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Goddess of the Diamond

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Blood dripping into the fountain.

I tried seeing what the future holds, but it’s all hazy. Sitting at the edge of the fountain, I look over the humans who roam the earth. It’s a pleasant view, so much happening. Yearning for a life like that is all I can do.

Smiling softly, I keep looking at each of them. As my eyes moved across the water, I found a family. They have a wealthy future. An heir being born. Who might that person be? He looks promising to me.

“Checking on the humans, I see,” a soft voice said.

I looked over my shoulders. Then, smiling, I turn and keep watching everyone.

“You know you shouldn’t use your blood like that,” the soft voice said, “It worries me it would cause you harm.”

The person sat next to me.

Watching the fountains. Grabbing a hair strand, he brings it to his lips and kisses it.

“Won’t you say something?” the soft voice whispered in my ear.

Giggling, I turn and look at him. He was beautiful. The person next to me was the person I love.

My partner. My husband.

“I won’t get hurt,” I said as I lean and kiss him on the lips, “Not when you’re with me.”

His hands drift, caressing my face.

“How could I let my love get hurt?” he said as he kissed me, “I would let nothing happen to you… ever.”

An ever that never came; because he was ripped away from me, like a bug flying by.

All I could ever do was watch. Watch as each one of the persons I love got killed right in front of me. I could not scream or move. I watch as he whispers his last I love you.

Tears flowed down my face like cascades. Looking away, I cry, watching the love of my life get beheaded.

I couldn’t believe I once dream of becoming human. All I ever saw were lies. How naïve of me.

Weak of being thrown around. I finally lose consciousness. Was this the end for me? Was this the way I was going to die? All because I was some-being that would bring light to this world that it was only full of darkness and nothing more.

Bright light blinding my eyes. Where was I?

Opening my eyes well, I tried to move but couldn’t. Was I alive?

Everything around me was strange. I didn’t recognize this place. I tried to speak, but my voice didn’t come out. It was when I noticed I was naked and tied. My mouth gagged with some elastic. I felt like a dog tied with no escape. It reminds me of those times I saw people being slaves and tortured to death. Was that going to happen to me?

I try to struggle, to break myself free, but it was in vain. A person with a white robe suddenly approached me. He was handsome. Long blond hair. And eyes blue as the ocean. He leaned closer to me and smiled. It was a smile that gave me the chills. A smile that told me I wouldn’t like what was about to happen.

Taking out a needle, the man in the white robe leaned. I got scared. What was he going to do? Was this to kill me?

The man laughed as he closed his hand to my neck. I struggled, I sobbed and tried to scream, but no one would hear me. Why was I so pathetic?

Finally, feeling the sharp needle in me, I felt a burning sensation eating my skin up. I screamed as loud as I could. The pain was unbearable. I felt my body’s nerves acting up. A strange sensation I would not desire to anyone. Being too much for me to bear, I lose consciousness slowly. The last thing I could remember was the words he whispered to my ear.

“Welcome, Goddess of the Diamond.”

That’s how my life started, with no ending to the pain. I don’t recall how long I’ve been in this place. But every day, there would be something new to try. I had lost emotions, sight, and my mind. I was only a walking corpse who was dying slowly.

An unrecognizable version of me.

All this torture had become part of my daily life. The same man would come and take me to somewhere new. He said I had to give him what I had, but what did he truly want?

When I never answered, he would whip me, burn me, inject me with every type of poison. Lock me, let his men torture my body until they felt they had enough. I couldn’t even cry or try to scream for help. I realized long ago that no one would come for me.

Until one day, I thought I was having a break. But how wrong I was. The blonde man took me away. It was a long trip to somewhere I couldn’t see. They locked me in a dark box, and all I heard was the car’s sound. I had hoped that maybe I was going to be free or finally see my end.

But no, I laid down on the dirt ground that smells like urine and blood.

I recall the times I spent with my beloved one. There hasn’t been a day where all I can think is of him. I missed him, my people, my family.

I found it unfair. Why did only I survive? What did I have that the others didn’t? Was it my power?

The man in the white robe never told me. The only time he would speak was when he asked me questions. Questions that I had declined to answer, earning a painful punishment.

Shuffling on the cold ground, I keep thinking about how I would die. I looked terrible enough. Time has taken away the beauty that I once behold. It’s been days, months, even years. I didn’t even know how I looked anymore. It’s been so long that I lost track of time.

Closing my eyes, I let my body relax. I’ve suffered enough. I just wanted to fall asleep and never wake up. Was there no one to save me?

A sudden pain had me waking up. I groaned and screamed. I see I’m upside down. What was happening?

The feeling of being cut open had my mind going hazy. I started feeling dizzy.

“Don’t let her fall asleep!” I heard the same man say.

What were they doing now?

As time passed by, I finally felt calm.

I pant as I felt my back-breaking. I tried to look at the side, but I could barely move. Shaky breaths came out of my mouth. I was hurt, and I had lost countless blood.

A tight grip on my hair has my tears rolling. The tears I thought I had lost.

“Now time to get up,” the man in the white robe said.

Two other men picked me up and carried me. I tried lifting my head to see where I was going. To my surprise, I see a big long tube. Was I going to be put inside there?

I panicked.

The place looked terrible. Musky and greenish water awaited me. Was I going to be dissected?

Struggling with the bit of force I had, I kicked. Every movement makes me weaker.

“Get her in!” the man yelled.

With all I had, I kicked and struggled. Why was I so useless?

Finally, as I felt their hands lose away. I hit for a run, but it was useless. I didn’t even reach the door. My body had stopped moving on its own.

What was this I was feeling? I had no control over my body.

“Don’t think you can escape,” the man said as he got closer, “You will never escape from my hands.”

I glared at the man with all the hate I could muster. But then, a slap on my face has me shocked. Of course, I should already be used to this, but why was I so surprised?

“Look bitch. You are under my rules, Ok?” the man said as he gripped my chin tightly, “You die in my hands when I tell you. Your whole being will only belong to me, remember that.”

Throwing me to the side, he kicks me in my rib cage. I gritted my teeth. I hated being alive. Why was I even getting punished like this? Were the gods so cruel to let one of their own suffer until she could no longer survive?

“Pick her and throw her inside,” the man ordered.

Deciding that I should stop struggling, I let the men carry me. Walking into the huge tub, I see the water inside. A strange smell wanders in the air, like toxic. Letting go of me, I fall into the enormous tube. Water suffocates me as I try to fight for survival. As my lungs filled with water, I gag. Hands-on my neck, trying to fight for the oxygen I could no longer breathe. Banging for the last time on the glass of the tube, I felt my senses fade away. Was this a farewell? Was this the last time I would see this cruel world?

I, the Goddess of the Diamond, sworn to bring light and love?

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