Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

I followed her. I didn’t care at that moment about her words. I know she might not have meant it. I knew it because she has suffered enough. Following her, I stop when we reach the stairs.

“Allorah, please stop!” I begged, “You can’t go. You don’t even know where you are!”

Allorah stopped. Panting and small sobs escaped her mouth. I could distinguish how tired she was, doing her best to stay standing. My mother and Farah, with the doctors, stood some steps away. We didn’t want to pressure her, but we couldn’t let her go like this.

Deciding what to do, I hear a sudden thud. Lifting my head, I see Allorah fainted.

Running down the last stairs, I grab her and check on her. I was yelling for the doctors to come over. We notice Allorah has a high fever.

“Damn it,” I cursed, “Is it the wound?”

“Yes, they must be opened,” Farah said with concern, “Let’s take her back.”

Nodding, I stood up with Allorah in my arms, and just like Farah told, her wound where open. Blood dripping on the marble floor.

Quickly, with the help of everyone, they started treating Allorah. Worried, I try to stay, but my mother pulls me away.

“Come, Dominique,” my mother said with a stern look, “Let’s talk.”

I followed my mother to the living room. Her face with a frown looked at me.

“Allorah can’t trust us, Dominique; I don’t think she will,” my mother explained, “Could you tell me what she is?”

“What do you mean?” I said.

“Allorah said it herself. We don’t know what she is, and I know she isn’t human. So, what is she?” my mother asked with a stern look, “This is troublesome, so please explain.”

With a sigh, I called my butler, asking him to call Sebastian and Raphael over. It worried me because we genuinely didn’t have enough information about her. We didn’t even know why they had her in the lab.

“We need to be careful. I have a feeling that she isn’t something to take lightly,” my mother said, “Son, may I ask you a question?”

“Yes?” I said with a sigh.

“Are you in love with her?” my mother asked, leaving me baffled.

Love? Was I in love with Allorah? But she was a stranger, and I have never been in love.

“Oh, son,” my mother said with a small smile, “You are in love with her.”

“Mother, what are you talking about?” I asked, confused.

“I thought it was just me seeing things, but Dominique, you haven’t noticed it, right?” my mother said, smiling sweetly, “You are in love with her.”

“I don’t!” I said, almost yelling in embarrassment, “How could I?”

“Dominique Montiel!” my mother said, laughing, “Son, I didn’t know you had this side. You should see your face red like a tomato, son.”

“Stop it, mother!” I said, standing up and turning my back to her.

“It’s ok to be embarrassed, Dom, and it’s ok to be in love,” my mother said as I felt her hand on my back, “Just make sure she knows it.”

I didn’t dare answer her back. I felt so embarrassed that my mother knew of my feelings. But was this love? I was sure it was an attraction, but now that I think of it. I feel my heart skip beats, and every time I’m near her, there’s this urge to touch her.

“Don’t overthink, son, just follow your heart, ok?” my mother said as she hugged me.

A sudden knock made my mother and I turn around. My butler with Sebastian and Raphael came in.

“Good day, Mrs. Montiel,” Sebastian said as he gave a slight bow.

“Glad to see you here, Sebastian. Raphael, welcome,” my mother said smiling, “Now I think we should talk.”

Briefing them what happened earlier. My mind kept wandering back and forth about what my mother said. Were my feelings truly of love?

Once done explaining, Sebastian mentioned that Allorah’s birthplace and personal life didn’t exist. There wasn’t a single file or information about it. They also omitted her age. The strange thing is all the tests they run on her. It’s like they were trying to find or get something from her.

“Is there any video of these tests?” my mother asked.

I look at her, worried. I wasn’t planning on showing her what we have seen; that would be too much for her.

“Mother, that’s not a good idea,” I said, “It would be best to look for more information, maybe from the prisoners?”

“That’s an excellent suggestion,” Raphael said, “But would they know enough? It seems like they were oblivious to certain stuff.”

Raphael was right. A lot of things were a miss. I needed more details.

“How about asking her?” Sebastian suggested.

“Ask her what?” I said, raising my eyebrow.

“Ask her about herself, what happened in that place all that. I think she could tell us,” Sebastian explained, “You could bargain something in exchange.”

“That’s a good idea,” my mother said with a sigh, “I’m worried for her, but it would be the best choice.”

Everyone looked at me. Was that the right choice? I was worried that she might not want to mention anything. It was her privacy, but if I had to bargain with her to get information, I would even if the idea I had in mind wasn’t what I wanted.

We waited outside the bedroom.

Farah hasn’t come out. She was still treating Allorah. Everyone was kind of impatient, and I knew why. Seeing Allorah for the first time was a lot. The only ones who haven’t met her were Erick, Raphael, and Sebastian.

Allorah was a beauty like no other, and I know everyone would be in awe to see her. She was a jewel, and even though she thinks she’s not in my eyes, she is the most beautiful diamond.

Watching the garden from the window, I feel my phone vibrate. Pulling it out of the pocket, I see it’s my grandfather.

“Grandfather?” I said.

“Dominique, how’s everything? Is your mother with you?” my grandfather asked with concern.

“Yes, why?” I asked curiously.

“No, is that she hasn’t answered her phone, and it worried me,” my grandfather said.

My mother and grandfather were united. Even though she wasn’t his daughter, my grandfather loved her like her own. When my father passed away, my mother was the only one to fill that empty void of missing a son in my grandfather’s heart. She was so strong that she didn’t shed a tear at all, but deep down, both Farah and I know she cried during the nights.

Since then, my grandfather became attached to her, and he would worry if my mother didn’t answer his calls.

“Do you want to talk with her?” I asked as I turned and looked at my mother, “She’s here with me.”

“No, I will call her later, just let her know I was worried, and I called,” my grandfather said with a sigh, “I shall leave you.”

With that, he hangs up. I looked at my phone. It was strange to his sudden call, but I know that it worried him. With a sigh, I look back outside. The day turned gloomy, just like my mood. It has been a hectic day. Was I ready for more?

After three hours of waiting, Farah finally came out of the bedroom. Her face looked tired.

“How is she?” my mother asked with concern.

“She is fine, the wounds reopen, but she will be fine. She is awake also,” Farah explained.

“Shall we then?” Sebastian asked as he stood up from the sofa.

“What are you doing?” Farah said as she lifted her hand and stopped Sebastian.

“We need to talk with her,” I said, standing up, “It’s something urgent.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Farah snarled, “She’s not well. Can’t you wait?”

“Wait?” my mother said, “We can’t, Farah, so let us in.”

Farah looked reluctant in letting us in. I know this would affect her, but we needed to learn more about her.

“I have an idea, and I think she will listen,” I explained, “So move, Farah.”

Giving that order out, Farah finally moves to the side. Her face gave away how mad she was. I felt terrible ordering her, but there was no time. Nodding to the others, we all go into the bedroom.

I requested for everyone to leave except Farah. Allorah glared at us with hate. I could see she’s been crying. Carefully I walked towards the bed and took a seat.

“Allorah, we need to talk,” I said as I looked at her, “So please listen to us.”

Allorah scoffed.

“What do you want to know?” Allorah suddenly asked, “Because seeing them here means it’s something you want to know.”

“Yes and no,” I said, “We need to know, but they’re also here because they are worried for you.”

Allorah shakes her head. Looking away, I take that as our queue. Everyone took a seat and waited for me to start.

“Before we start, I want to propose,” I said nervously.

Allorah averted her eyes and studied me. It may be strange, but I had the feeling she could see through me.

“I want you to tell us about you. What happened, who you are, but in exchange, I will let you go,” I stuttered as I looked at the floor.

My mother’s eye never left mine. I know this proposal could go two ways. She would stay, or she would leave. If she decides it’s best to leave, I had no choice but to let go. But was that what I truly desire?

I had never desired things in my life, but if there was one was her. Now I had this wish to keep her close to me. Lock her if possible and never let go.

I had got so lost thinking I didn’t feel her hand on me. Surprised, I look at her, her gaze saying it’s ok. Nodding, I ask her the first question.

“Who are you, Allorah?” I whispered, “What are you?”

Everyone waited for Allorah to answer. Her eyes roamed the room. It was silent, and it was a deadly silence that had everyone on edge. The atmosphere had changed; I could feel it. Allorah body language had changed.

“Who am I? You all know. My name is Allorah. What am I? I’m…” Allorah pounded for a while as she was about to answer, the security team barge into the bedroom.

“Sir, we have intruders, and they are carrying weapons,” the security guard said, worried.

Everyone exchanges look, and I turn and look at Allorah. Her face had turned paler, and she started shuddering.

“Everyone stays here. Sebastian, Raphael, and Erick, come with me,” I ordered, “Lock this room, and no one goes out, ok?”

I started standing up when I felt the grip on my shirt. Snapping my head, I find Allorah with tears in her eyes. It worried her they had come for her, and it bothered me.

“Stay,” Raphael said as he gripped my shoulder, “She needs you.”

“But I need to help,” I said worriedly, “What…

“No, you stay,” Erick said this time as he intervened, “This we can handle it.”

With a sigh, I nodded my head and turned my attention to Allorah. Her tightness on my shirt became stronger. Her breathing became erratic. Moving next to her in bed, I grab her and sit her on my lap. Hugging her softly, I whispered her sweet words.

Farah looked at us worriedly.

“I shall get some calming pills,” Farah said as she headed to a drawer.

We all waited patiently inside the room. I wanted to know what was happening outside. Raphael had several men’s stations outside the room. It surprised me that they dare attack my place. This was unusual also, so it meant they had come for Allorah.

Who was it? I was aware of it. That bastard didn’t want to let go, but I wasn’t planning on letting him do so.

I stayed in bed with Allorah in my arms. She has been nervous to death, and I didn’t enjoy seeing her like this. She was so afraid it pained me. Farah asked her to take some pills, and she did, but it wasn’t helping. Every little sound would make her cringe and gasp. Tears had built upon her eyes, but she was forcing herself not to cry.

“Allorah, look at me,” I said.

Her eyes closed shut of fear. Caressing her face, I make her look at me. She needed to calm down or have a heart attack because of how she was acting. The fear was so big that her body turns cold, and Allorah’s expanded her eyes with fear.

“Allorah?” I whispered close to her ear.

She needed to concentrate on something that would distract her, like a gunshot echoed nearby. Allorah yells. I looked towards the window. Asking Farah to turn the T.V. on, I set the security camera videos up. Glancing through the screens, I see a group of three men on each side of the mansion.

I heard the gunshots near the bedroom side. I ask Farah to call Sebastian over and let him know that this needs to end quickly with a sigh. I look back at the screen. It was a big group of strangers with weapons that surrounded the place, but they had come to the wrong place.

This mansion had high-tech security, and if anything goes wrong, they would inform the base of sending it back up. I had the mansion also set up with a protective protocol in case there was an intruder.

Looking down, I see Allorah’s face buried in my chest. Deciding to calm her nerves, I let the curtains of the bed fall, leaving her and men all alone.

“Allorah, love, I need you to look at me,” I mumbled as I kissed her head.

Allorah didn’t budge. It must scare her to death. Reaching for her chin, I lifted it and looked at her. Silent tears streamed down her red eyes. Her nose was runny and red, but I didn’t mind.

Something got into me the moment I started giving her soft kisses. On her eyes, on her tears, on her cheeks, on her forehead. Allorah began to losing her grip as I slowly continued showering her with kisses. I didn’t wish to stop; I wanted more. Reaching her lips, I stop, finding Allorah looking at me with awe. Her grey eyes were seeing through my hazel ones. She was breathtaking, even crying. I slowly caress her bottom lip. I was tempted to kiss her.

Gulping slowly, I lick my lips. It was just Allorah and me.

All the sound around us turns quiet. Our minds numb. I could feel my body turning hot.

Her eyes never looked away from mine. There was this determination, this desire burning inside. I could feel it. She wanted to kiss me. I don’t know how or what passed by my mind, but I slowly approached her, and just a refreshing autumn breeze, I felt like kissing her on her lips. It was soft and quick.

My mind had gone blank, and all I could see now was her. Unknowingly, her hands went around my neck, and soon we were kissing.

She felt divine. Her plump lips were sweet and refreshing. This was amazing, and I didn’t want it to end. Allorah pressed her body with mine, her breast lightly pushed against my chest. I tried to touch her, feel her, but I had to be careful of her wounds.

I felt Allorah pushing me slowly backward until my back hit the pillows. Without stopping, I kissed her passionately, our tongues intertwined. Just like waves crashing with passion, a desire that was building in us.

As my hands move down her waist, I hear a small moan escape her lips. Breathless, she leans her forehead against mine. I continue pecking her softly. Opening my eyes slowly, I find her face flushed. Eyes closed, she breathed against my lips. I wanted more, so I did and continued kissing her.

I was so engrossed with her we didn’t notice we were all alone in the room. Everyone had left.

After some time, we stop. I could feel our body heat, it had become unbearable, but I wanted more.

“Feeling better?” I asked as I looked at her.

Allorah nodded softly. Pulling her closer than she already was, I kiss her cheeks. Allorah leaned her head on my chest. She was embarrassed, and I found it cute. We stayed silent for a while until I felt her breathing change.

Allorah had fallen asleep in my arms. I smiled as I looked at her. Kissing her forehead one last time, I close my eyes with her in my arms.

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