Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique, the CEO of the biggest company of weapons in the world, finds the most beautiful woman locked in a abandoned lab in the woods. Where experiments were held, trials of the most powerful were done. The moment he saw her pale, fragile body, he took her with him. Never did he expect to find a beautiful specimen locked away since years ago. But little did he know that she was a being that no one was supposed to know of. The girl with the white hair, who held the power to bring light to the world, will spin the CEO’s life forever. The moment her eyes open, his heart and mind will be taken over by her mere existence. ......................................................................................................................................................................................................... Follow the most fear and respected CEO as he tries to not only fight his enemies off, but fights the love that he has for the Goddess of the Diamond!

Romance / Mystery
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Blood dripping on the floor…

A blade made of pure gold…

“S-Stop it!” the man yelled.

“Stop it?” He whispered, “How could I ever stop?”

Dominique Montiel, CEO of the most influential company in the world, has a one life chance encounter with an unexpected woman.

The moment he saw her, he craved for her. His passion for a work turn into a desire to protect the one he has always yearned for. But never did he expect that the moment she opened her eyes, his dark life would be turned into light.

The woman with white hair and grey eyes stared at the stranger in her bed.

“Who are you?” she asked with a rough voice.

“You’re safe now…” He whispered as he leans his head on her shoulder, “You’re finally safe.”

Join Dominique on his adventure of not only love, but blood will be needed to keep the one he loves safe from enemy eyes. The only woman his body, soul and mind will desire every minute of his life. All his existence will finally bestow upon him the one life chance of protecting what the world can’t lose. His one and true love, the Goddess of the Diamond.

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