Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

Words can sometimes come naturally, and sometimes you think it’s the correct thing to say. Now I had regretted saying my feelings. My mother told me to let Allorah know how I felt. Truthfully, I wanted even to shout it, but I barely knew her, and she doesn’t trust me that well. I still don’t understand how I opened my mouth and told her I’d missed her. It was stupid.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was nighttime, and I was a few of them left in the company. Farah called earlier to ask me what happened, but I didn’t want to talk about it.

I was mad with myself, never had I confessed. It was making me feel conflicted and a complete mess. Was this being one side of love?

I kept staring at the clock, debating if to go home.

I hear the phone vibrate. It was Sebastian.

“Dominique, how are you?” Sebastian asked.

“Good news?” I asked, bored.

“Yes, the phone number you asked to get hacked belongs to a woman named Natasha,” Sebastian said.

I knew Natasha. She was troubled; that’s the only way I could describe her.

“Thank you,” I mumble, “You in the house?”

“Yes, I’m with Raphael working for tomorrow’s attack. We prolong it according to your information, so I’m no longer waiting another day,” Sebastian said with a scoff.

“Fine, I should be back in an hour,” I said and hung up.

With a sigh, I get up and grab my things. I was hungry and stopped by and ate near the house.

Arriving at a restaurant, I get down with my men and ask them to join me.

It was an open restaurant. It sold Italian pizza. Four of my bodyguards joined me and had some beers. We talked and laughed while we ate.

Even though I was the boss, most of my men trusted me and felt comfortable around me. I was the same; it was like having friends. I looked around the place and saw several couples hanging out. Allorah came to my mind. With a smirk, I stop thinking about her and drink.

By the time we were heading home, I had ten beers on me. I was dizzy and drunk. My men had to carry me back forcibly to the car. I don’t know what got into me when I got drunk, but this was bliss for me. Letting go of everything.

I heard my men calling my name but ignored them. Hated all, especially me, I felt that darkness linger once again in my mind. I need to have my hands full of blood to kill. Remembering the reason for me being like this gets me angrier.

My father; died a few years ago in the hands of that bastard. The leader of the Dragon Organization was a filthy old bastard that never aged. He had something on him, making it hard for him to get old. All those weird experiments and tests he did on himself and others must have worked somehow.

My father died on his hands while we attacked one of his bases. His primary base now belongs to us. That time my father had given him a surprise attack and captured him. But he ambushed us instead, and several men got hurt and killed my father on the way. Every time I recall his death, it makes me want to kill him more. That revenge will bring nothing but sadness to my family and hatred to my heart.

“Sir, we are here,” one of my bodyguards said as they pulled me out of the car.

I felt my head hurt and everything spin. Feeling that small need to be left alone, I hear one of my companions call Farah. Farah couldn’t see me like this.

“No,” I whispered as I try to lose my arm from their grip, “I’ll go alone.”

Stumbling slowly, I hold myself from the walls and walk away. Everyone stared at me. Slowly, I reach the stairs and go up. I could feel everyone still following me.

Losing my tie, I felt my body hot.

“Sir, let us help you,” someone said.

“No!” I slurred.

I tried to move away but stumbled. Falling on my knees, I try to breathe. Everything throbbed. Closing my eyes, I relax when I feel a soft hand on my cheek. Surprised, wondering who might be, I look up to see white hair.

“Allorah?” I whispered.

I couldn’t understand what they said. Feeling I was about to collapse, I felt muscular arms around me, lifting me.

I felt a cold cloth on my forehead. Groaning, I turned. I was not too fond of the touch. Hearing a sigh, I turn and cover my head. Blinding lights disturbed me awfully.

“Let him be,” I heard a voice say, “He will come around.”

Thinking on the voice of the person. I gasped and surprised myself. My head throbbed awfully and a nauseous feeling built on my stomach.

“Seems you graced us, Mr. Drunker,” Farah said as she stood with a stern look, “What in the world is crossing your mind?”

“Shush, don’t yell,” I said, holding my head, “What time is it?”

“Time it’s ten in the morning, Dominique. Everyone, especially your men, has been worried for you,” Farah said with anger, “Allorah had to help you last night.”

“Allorah?” I asked.

Looking around, I notice I’m on my bed. Eyes wide, I look around for Allorah. She was nowhere.

“W-where is she?” I asked while I stuttered.

“She’s out in the garden with Erick,” Farah explained with a sigh.

Sitting in bed, she hands me a glass of orange juice and two pills. Taking both, I thank her and get up. Walking towards the bathroom, I take a bath. Farah excused herself, and I continued with a shower.

The water dripped down my body as I washed. I was so distracted I walked out of the bathroom with just a towel around my waist. Drying my hair, I head to the closet when I see a shadow. Hearing a small yelp, I turn to find Allorah embarrassed. Her face is red with embarrassment. I had stopped and just stared at her. Her eyes slowly roam down my body. I could see her gulp slowly. Clearing my throat with a smirk, I look at her sweetly. I was affecting her.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were here,” I said, smiling.

Allorah stutters as she tries to form words. Turning around, I laugh softly. She was cute. Walking, I stand behind her. She was shorter than me. Her tiny body fit perfectly with mine.

“Allorah?” I whisper sweetly near her ear, “Allorah, turn.”

“No!” Allorah said out loud, “Um, put some clothes on, please!”

Laughing, I turn and walk away.

“Well, you miss this,” I said as I looked at her watching me over her shoulder.

Changing, I put on a jogger and go out shirtless. I wished to tease her more and couldn’t wait to see her shy side.

“Allorah?” As I saw her standing on the balcony watching the forest, I said, “Are you ok?”

Allorah looked at me. Her face was blushing cutely. Smiling, I stand next to her.

“Thanks for last night,” I said, smiling.

“You… You were drunk,” Allorah said as she looked away, “Is everything ok?”

“Yes, it is now,” I mumble.

Allorah smiled.

I needed to head to the office, but I didn’t wish to leave Allorah alone. Excusing myself quickly, I go to look for Farah.

“Brother?” Farah said as she stopped working on her laptop.

“Is it ok if I take Allorah with me?” I asked as I sat down on the chair, “I mean to the office.”

“You want to take her out? Is that even a good idea?” Farah asked with a frown, “Have you asked her?”

“I’m asking you as her doctor,” I said smiling, “You tell me, and I take her.”

“Look, brother, she may go, but you will have to take care of her. Her body can’t receive too much stress or get hurt. That is my condition,” Farah said with a sigh, “Now ask her if she agrees. I’m fine; if she says no, don’t force her, please.”

Nodding obediently, I get up and kiss her forehead. I ran back to my bedroom to find Allorah combing her hair.

“Would you like to come with me?” I asked as I stand behind her.

Allorah stopped and looked at me with confusion on her face.

“I wished to bring you to my office,” I said, “Would you like to go?”

Allorah’s face lit up. Smiling, I call the butler and ask him to go to the other guest room and bring a black box. I had bought as a gift a nice black dress for Allorah. I was planning to leave it for an occasion, but today felt perfect for her to wear it.

Just in time, my mother walks in. surprised to see me smiling with Allorah, she asks what’s going on.

“I am planning to take Allorah to the company mother,” I said, “Would you mind helping her get ready?”

“It would delight me,” my mother said, clasping Allorah’s hand, “Now leave us and wait downstairs.”

Nodding, I excuse myself and head to get ready.

It’s been twenty minutes, and I was nervous. Feeling like it was a date, I patiently pace the hallway. Staring at my phone, I look up to find my mother and Allorah walking down the stairs.

A smile broke on my face. Allorah looked stunning.

The long black sleeve dress wrapped Allorah’s body perfectly. I had chosen black because it would suit her well with her white hair.

Allorah blushed when she saw me smiling. I couldn’t stop it. My mother undid herself.

She had braided Allorah’s long white hair and put light makeup on her. Allorah wore a pair of silver earrings and a small and simple bracelet.

Playing with her hands, Allorah averts her eyes to the floor.

“Ready?” I asked as I lifted my hand for her to take.

I had called in and let Raphael know Allorah was accompanying me today. I had security double and everything to prepare, including a doctor in case she started feeling sick.

Taking my hand, I guide her to the car.

“Be sure she’s ok,” my mother said as she grabbed my arm, “If she feels uncomfortable or sick, bring her back.”

“No need to worry, I will take care of her,” I said.

Bidding my goodbyes, I kiss my mother’s cheek and get on the black SUV.

Allorah looked outside the window. Her face in complete awe. She stared everywhere. You could see she was excited to explore.

Holding her hand, Allorah turns and smiles.

“If you need anything, let me know, ok?” I said, squeezing her hand in reassurance.

I was planning to make this the best day for her. What she needed the most was to distract herself and stop thinking of her suffering.

Watching her, I keep my eyes on the city on her. I couldn’t wait to show her around.

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