Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

As we drove to the city, Allorah seems excited. Once we reached the city and saw the buildings and bustling people, I had to tell her to close her mouth. Every reaction was too cute for me to control myself. Time in time, I would hug her or get closer to her. She accepted me and appreciated how she felt with me around.

“Would you like to eat somewhere later?” I asked with a smile.

Allorah nodded and continued watching. Twelve minutes later, we arrived at the company.

“This is it,” I said as I pointed out the window and showed her the tall thirty-five-store building.

“This is where you work?” Allorah asked as she looked at me, “You sure I can go in there?”

“Of course,” I said as I kissed her hand, “You can come and be here all you want.”

Allorah blushed slightly and continued looking outside. Letting my men know we had to get down. They open Allorah’s door, and I offer her my hand. Allorah looked nervous. People passing by stared curiously as we all waited for Allorah to get down.

Placing her hand softly on me, I squeeze lightly, reassuring her that everything was alright. All eyes fall on us.

Allorah looked at the ground. She shifted her weight nervously. Smiling, I tell her we need to go in. As expected, all my employees looked at me with surprise, with awe, or a frown. Especially the women that worked here, and I knew they had a crush on me.

It was the first time I brought a woman of my accord to the company. The only two women that visited were my mother and my sister. So, for them, this was sudden.

Chuckling, I stand tall and smile brightly. Allorah clenched my hand and arm. She wasn’t used to people staring at her.

Whispers started spreading as we walked into the elevator. My security team arranged everything, so it seems normal, and Allorah doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, just look at me,” I whispered as I held her chin and smile, “Ignore everyone; they just feel envy because I brought you here.”

“Me?” Allorah asked, “Don’t you usually bring women here?”

Raising my eyebrow, I looked at her with a smirk.

“You are the first woman I bring here,” I said smiling devilishly, “The only one I will always bring, no one else.”

Allorah averted her eyes, and her grip got stronger. I cutely kissed her head, earning glares from the envious woman.

Reaching the last floor, I walk with Allorah side to side. People greeted us, and they stared at Allorah with curiosity. The top floor was my office, the conference room, and most of my people on the floor were men. Only five girls were working on the floor, and they barely even saw me.

“Morning, Mr.Montiel,” my secretary said as his eyes moved to Allorah, “Welcome, you must be Miss Allorah, welcome to Silver Taurus.”

Allorah whispered a thank you shyly. I had noticed that everyone would look at her and be captivated by her beauty. I felt like the luckiest man in the world with her standing next to me.

Opening the door to my office, I ask her to go in. My secretary follows behind. Letting Allorah know she can take a seat. I request some tea and dessert. Nodding, my secretary leaves.

Allorah’s eyes wander outside the window.

“Would you like to see how it looks from here?” I asked.

Allorah nodded and stood up. She walked until she reached the vast window. Laying her hand on top of the window, she looked at the view. Buildings surrounded the place, and the small people rushed to their daily routines.

“Wow,” I heard Allorah whispered.

“You like it?” I said as I stand behind her and put my arms on each side of her body, “I will show you around later. Is that ok?”

“Yes,” Allorah said as her eyes moved around.

A ringing has me distracted. My office phone rang, answering I heard the secretary at the reception telling me that Natasha was heading to my office. I was groaning, ruffling my hair, and calling security.

Allorah turns and looks at me. My face with anger. A bang on the door has Allorah jumping in fear. As it opens, I see Natasha walking seductively in, reaching my table. She leans in and, smiling, whispers a good morning.

“I warn you, Natasha, not to come over again,” I said furiously.

“Oh, Dominique, please,” Natasha said as she walked around and leaned against the desk.

Natasha hasn’t noticed Allorah standing on the side. Her eyes on me. I averted my gaze and looked at Allorah, staring in shock. She was nervous.

“Get out!” I order, but Natasha just giggles.

“Listen, I brought a proposal,” Natasha said as she showed me a file, “Look at it, that’s all I’m asking.”

Leaning closer to me, I glare at Natasha. Worried that Allorah could misunderstand, I glare at her and grab her from the arm.

“Last time. Security is outside,” I said as my hold on her got stronger, “I’m not interested in anything your father has.”

“Really?” Natasha said as she pushed me away and sat on my lap.

We heard a gasp, and Natasha turned to look where it came from. Allorah covered her mouth, scared. But what surprised me more was Natasha’s horrified face. She had not noticed Allorah, and now she looked embarrassed and horrified.

“Off NOW!” I yelled as I got up and held her arm, “Leave!”

“This… Who is this?” Natasha asked as she yanked her arm away, “Who is this bitch!”

“WATCH YOUR MOUTH!” I yelled angrily, “Don’t you dare disrespect her!”

Natasha frowned and scoffed. Walking over to where Allorah was, I see Natasha raise her hand.

“You Bitch!” Natasha yelled, but her arm didn’t reach Allorah.

Standing right between them, I grab her wrist and squeeze until she groans in pain.

“Touch her, and I won’t be responsible for what happens,” I said near her ear, “You don’t touch her. Are we clear?”

Natasha looked at me with fear. Her eyes looked between a scared Allorah that stood behind me. Calling for security, I see them walk in and drag Natasha out.

Calming myself down, I wait for the door to close and turn to look at Allorah. Her face was paler than what she already was. I tried holding her, but she flinched to my touch. Her fear was making her afraid of me.

“Sorry, sorry,” I whispered as I hold her face, “Sorry about that, it’s that she’s stubborn, but nothing is going on.”

Allorah moved away from my touch until her back hit the window. Dejected, I looked down and sigh.

“Look, ignore her. It’s not the first time she comes. Every time is the same; she comes because they want me to check out a proposal. Her father is a leech, and he plans to entangle his daughter and me, but I know what his scheme is, so please,” I said as I extended my hand.

Observing Allorah, I see her relax. Her tense body started to relax a bit. Reaching for her, I hug her. Allorah arms go around me, making sure it does not injure her wounds. I ask her to follow me to the sofa.

Taking a seat, she sighs.

“Sorry for all this, really,” I said as I held her hands, “Hope this doesn’t ruin your mood.”

“It’s… It’s ok…” Allorah mumble.

I felt terrible knowing that Allorah’s ruined her mood because of my negligence. I had planned everything but forgot that someone could come at any moment and destroy it.

Bringing her hand to my lips, I kiss them softly.

“What can I do for you to feel better?” I asked as I moved closer to her.

Allorah eyed me with embarrassment. Her cheeks red, tempting me to kiss her. Unable to control my urge, I lean and kiss her forehead. Allorah grasped my hand, drifting. I lower my lips to her eyes, her cheeks, her jaw, her chin. Her breathing erratic makes me stop when I’m in front of her lips. Opening her eyes slowly, Allorah stares at me.

“Dominique?” Allorah breathes.

“Can I kiss you?” I asked as my eyes stayed on her.

Biting her lips, Allorah looks at me. My eyes roamed her lips, the slight gesture making her plump pink lips redder. Gulping, I slowly approach her, and like a slight breeze passing by, our lips touch.

Unable to hold her longer, I kiss her. Kissing me back, she puts her hands over my chest. Our lips and tongues were fighting for the need we felt. My hand circling her waist, carefully pulls her until she’s on my lap.

“Your beautiful,” I whispered sweetly.

We both were so concentrated that a small cough made us stop and embarrassed. I turn and look at who’s in the office. Allorah hid her face in my neck.

“Grandfather?” I said, surprised.

“Sorry to interrupt,” my grandfather said as he coughed and looked away.

Massaging my temple, I ask him to come in. Hugging Allorah, I kiss her softly on the shoulder.

“Allow me to introduce someone to you,” I whispered near her ear.

Allorah peeks to the side. Her face was red like a tomato, and I adored it.

“Come on, don’t be shy,” I said, smiling.

Nodding, Allorah raised her head and played with her hands.

“Allorah, this is my grandfather,” I said as I introduced them, “Grandfather, this is Allorah.”

A smile spread over Allorah’s face as she looked at me, smiling.

“N-Nice to meet you,” Allorah said with a slight nod, “I heard a lot about you from Farah.”

My grandfather stood quietly, his eyes in a daze as he looked at Allorah. He had the effect we all had.

“Grandfather?” I said, laughing, “Are you ok?”

“W-What?” grandfather stuttered.

My grandfather kept looking between Allorah and me.

“She’s a beauty,” my grandfather said as he approached us, “May I?”

Allorah looked at my grandfather’s hand. Smiling, she lay her hand on his. A small smile on my grandfather’s face warmed my heart.

“You truly are beautiful. Now I understand why Dominique is head over heels for you, my dear,” my grandfather said, making me scoff.

Allorah giggled and looked at me with eyes full of love. I had to make her trust me and make her fall for me. I had all the desire in the world to make her mine no matter what. That craving and desire were more assured than it would ever be.

“I know. She’s breathtaking,” I mumble as I move a hair strand from her face, “So tell me, how can I help you?”

Taking a seat, my grandfather asks me about Sebastian. Allorah stayed on my lap and silently heard us talk about intercepting another of the compounds. Mentioning what we were doing and what was inside the compound made Allorah flinch. I could feel her body tense once again.

“You’re leaving tonight, right?” my grandfather asked as he stood up, “And no need to stand up, stay.”

“Yes, and thank you. We are leaving tonight. I have my team ready and have a last-minute meeting in an hour,” I briefly explained.

“Good, then. Be safe and catch him,” my grandfather said as his eyes move and he stares at Allorah, “She needs you, so take care of her.”

With that, my grandfather bid his goodbye, and I lean against the sofa with Allorah.

“You tired?” I asked.

“No, why?” Allorah asked curiously.

“I was planning to bring you to the meeting. What do you say?” I asked, intrigued to hear her answer.

Allorah frowned, and I could see the wheels on her brain working.

“Is it ok for me to be there?” Allorah asked.

“Yes, Erick and Sebastian will be there,” I explained.

Nodding her head with a serious look, Allorah says yes. As they brought desserts and tea in, we enjoyed our last hour eating and talking.

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