Goddess of the Diamond

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Allorah POV

I was excited to come to the city. I had always dreamed of visiting. Even I felt uncomfortable. With Dominique next to me, I somehow felt comfortable. He made me feel at home. I always wonder why, but there was something on him that made me feel at ease.

What I never expected was to meet someone who would ruin the mood. That woman Natasha looked at me like she could kill me. The feeling of being useless made me feel worse. I couldn’t let Dominique take care of me always. Somehow I had to find a way.

We headed to the meeting Dominique was having. On the way, we met with Sebastian and Erick. A small smile played on Erick’s lips as he saw me standing next to Dominique. Nervously, I take a seat as Dominique starts his meeting. Everyone present stared at me with awe; some had warm smiles.

“Very well, men, we are planning to attack the second compound tonight. Hope everyone is ready for this,” Erick roared, “Now the president will give some orders out.”

Dominique walked to the front, and standing tall, he started giving orders out. I listen tentatively. Curiosity is getting the best of me.

“We will divide two teams. One will go with CEO Sebastian and another team with me. We will have twenty men. Remember, if he’s there, stops him, no matter how,” Dominique said as he watched everyone, “Raphael will wait with a team on the outskirts in case we need backup, but as always, we do this silently and quickly are we clear?”

“Yes, Sir!” the entire room said at once.

“Now, we should see the compound’s blueprints and check entrances. CEO Sebastian will guide us through,” Dominique said as he nodded.

Carefully I watched at the board where they displayed some images. I frowned when I saw the compound.

“Team one will be on the north side, and team two will enter through the east side. All teams should be camouflage, and we will carry weapons, but let’s try to make this the quietest possible,” Sebastian explained, “All men carry four guns and three blades.”

I continue listening, but the more I look at it, the more strange I find it. Without asking permission, I spoke.

“Wouldn’t it be best if both teams go from the back?” I said, earning glares from everyone.

Surprised, I looked down and apologized.

“What do you mean?” Erick asked with a frown.

“I… It’s that if you want to enter quickly and without being noticed, I think the entrance on the south would be the best choice, don’t you see?” I said, pointing to the board.

“Can you please explain better?” one of the men asked.

Averting my eyes, I look at Dominique. Nodding, I take a deep breath.

“On the blueprint of the compound, the south entrance has vents. A team could go up and the other down from the back. And if a team of twenty men is joining, it would be best to divide it into four instead of two. I think you will have a better advantage. Not only that, but the forest is right behind, while walls cover the other sides. If an emergency comes to happen, it would be an advantage to escape and hide in the trees,” I said as everyone looked at me in shock.

I averted my eyes. The glares make me uncomfortable.

“Now that you mention that, it makes more sense,” one man said.

“Yes, actually, it’s an advantage if a team goes through the vents,” another man said with a smile.

“Exactly, and the backup team could wait on the outskirts of the forest,” Sebastian said as he rubbed his chin.

“Seems we will need to change the plan then,” Dominique ordered with a smile, “Let’s redo this quickly and come back in an hour. Have the list of weapons ready and who will be in the teams. Meeting adjourned.”

Everyone rose and started leaving the room. I sat in the chair nervously.

“It seems we have a new member,” Erick said as he ruffled my hair.

Looking up, I see Raphael, Sebastian, and Erick looking at me with smiles.

“Never thought you knew about this,” Sebastian said, “We will need to listen to your opinions more, Right Dominique?”

Dominique walked with a mischievous smile.

“Now, let’s prepare,” Dominique said, “I have a date to assist.”

Grabbing my hand, Dominique pulls me. I looked over my shoulder. Small smiles played on the three men standing behind.

“Where are we going?” I asked, turning my attention to Dominique.

“Somewhere you will love,” Dominique said as the elevator door opened, and we got in.

We have been traveling for ten minutes. It made me curious to know where we were heading to watching a small building come up. I see Dominique get down and offer his hand. Taking it, I slowly get down.

“Let’s go,” Dominique said with a squeeze on my hand.

We walked into a small store full of jewelry. Why did he bring me here?

“Good day, Mr.Montiel. What can we do for you?” A woman said as she looked at Dominique happily.

“I need the best necklaces you have for her,” Dominique said as he looked down at me, “Diamonds if possible.”

“Wait, um, Dominique!” I said, gripping his arm, “Don’t.”

“Relax,” Dominique said with a kiss on my cheek, “Just let me give you a small gift, ok?”

The woman standing before us looked at me with surprise.

“Excuse me, Mr. Montiel,” the woman said, “Diamonds?”

“Is there a problem?” Dominique said, turning serious.

“Um, none,” the woman said and excused herself.

“You were amazing,” Dominique said with a smile as we took a seat, “Didn’t know you had the experience.”

“I don’t. It was just logic,” I explained, “Sorry to make things difficult.”

“No way. Your idea was amazing, thank you,” Dominique said as he kissed my forehead.

“Mr. Montiel, here are the necklaces,” the woman said as they set a box down on the table.

My eyes roamed over the black velvet box. Stopping, I look at one in particular. I felt Dominique’s eyes on me.

“You like that one?” Dominique asked with curiosity.

“Um, no, I just…” I stutter.

Grabbing the box, Dominique pulls the necklace out slowly. I watched as he observed it.

“This one is called the Diamond Tear. It’s a single Diamond in the form of a teardrop. The necklace is white gold, twenty carats. It’s a unique one in the world,” the woman explained briefly.

Dominique raised his hand. Silently, I stare at the Diamond. Somehow my head started pounding. Groaning in pain, I held my head.

“You alright?” Dominique asked worriedly.

“Yes,” I mumble.

Closing my eyes, I try to calm the pounding in my head. Feeling Dominique close, I look up. Dominique leaned in and was doing something on my neck.

“There,” Dominique said as I frown at him, “It looks beautiful.”

Grabbing me by the shoulders, we walk over and stand in front of a mirror.

“Look,” Dominique said as my eyes landed on the necklace on my neck.

The small Diamond was glistening under the mirror lights. It was beautiful.

“Wow,” I breathe.

“I will take this, charge it to my account,” Dominique said as his eyes stayed on me, “Shall we go?”

Nodding, we give our thanks and head back to the company.

The ride to the company was silent. Dominique held my hand all the way. Once arriving, we headed up to the meeting.

I was taking a seat back again. I listen again to what they are saying. The mentioning of weapons has me thinking. But deciding to keep it to myself, I stay quiet.

“That would be all,” Sebastian said as the meeting ends.

“You ok?” Dominique asked, making me jump.

“Uh yes… sorry,” I whispered.

Dominique frowned. Excusing himself, he leaves me alone.

“You alright?” I heard Erick as he approached me, “May I?”

Nodding, Erick sits next to me.

“What is bothering you?” Erick asks with concern, “There’s something on that mind.”

“Nothing,” I spat.

I wasn’t ready to say anything. Smiling nervously, I hear Raphael call for Erick. Biding his goodbyes, I stay seated. A while later, Dominique came back.

“Let’s head out. It’s lunchtime, and I made reservations at a restaurant,” Dominique said, smiling, “You sure you ok? You look like something is bothering you.”

“I’m fine…” I stuttered.

Standing up, I feel a sudden pain in my head again. Groaning, I held my head.

“Allorah?” Dominique asks, feeling his hands on my arms, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, please don’t worry,” I said, shaking my head, “Let’s go.”

Dominique furrowed his eyebrows. He was concerned, but I didn’t wish to ruin the time we had here. With a sigh, Dominique walks with me back to the elevator.

Twenty minutes had passed, and we were heading out of the city. It made me curious to know where we were heading to.

Feeling a hand on mine, I turn and look at Dominique. Tender eyes were watching me worriedly.

“I’m worried. Are you fine?” Dominique asked with worry.

“Yes,” I said, squeezing his hand, “It will pass.”

Dominique watched me like a hawk. His arm goes around my shoulder and waist. Hugging me lightly, I smile.

We stayed like that until we reached the restaurant.

Surprised by the place we were, I watched in awe at the building. A three-story building with vines of plants covering its wall stood tall. The site was mostly glass, giving this old vintage vibes. It enamored me.

“Welcome,” a cheerful voice said, “Mr. Montiel, we welcome you to Eden Restaurant.”

The man with a suit bowed, smiling at us.

“We are eating here?” I asked.

“Yes, do you like it?” Dominique asks.

A smile spread across my face. Nodding happily, Dominique walks with me inside.

The attendant guided us to a small table outside. I smiled brightly at my surroundings.

The place was a complete garden. Taking a seat, I keep my eyes on the flowers.

“We can walk around the place,” Dominique said as my grey eyes landed on his.

“Sure,” I said, smiling.

“Tell me what’s on your mind?” Dominique suddenly asks, taking me by surprise, “I know you wished to tell me something. So say it, I will do anything for you, Allorah,”

“It’s nothing,” I said, laughing nervously.

“You still can’t trust me?” Dominique mumble.

Eyes wide, I look at him. His eyes waver as they felt hurt.

“It’s not that…” I mumble, “I…”

“You what, Allorah? Tell me,” Dominique said, reaching for my hand, “I’m here for you.”

Taking a deep breath, I tell him.

“Train me,” I said thoughtfully, “I want to be stronger, so help me become stronger.”

“What?” Dominique said, surprised, “Train you, like what?”

“Train me to be a soldier, someone like you,” I said determinedly.

“Wait, Allorah, that… I can’t,” Dominique said as he let go and lean on the chair with a sigh, “It’s dangerous. I can protect you.”

“But I don’t wish to be protected by you,” I thundered, “I want to help you. Stand equally. I’ve been useless all this time. All my suffering, everything, I need to change it. So please,” I begged.

Dominique looked conflicted with what I asked him.

“Just give me a chance,” I mutter, “One!”

My eyes brimmed with unshed tears. Dominique shakes his head.

“Let me think about it, ok?” Dominique said as the conversation ended.

I looked away. All I wanted was to be stronger. Was it too much to ask? I had to suffer enough; what I wanted now was stronger no matter how long it takes.

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