enough where the air could hit me lightly. I wrote my name on the piece of paper before starting to solve the problems. To my advantage, the exercises weren’t as difficult as the ones in the book.

It was only ten minutes into the quiz, and I already was on my way to hand it over to the teacher. I place the piece of paper on the desk, making the teacher look up at me with a smile.

“You always cease to amaze me, Mrs.White,” The teacher says with a cheerful face. I smile and walk back to my desk to shove my utilities in the first zipper of my backpack before walking out of the classroom.

“Hey! All eyes on the quiz!” That was the last thing I heard from my teacher before closing the door behind me. I sigh with a smile on my face as I head over to my locker to tuck in my books.

I slammed the door shut and made my way towards the cafeteria since the next class was my free period. I took out my phone and walked with it, head down as I scrolled through my apps to find the messaging app.

“Look, it’s the senior freak,”

“Wow, have you seen her ass?”

“What ass?”

I sigh with disappointment at the mean, and offensive comments form the poeple that passed by me in the hallways. Don’t get me wrong; in the past, I’ve stood up for myself, but it only ended up being my demise. I was kicked and bullied for thinking I had a higher power over my bullies.

I made my way to the cafeteria in one piece. I looked around the room and noticed I was the only one there. One of the lunch ladies saw me and waved me over. I jogged my way towards her with a broad smile.

“Done with math already?” Mrs.Watson asked me as I grabbed a tray and an empty plate.

“Yeah. Another surprise quiz.” I say with a giddy smile. Mrs.Watson smiles at me as she turns her back to reach out for her homemade club sandwich.

“It’s on the house, deary,” Mrs.Watson says with a heartwarming smile. I shared a shocked face with her as I refused her kind gesture.

“No, I can’t—”

“But you will. It’s the least I can do for you,” Mrs.Watson says with another warm smile. I sigh with defeat as I reach out to grab the orange juice in the small opened refrigerator.

“But I am paying for this, at least,” I say with a giggle. Mrs.Watson smiles and reaches out for my orange juice.

I pay the dollar and twenty-five cents to her before walking over to an empty table with five seats surrounding it. I lay the grey tray in front of me as I squeeze my legs underneath the table. I then take out my phone and text Arlo.

[WhityyBiatch]: Hey, are you out of class? I’m waiting for you at the cafeteria.

I took my eyes off my small screen to take a bite out of my sandwich Mrs.Waston specifically made it for me. I started to chew when someone caught my eye in the distance. It was Aden walking towards me. I gulped down a massive piece of the sandwich before washing it down with my orange juice.

He smiles at me to then wave at me. I wave at him awkwardly before looking away: Why the hell did he just wave at me?

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