Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

When my mother came to visit, it surprised me. I sat in the garden staring at the sky. I was dying to see Allorah, but I know I would scare her. So, when I saw my mother and asked me for her, a small idea popped into my head.

I asked my mother to visit Farah and see how Allorah was doing. I explained to her what had happened. I know mother would give her love, and I could see her excitement.

“Dominique, stop pouting,” my mother said, chuckling, “Let the girl recover and then approach her.”

I rolled my eyes at her comment. I know that Allorah was traumatized, and it would be hard for her to let anyone get close to her and even trust them.

I waited for my mother to come back from my bedroom. I paced the living room like I was digging my own grave. I was nervous; I needed to know everything went well.

“Dominique?” I heard my mother say,

I turned and looked at her coming down the stairs. She had a dashing smile. I knew everything had worked out.

“Is she ok?” I asked as I held her hands.

“Calm down, son. She is fine. Hard to approach, but I understand now why. She looks hurt, fears all over her being. She is suffering, Dominique,” my mother said with a sad smile, “But let’s not give up. How about if I come and visit her every day?”

“Visit her?” I asked.

“Yes, I want her to trust us, to make her feel at home,” my mother explained, “After all, she’s my future daughter-in-law.”

“What?” I asked in disbelief, “What craziness are you saying?”

My mother rolled her eyes and scoffed. Patting my shoulder, she walked away.

“I will see you tomorrow.” My mother said as she waved goodbye.

I stood thinking, what was my mother even thinking about Allorah?


The rest of the day went in a blur. I dedicated my time to working and updating. I needed to distract myself.

As the night time came, I decided to visit her. Earlier, Farah said that she was calmer. Still a bit scared but calmer. I needed to see her, so I went in quietly. Her back towards me. Was she asleep?

I sat softly on the bed. I didn’t wish to wake her up. I reached for her arm. Looking like she didn’t react, I sighed in relief. I don’t know what I was doing, but I needed her. Something in me stir this feeling of protecting her made me feel more and more frustrated. I needed to find the bastard that hurt her. It was all his fault.

I was so distracted I didn’t feel her move. But when I heard her voice, I couldn’t contain my emotions.

Our eyes met, and I felt my heartbeat. Seeing Allorah speaking to me made me want to cry. So, I reached for her and, leaning my head, I whispered that she was safe. I might look like I crossed the line when I hugged her, but I needed to know she was safe.

I felt my eyes with warm tears. I was so engrossed that I felt embarrassed. I’ve never been weak, but Allorah was doing things to me.

Slowly I looked away and let go of her, but her hand reached for my face and made me turn and look at her.

“Don’t…” Allorah whispered.

I could feel tears in my eyes. Allorah’s tired face looked at me with a wry smile.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, “I shouldn’t have hugged you.”

Allorah sighed and shook her head.

“Don’t… it’s ok,” Allorah mumble, “But who are you?”

“My name is Dominique,” I said with a soft smile, “Nice to finally meet you, Allorah.”

Allorah stared at me with a slight frown as she looked away.

“Allorah?” I mumble.

Allorah backed away from me. I didn’t know what was happening. She looked confused. I wanted to say something, but I felt I was going to make her feel uncomfortable.

Deciding to give her some space, I stand up and walk to the closet to get some clothes. When I came back out, I found Allorah holding herself from the bedpost. I hurriedly ran towards her and held her. She was panting.

“What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly.

“I’m not feeling well. I need the bathroom,” Allorah stuttered.

Her body was shivering. She started breaking into a sweat. Helping her, I take her to the bathroom. Reaching in time, Allorah starts throwing up. What was happening to her?

I waited until she got ready. Holding her white hair, I whispered comforting words.

“Feeling better?” I asked.

Allorah nodded. Grabbing the towel, I wet it and handed it to her. She cleaned her mouth and sat on the bathtub edge.

“Let me get you some water,” I said as I turned but felt her grip on my shirt.

“No,” Allorah whispered, “Please just help me back to bed.”

I was skeptical, but it was the best choice; doing so, I walked her back. Once there, I called my butler and asked for a doctor to come. I wasn’t planning on waking Farah for this.

Once the doctor had come, he gave her a quick check-up. I stood on the side watching. I could see her flinching as he touched her.

“How is she?” I asked.

“Strange,” the doctor mumbled with a frown, “She is just shocked, and her nerves are affecting her. It’s like she has anxiety attacks.”

“But why?” I was confused.

“I don’t know. Something triggered it, but it’s understandable, Allorah’s fragile, and she’s still adapting. We will run more tests on her later,” the doctor explained as he gave her a pill to take, “Let her rest and just keep an eye on her in case she gets sick again.”

I nodded and thanked him. Once he had left, I looked at Allorah. She had her eyes closed.

“Do you want to watch T.V.?” I asked.

That was stupid of me. I bet Allorah didn’t even know what a T.V. was.

“Sure,” Allorah said with a sigh.

Surprised, I grab the remote control and turn it on. The T.V. that hangs from the fireplace lit up. Allorah leaned back and relaxed. Looking for something to watch, I stop when I see the animal program.

Taking a seat on the chair, I watch quietly. Allorah didn’t say a word after that; we spent the rest of the night watching T.V. in silence.

Feeling a slight push, I open my eyes to find Farah with a warm smile looking down at me.

“Farah?” I mumble with a yawn.

“Morning,” Farah said softly, “Sorry to wake you up, but it’s morning, and we have been waiting for you guys to wake up.”

For us? What was Farah saying?

I tried to sit up but stopped when I felt something next to me. Surprised, I look at my left hand. Allorah’s and my hand were intertwined. When did this happen?

Confused, I tried to pull but felt so comfortable. Allorah’s sleepy face made me smile.

“Do you want more time?” Farah asked with a smirk.

Feeling embarrassed, I look away and shake my head. Slowly I pulled out, but Allorah woke up. Surprised, she looked at us. Flinching, she backs away and covers her body protectively with the bedsheets.

“Morning,” I whispered as I sat on the bed, “How are you?”

I unconsciously moved next to her. There was a pull that made me want to get close to her; I desire her.

With a cough, my sister interrupted our moment.

“Morning, Allorah!” Farah said happily, “Feeling better?”

Allorah looked between us.

“I’m fine,” Allorah whispered.

Farah gasped loudly.

“Oh my god, you talked!” Farah said as she got in bed with us, “Oh my god, this is good news, but how?”

I chuckled softly and watched Allorah, embarrassed.

“What, how!” Farah kept saying.

Her smile is brimming. I laughed while Allorah looked at my sister with fear.

“Last night, we had a small talk,” I said as I looked at Allorah. She blushed deeply.

Smiling brightly, I keep my eyes on her. She looked beautiful, and I couldn’t wait for her to dress up.

“Well, I think it would be best to give you girls some space,” I said as I got up and grabbed some clothes.

Farah started asking questions to Allorah. Smiling, I leave.

“Hey, there you are,” Raphael said as he walked in with Sebastian.

“Hi, what brings you guys here?” I asked as I stopped working on my computer.

“We bring news,” Sebastian said, “I think you would like to see these videos.”

“Videos?” I asked.

“Yes, in the drives, there were different videos, including what they did to Allorah,” Sebastian explained as he opened his laptop, “Just beware this is not nice at all.”

I grabbed the laptop from his hands. Watching the video play, I start feeling my stomach turn. Allorah was screaming and crying. Her body bruised, blood dripping. I was speechless.

These bastards were torturing her. She had scars all over her body.

The experiments were too much. The type of experiments they were doing on Allorah was so inhuman that I don’t get how she survived.

A small video caught my attention and was off when they brought her the first time. There was arguing, but we couldn’t hear anything. This video showed that bastard asking her questions as she laid a chain against the wall.

Allorah looked fierce. Her anger was evident. I tried getting a close-up because I noticed something glow.

“You see it, right?” Sebastian said with a smile.

“Yes, what’s that?” I asked.

“That if my guess is not wrong is a gem,” Sebastian said with a smirk.

Jewel? For what?

It confused me. What was this all about?

“Did you find anything else?” I asked.

“Still looking into it, when I have, I will let you know,” Sebastian said as he stood up and grabbed the laptop, “If you excuse me now, I have to go, got some meetings.”

With that said, he excused himself, leaving Raphael and me alone.

“Got anything for me?” I asked.

“Just some files, boss,” Raphael said as he set ten files of documents on the desk.

“I’m not leaving today, right?” I asked with a sour face.

“Nope, got work,” Raphael said with a smirk.

“You bastard,” I said as I grabbed the files and started working with Raphael.

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