Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique’s POV

I headed back as quickly as possible. I don’t know why Farah called, but it had me worried. She sounded excited. But serious. Did something happen? But I have just left for a few hours. Not even days had passed by to say something could have happened.

Reaching home, I open the car’s door and get down. All my security guards look at me, wondering what’s happening.

I head to my bedroom but find Farah pacing the stairs with her lips in a thin line.

“Farah?” I asked, stopping on the third stair, “Is something the matter?”

“Dom? Great, you’re here!” Farah said as she ran down, grabbed my arm, and pulled me, “We need to talk before anything else.”

“Can you please explain what’s happening?” I asked as we entered one of the guest rooms.

“Dominique, listen carefully,” Farah said as she held my hands, “She woke up.”

What did Farah say? I stare at her, confused. Did I hear wrong? Did she say Allorah woke up?

“Dominique!” Farah said, snapping her fingers, “Hello, did you hear me?”

“You… What did you say?” I mutter.

“I said she just woke up!” Farah said with a smile, “But I need you to hear this first. She woke up, but we scared her, her whole being on alert. She started screaming and crying before we sedated her.”

“What did you do?” I retorted as I held her arm, “How did she wake up?”

“Calm down, Dominique,” Farah said with a frown, “Listen, please.”

Letting go of her arm, I walk out of the room, banging the door. I could hear Farah calling my name. Rushing quickly, I barge into the room. All the doctors present stare at me with fear. I hurriedly walked to the bed. Kneeling, I carefully look at her. She was sound asleep.

With a sigh, I lean my head on the bed.

“Dominique?” Farah mumbled, “We need to talk. Please hear me out.”

Annoyed, I groan and stand up. Taking my blazer off, I throw it on the chair.

“Tell me, Farah, what’s so important!” I retorted.

“You need to calm down, brother,” Farah said with a stern look, “This is important.”

“Fine,” I said as I took a seat.

Farah walked over to the chair and sat with her arms crossed.

“Dominique, I could wake her up because of an electric pulse, something like a small electric shot. I gave her some vitamins and nutrients she’s lacking. She is in a fragile condition. I didn’t expect her to wake up scared,” Farah explained.

“YOU DID WHAT?” I yelled as I closed my eyes and breathed hard, “Why in the fucking hell would you do that? She is fragile, Farah, and she’s not a lab rat!”

Farah looked at me with eyes wide.

She was surprised because I had yelled. I have never in my life yelled at her, but hearing what she did to Allorah has me pissed. What was she even thinking?

“Is this the help you want to give me?” I said in disbelief, “Hurting her?

“No! Of course not, Dominique,” Farah said frantically, “All I wished is for her to wake up. I never intended to hurt her. I just tried it because her brain was unresponsive. Dominique, she was like in a coma. We needed to bring her back somehow. Scientifically that would be impossible. But something on her trigger, and now she was sedated again.”

Shaking my head, I raise my hand.

“Don’t you ever do something that stupid!” I said as I stand up and open the door, “If you do that, you will stop helping.”

Gripping my hands, I walk back to the bedroom. Only two doctors were present. Asking them to leave, I take a seat and grab Allorah’s hand. Squeezing tightly, I smile at her.

“Wake up, Allorah. Please wake up. I want to meet you,” I whispered as I kissed her hand.

A slight rustle has me waking up. I lightly opened my eyes and looked at the bed to find it empty.

‘Allorah?’ I thought.

Allorah was nowhere in bed. Opening my eyes, I hurriedly turn the night table lamp. Surprised to not finding her, I look around the bedroom. Where was she? I rapidly walked towards the bathroom to check and nothing, the bedroom closet, the small waiting area, nothing. I started getting scared. Then my eye suddenly got a glimpse. The balcony sliding door was open. I slowly walked over, careful not to scare her.

Peeking through the curtain, I finally see her. Eyes wide, I ran out and towards her. Allorah was kneeling and sobbing. Scared that maybe she was feeling sick, I kneeled.

“Are you ok?” I whispered.

I started checking on her but felt a slap on the face. Dumbstruck, I hold my burning cheek. Averting my eyes back to her, I see she’s shocked. Her body trembled in fear. I felt sorry for her.

I nervously tried to offer my hand, but she backed away from my touch. It hurt, somehow seeing her reject me. What was this?

“Allorah…” I mumble.

As time had stopped, Allorah’s eyes looked directly at mine. It felt special the moment she did. She finally saw me.

I whispered her name again, this time with more need. I was dying to touch her, hug her. I kept calling her name until I heard a gasp. Eyes wide, she looked at me. Fear was all her face described.

I looked away and stopped. I stood up, feeling dejected.

“Stay here. I will call my sister to help you,” I said as I turned around and walked away.

Knocking on my sister’s door, I hear her groan with a yawn as she opens the door and stops when she looks at my face.

“What happened?” Farah asked, surprised, “Who did this?”

“Allorah needs you. Could you please check on her? She’s out on the balcony,” I mumble.

Farah looked sad. Nodding, she grabbed her robe and walked back into my bedroom. I stayed standing near the door, leaning against the wall with my eyes closed. Why did I feel this pain? My chest felt oppressed. Was she affecting me somehow?

“Why?” I whispered aloud as I slid down the wall.

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