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Chapter 2

My phone vibrated, which caused me to place the sandwich on the plate to reach out to my phone to see what the cause of the vibration. A smile crept onto my lips as I saw Arlo text me back.

[FireyBoyy]: Cool beans! I’ll be there in less than five.

[WhityyBiatch]: Awesomesauce!

I turn off my phone and put it inside my hoodie pocket. I grabbed my juice and took a sip out of it. My vision automatically faced the door because I need to tilt the liquid for it to go down my throat when I lock eyes with Aden. I widen them and start to choke on my orange juice, making him rush over and try to help.

“Hey, are you alright?” He asked me as he placed his hand on my back. I look over my shoulder and notice his hand on my back, causing me to get up. He looks at me with confusion.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I say as I beat on my chest two times before clearing my throat.

“Evelyn, right?” He asked me for my name. I stood there in shock as to hear him say my name.

“Have we meet before?” He asked me as I walked back to my seat. I guess he doesn’t remember since I only hung out with him once again in middle school.

“No, I don’t think. But believe me, I would remember your face—” I stop talking as I retrace what I said in my head. I gulp before scratching the back of y head with an awkward laugh. He laughs at my comment, causing me to become shy again and look away from him.

“Well then, Hi. My name Aden,” Aden says with a smile. At this moment, I was sitting down next to him. I look over at him and admire his features. He sure got handsome from the last time I saw him.

“Aden Wilson, the boy everyone talks about. I know who you are,” I say with a smirk. He chuckles at my comment before getting up to bring his tray over to my table.

After a few minutes, the cafeteria started growing with angsty teenagers. In between the crowd, I managed to see Arlo in the distance. I got up and ran up to him to hug him. As I did that, I whispered something in his ear.

“Don’t tell Aden I know him, okay?”

He furrowed his eyebrows as I backed away from the embrace.

“I’ll explain later,” I say as I guide him over to the table, I was sitting at with Aden. He widens his eyes as he sees Aden sitting next to me.

“Arlo, hey, man!” Aden says with a bright smile as he reaches out to shake Arlo’s hand. Arlo shakes it and sits next to him. I sit back down and start nibbling at my sandwich.

“Hey, man! I didn’t know you knew Evelyn!” He says to Aden, making me look at Arlo. Arlo winked at me without Aden noticing.

“Did you know that Evelyn is my best friend?” Arlo said with a ‘wow’ expression on his face. While Aden was looking at Arlo, I glared at him. He snickered before Aden looked at me.

“Really? I didn’t picture you hanging around smart people—”

“Hey! That’s rude of you, man!” Arlo cuts Aden off with an offensive yet jokingly statement. I snicker at Aden’s comment, making Aden smile towards me. Wait, did he just compliment me?

“So, are you guys coming to my party?” Aden asks the two of us. I couldn’t respond because my mouth was full of sandwich, which allowed my best friend to speak up.

“Hell yeah, man! We wouldn’t miss it—”

“I can’t make it,” I say with a fake sad tone. Arlo shook his head to the sides in disappointment while Aden looked at me.

“Why not?” Aden asked me. I look into his eyes, and I saw actual and genuine sadness.

“I-I have homework assignments for next week that I need to work on—”

“Come on, Evelyn! You’re always ahead of everyone else when it comes to school work!” Arlo says with a smirk. Aden agrees with Arlo, even though he doesn’t know me.

“I really can’t—”

“Please?” Arlo begged. I grunt from his begging before giving in.

“Fine, but just because I like you enough to go some stupid party,” I say, forgetting that Aden was next to me.

“W-What I meant was—”

“You don’t have to correct yourself. Everyone has their opinions, and I respect them,” Aden says with a smile. Can someone as famous as him be this kind?

I stay silent for the rest of the remaining time. I didn’t know what to say. I felt like the conversation I just had with Aden, was surreal. Even though I never found an interest in getting to know the guy, I never expected him to turn out to be someone with higher expectations.

The bell soon rang, which meant we needed to head to our classes. I was the first to get up and the first to leave the cafeteria. I didn’t say goodbye to either of them because I knew if I stook around them I little bit longer, the teenagers that bully me would catch up to me and beat the living crap out of me.

I reach out for my locker door to open it when I stumbled to the ground. I rolled over twice before stopping. I attempted to get up, but someone places their foot on my back. I form a fist in one of my hands and start to grit my teeth.

“Well, well, if it isn’t shrimpy~,” Amanda says as she pushes her foot more in-depth into my back, causing me to unform the fist in my hand.

“What do you want now, Amanda?” I ask her as I blew my long bangs away from my face.

“Stay away from my boyfriend!” She says as she moves her face closer to mine. Her lips turned into a nasty smirk before one of her girlfriends kicked me in the stomach. I gasped from the impacted and started to shake.

“How pathetic. Can’t even stand up for yourself—”

“Hey!” Aden yelled from behind. Amanda turned around to look at Aden and Arlo in the distance. She stopped stepping on me to head over to her boyfriend.

“Hey babe~,” Amanda says as she twirls her hair with her index finger, standing in front of him. Arlo then comes rushing over to me and helps me get up.

“Are you alright?” Arlo asked me with a whisper as he wrapped my arm around his shoulder so I could lay my weight on him. I nod as I use my other arm to cover my stomach from the throbbing pain I received. These girls just don’t know when to quit.

“Why were you stepping on her back?!” Aden exclaimed as he pushed past Amanda to come to see me. She gasped at Aden’s actions, which only got her angrier.

“She insulted my outfit and called me names!” She cried out. Aden stops his foot’s steps as he turns back to look at her girlfriend’s outfit.

“Bullshit,” I say underneath my breath, allowing Arlo to hear me.

“That sill doesn’t give you the right to hurt her!” Aden exclaimed as he continues walking towards me. Amanda hmph at the situation before calling her posse over towards her.

“I’ll deal with you later. Let’s go, Arlo,” Aden says as he walks next to me. Amanda growls at her boyfriend’s loyalty before flipping her hair and walking the other way with her other two girlfriends.

“I’m so sorry about Amanda. She can be a real bitch sometimes,” Aden says, ashamed to call her his girlfriend.

“This has happened more than once, Aden,” Arlo says. Aden widens his eyes from Arlo’s words. I elbow Arlo in the stomach, with the little strength I had, causing him to groan at me.

“I’m truly sorry for her behavior. I swear she’s nicer than what she pulled today,” Aden says as he lifts my chin to make me lock eyes with him. I widen them from the kind gesture.

“Look, you two go back to class. I can take care of myself from here on out,” I say as I unwrap my arm around Arlo’s neck. I stand in front of them with a smile.

“At least let us take you to the infirmary—”

“I’ll be fine. I’ve dealt with this more than once. Now please, go to class,” I say as I hand gesture, Aden, and Arlo, to leave. They sighed and did as told. My smile faded away when they turned around and walked away.

What does Aden see in her?

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