Goddess of the Diamond

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Allorah’s POV

I felt it. I thought about it a while ago. My body and mind can feel it, but I’m unable to wake up. Am I dead?

I’m so tired. I want peace. My life, I don’t want it back, but why do I feel someone? Someone is calling for me.

A touch made me shiver even though I was unconscious. Something in me stirred, and I felt I needed more, more of this warm feeling.

I opened my eyes slowly. Feeling my body heavy, and my mouth dried. I looked up and saw drapes?

Slowly, I opened my mouth, but I freaked out when the realization hit me and saw people in white coats. Was I awake again to be tortured? I can’t; I couldn’t. I don’t want to bear this anymore. I want my people, my love back. I want to die.

“Stay calm,” I heard a sweet voice said worriedly.

I couldn’t panic. It was torture. My body ached, but I didn’t care; that’s why I stood up and tried to run away. I know it might be useless, but I had to go. Escape or get killed. The people in the white coat looked at me. They told me to calm down, but I couldn’t.

Screaming and crying, I try to struggle. Four men had hold of my body. I didn’t want to suffer again. So someone just came and saved me. Why was no one with me?

Feeling the needle in my neck, I slowly stop struggling. What was the man planning to do? The last thing I saw before closing my eyes was a woman with blue eyes and a worried face whispering, ‘I’m sorry.’

They drugged me. I could feel the aftereffect of the drug. I had it so many times in my system I was way too familiar with it. Feeling a presence nearby, I slowly try to get up. It was just the person and me. It was dark, and I couldn’t adjust my eyes. So touching around, I moved. Somehow I found a door and saw the sun rising. Where was I?

I was afraid; I was feeling suffocated. Why again? Was that man going to torture me, and this time he had brought me somewhere different?

Opening the doors, I walked out but stopped when I saw where I was. This place was strange. It was a house, but whose?

Tears started flowing down like cascades. I wanted to go home, why couldn’t I? I kneeled and cried. It seems I was all alone again. As I cried my heart out, I felt a person standing near. His touch got me scared, and I slapped him unconsciously. I wanted no one to touch me. Was he going to abuse me? Was he planning to report me again?

I cried and didn’t even look at the person. I tried to think of a way to escape, but I felt weak and dizzy. My head was pounding; it hurt. I heard him whisper something, but I ignored him. He continued until I finally heard it. My name, he called me by the title and not the specimen.

A small gasp escaped my mouth. Looking up, I see the person kneeling in front of me. He looked hurt, sad. Who was he? I cringe at his touch and his voice. Backing away, I tried to stay far from him. I embraced myself because maybe he got mad, and I was going to get hurt. But he stood up and whispered something I didn’t understand.

Seeing him leave, I stayed on the floor. A small sigh escaped my dried lips. I stared at the sun that was rising from the east. Sun, how have I missed it.

I don’t know how long I’ve been here when a woman, the same one from earlier, came in with some clothes and some water. I backed away more until I felt my back hit with the rail. I don’t know what she was planning, but she didn’t look dangerous.

“Hey,” she whispered, “Drink water, please.”

Could I drink the water?

I grabbed the glass from her hands and sniffed it—nothing out of the ordinary. I sipped the water; it was bliss. How long has it been since I had water?

Averting my eyes, I look at the sun.

“Come,” the woman said, “We won’t hurt you. You are safe now.”

Could I trust her? Should I? These thoughts roam my mind in repeat. How could I trust a human? They are all liars.

Angrily, I throw the glass at her. I stood up in my weak state.

“Listen, Allorah!” the woman said as she surprised me.

Did she call me by my name? But who was she?

“Look, my name is Farah, and we saved you. Well, my brother and his people save you. I’m a doctor, and I helped you wake up…” the woman said frantically, “I’m sorry if we scared you.”

I was breathing hard; I felt my body too heavy to be standing for too long. Looking at my hands, I see my pale and fragile hands shaking in fear.

“Allorah, believe me, we won’t hurt you. Not like that bastard did,” the woman named Farah said.

I could see it in her eyes. She wasn’t lying. But would that be enough for me?

I looked down, holding myself from the rail. I didn’t know what to do.

“Here, put it on,” Farah said as she handed me the clothes, “Put it on. You’re too fragile, Allorah.”

I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t find the words. My mouth felt too dried and my tongue too weak. I looked back at Allorah, and she had a warm smile on her face. My eyes widened.

No one has ever smiled at me like that. A muffled sob reached my lips.

I flinched when I felt her icy hand on me. I felt reassured when she touched me for some reason. I could trust her. As she dragged me, I moved. I grip my arm, afraid that at any moment, someone would beat me.

“It’s ok,” Farah mumbled, “You are safe.”

I stared at the sun and clouds. The sky looked beautiful. How long has it been since I’ve seen the day?

I laid in bed. I was watching everything the doctors were doing. I was still feeling scared and insecure, and how could I not? All his people had done to me was hurt me.

Every little sound could put me on alert. It scared me; I didn’t know if they were faking it.

“Allorah?” I heard a voice say.

Turning my eyes, I find Farah staring at me with a wry smile.

“Are you ok?” Farah asked.

I didn’t answer; I just looked away. I couldn’t talk. I know it might be not pleasant, but I couldn’t. My mouth couldn’t form words. Everything laid in my mind.

“Uh, look,” Farah said as she sat next to me, “I know you might not trust us, but you can. We won’t hurt you. Well, my brother can explain that better. After all, he’s been yearning to meet you.”

Yearning? What was she even talking about? Who was her brother?

“I think it would be nice to meet him if you like, of course,” Farah said with a sad smile, “But let us help you recover, please.”

She pleaded with her eyes. What should I do?

I looked at her. She looked delicate, like a rich girl from a wealthy family. I had noticed around me that this was no ordinary place. It reeks of richness. As I looked around, a soft knock had Farah looking behind her. I grabbed the bed sheets and pulled them up.

“Farah?” I heard a woman’s mature voice say.

“Mother?” Farah said, surprised.

I watch as the two interact. I could see the similarities between them. As I stared, I suddenly noticed the woman looking at me. With a bright smile, she comes over and holds my hand. I gasp, scared, pulling away.

“I… I’m sorry…” the woman whispered as she retracted her hands, “Didn’t mean to scare you. I was just happy to meet you finally.”

What did she mean to meet me? How long have I been here?

“Has she eaten?” she asked Farah.

“Mother, she can’t take heavy food. It’s best if she takes things slowly and takes liquid food,” Farah explained with a sigh, “And why are you here? You didn’t answer me.”

“I came to see her. I was happy when I heard she was awake. But your brother was sad. He’s been pouting all morning,” the woman said as she happily watched me.

Her gaze was making me uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to people smiling at me.

“Dear,” the woman said as she tried to reach for my hand, “Um, allow me to introduce myself; I’m Almeira. Farah’s mother and also the mother of the man who saved you.”

I nodded and looked away. I was not interested in knowing any of this. I didn’t want to be or have anything to do with anyone. I was all alone, alone in a world where the only thing I know is hate, betrayal, and pain.

I laid looking at the clock on the wall. Farah’s mother left. Leaving a small box, it was a gift. This world looked stranger than what it looked like in the past. It seems things had to change, so how long have I been asleep?

A sigh passed my lips, and I tried to close my eyes to sleep. I was all alone; Farah left long ago. Closing my eyes, I hear a small creek coming from the door. Closing my eyes, I pretend to be asleep. Who was it?

I waited for the person, but nothing happened. It wasn’t Farah. It felt different. Waiting quietly with my eyes close, I think of a movement behind me. Was the person sitting in my bed?

I felt a rough hand on my arm. I wanted to cringe, the touch making me nauseous as I felt the hand leave my cold arm. I heard a sigh.

I relaxed a bit and stayed in the same sleeping position.

“I’m sorry…” the man whispered, “Please wake up. I’ve been yearning to meet you,” the man whispered slowly.

Yearning? Did he say longing? I recall earlier they mentioned that the person who saved me was yearning to meet me.

I don’t know what got into me, and I turned over. I open my eyes and plop my elbows on the bed. The man was seated sideways with his head between his arms.

There was something in him that made me feel safe. I tried to say something; he didn’t notice me.

“Who are you?” I asked with a rough voice.

His head abruptly turns into me. He was surprised, and I was in shock. The man before me was so handsome my heart started beating in my chest. What was wrong with me?

I could feel myself blushing. His hazel eyes stared at me wide open. I felt my breath caught in my throat. Pale skin and jet black hair full of water dripped slowly down his face. I sat up and waited for him to say something.

I never expected his next move. Reaching for my waist, he holds me tight and leans his head on my shoulder.

“You’re safe now,” he whispered, “You’re finally safe.”

His hands were shaking. I felt at home. What was this I was feeling? How could a stranger make me feel like this? Who was he?

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