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Chapter 3

After I got released from the infirmary, I was sent back to my next class. The nurse sent a message to my biology teacher, informing him that I didn’t attend his class due to some minor injuries. I had to wait twenty minutes for the class that I was supposed to be in was over. I couldn’t enter the classroom with tardiness or with an infirmary slip since his rules are very strict.

I decide to use those twenty minutes on the track field. I wasn’t a big fan of doing sports, but I did love to watch people play games. I sit on the top of the benches to get a better view of the track field. Luckily, the track team was exercising for the big tournament they have in a few weeks. I cross my legs and press my elbow on my knee cap. I then open the palm of my hand and apply pressure to my chin.

“What are we?!” The coach yelled at the boys as encouragement.

“Tigers!” The track team said in unison.

The coach then blew on his whilst and told the boys to run on the track. I smile at how focused every track player was as they jogged down the trail. Some had smiles, some had severe faces, and some were just focused. It put me in such a good mood watching sports. Yes, I’m a nerd, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like games!

I closed my locker door before walking to the entrance of the school. It was the end of the day, which means in a couple of hours, Aden’s birthday party will begin. After that incident with Amanda, I really don’t feel up for a party.

“Hey, Evelyn!” A voice yelled at me from behind. I look over my shoulder, and notice Aden is jogging towards me. I decide to stop and wait for him.

“How are you feeling?” He asked me. I look down at my stomach before answering his question.

“I’m feeling great!” I say with a smile and a giggle. He furrows his eyebrows before asking me another question.

“How come?” He asked with a puzzled face.

“I watched the track team exercise, and it changed my mood,” I say with another smile. We start walking to where everyone else is standing, either waiting for the bus or just talking to one another.

“Oh, you’re into sports?” Aden asked me with a surprised face. I nod with a toothy smile.

“Hell yeah! I’m a sucker when it comes to sports!” I say with enthusiasm. He laughs at my excitement, making me feel embarrassed.

“Then you should come to the game next Saturday,” He says, making me look up at him.

“What sport do you play?” I ask him. He raises one of his eyebrows before chuckling.

“You know my name and that I’m the most popular kid in school, but yet you don’t know what sport I play?” He asks me, making me feel embarrassed. He snickered at my actions before placing his hand on my shoulder. This guy’s a little too touchy if you ask me.

“I’m guessing football?” I ask, moving to the side so he could take his hand away from my shoulder.

“Basketball!” He says with a wide smile. I widen my eyes and smile, as well.

“Basketball is one of my favorite sports!” I say a little bit too loud. I look down at my feet at the end of the stairs.

“Then I guess I’ll be seeing you next Saturday and hopefully tonight as well?” He asked me as he stood at the top of the stairs. I look up at him with a smile.

“Don’t get your hopes up!” I yell at him as I continue walking down the stairs t head over to my car. I take out my phone and text Arlo that I’m in my car, waiting for him.

“Evvy, you know I’m not always going to be there to protect you,” Arlo says as I drive on the road. I approach a stoplight and turn my vision over to him.

“I know that, Arlo. It’s just hard to stand up for myself,” I say as the light turns green. He sighs as he reaches out to grab my hand. He holds it with a firm grip before looking out the window.

“Those girls will continue to bully you until you put your foot down,” Arlo says as he continues to stare out of the window.

“Yeah, and that’s why I’ going to the party,” I say with nervousness, causing Arlo to look at me with a broad smile.

“Good for you, Evvy!” He says as he kisses my cheek. I push him away with my hand so he wouldn’t distract me as I drive. I roll my eyes at his stupid kiss cheek before turning the wheel to make a right turn, leading into our neighborhood.

Arlo and I live across from each other, which made it easier for us to hang out every day in middle school and now. My mother knew Arlos’ parents to well. Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was going to turn ten years old, which made it very difficult for me to get over it.

“So, I’ll pick you up at seven?” I asked him as I drove up to his house. I unclocked the car, which allowed him to get out of the car and get his bag from the back seat. He closed the door, and I rolled down the window.

“Seven sharp,” Arlo says with a wink. He taps on the car twice before walking up to his porch. I made a u-turn and parked my mother’s car on the side of my house. I hopped out fo the car, locked the car, and unlocked y house.

“Mom, I’m home!” I yell as I kick the door clothes and slip off my shoes by the entrance. I then throw my backpack to the wall close to where my shoes are.

“Mom?” I ask out loud. I walk into the living room and the dining room, and I didn’t see her. I decide to walk into the kitchen I leave the keys hanging where they are supposed to be handing where I see a handwritten note:

I won’t be home in time to cook you dinner. My boss called in for me, especially since he considers me to be the best officer. I hope you can understand, love mom.

I sigh, not expecting anything different. I open the cabinets above me and take out a glass. I then open the drawer at my leg level to take out a plate before making my way to the island in the kitchen. I place them both down and start cooking myself an excellent protein style burger.

After I finished cooking my burger, I took my burger and my glass of water over to the living room to watch a series I’ve been dying to watch: Death Note.

I turned on the television, scrolled to look for Netflix, and punch in the first episode. I then lay the controller next to me before taking a bite out of my burger. The episode started.

I wish my mother were here to enjoy this anime series with me...

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