Goddess of the Diamond

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Allorah POV

I felt overwhelmed. I was feeling too much for myself. Unable to be in the same place, I get down the car once we arrive and head up to the bedroom, locking myself in the bathroom. All these emotions were making me sick and dizzy.

I stare at myself in the mirror. A monster was all I thought. Angrily I pulled the dress off that felt suffocating against my skin—removing my makeup and washing. I stare at the person right in front of me: a stranger, a monster, a being that shouldn’t exist. My mind was a mess. I tried breathing to calm myself, but it was too much.

I started scratching my skin furiously, pulling at the scars that reminded me of all the suffering, the pain, the loss. Engrossed, I felt my mind drift into a place full of darkness. Feeling numb, I look at the mirror and break it. A hand was full of scratches and blood. Grabbing shards, I cut myself, pulling the bandages off.

Unconsciously, I cut my entire body, the wrist of my hands, and my back. Deep wounds started oozing blood.

The marble floor got covered in red. I looked better, felt better.

Staring at the person who was me, the slight pounding in my head returned. Groaning, I held my head with one hand. A suffocating feeling building in me as the pain becomes unbearable to the point of making my chest hurt. A burning feeling spread across my body. Moving backward, I fall to the floor. Blood started flowing out of my nose like rivers. The burning sensation turned into crouching pain. This was hell. Standing up, I turned the water on, filling the tub. I needed to cool down. Shaky hands reach for the edge of the tub, and I cough blood out.

I was drowning in my blood. Tears streamed down my face. Finally, I reached the tub and got in. A small help left my mouth, and the next thing I hear is Farah yelling as I felt my body fall into oblivion.

Weakness took over, and I couldn’t open my eyes, but I felt him, Dominique. His grip on me and his yells made me know he was worried for me. I couldn’t recall what happened anymore as I finally let the darkness consume me completely.

Opening my eyes weakly, I look at the ceiling. A small gasp of air entered my mouth.

“Relax, please,” I heard Farah say as her hands caress my face.

Moving my face away from her touch, I tried to sit up. All my body hurts. A sob escaped, and I sat up.

“You need to lay down, please, Allorah,” Farah begged.

“How long have I been out?” I asked, ignoring her.

“Enough time to make everyone worried,” I heard an older voice say.

Looking up, I find Dominique’s mother with a stern look. She looked angry.

As she opened her mouth, a red blaring sound started pounding all over the house.

Everyone looked at each other.

“Mom?” Farah whispered as she handheld her blouse.

Dominique’s mother walked towards the door.

“The house is going to lock down Ma’am, Stay in, and don’t come out,” the guards outside the door ordered.

A feeling crept up to me as the realization hit me; he came for me. Standing up with all the pain, I run towards the balcony; as I open it, I hear gunshots.

“Allorah!” Farah yelled as she pulled me.

My hands reached back towards the glass door. I saw him standing with a smirk and a gun in his hand. The people in the room with me decided it was no time to cower. I couldn’t let him hurt them because of me.

Standing up, I grab a robe and put my flats on.

“Allorah, what are you doing?” I hear a nervous Farah ask as she stands a few feet away from me.

I remember that in the walking closet, Dominique had some guns. I heard him mention to Erick to keep them inside in case something happened. I pretended that night to ignore them, but I looked where they were.

Walking towards the closet, I find the hidden safe on the floor. Opening the safe, I pull out two guns and ammunition.

“Allorah?” Farah asks with a gasp, “You, you’re not planning to go out there, right?”

Ignoring her, I walk out and towards the door.

“STOP!” Farah yells, “ARE YOU CRAZY! YOU CAN’T”

“I can,” I said.

Dominique’s mother stood some feet away watching, a nervous look on her.

“I won’t let him hurt you, people, because of me. It’s because of me so that I will deal with it,” I said as I turn around, “You don’t deserve to die for me, so thank you for everything.”

Farah and Dominique’s mother yelled for me, but I ordered the guards to stop them. Running down the hall, I muster all the strength I had left. It was my fault.

I stood nervous behind the stairs as I heard gunshots closer. It was no time to be afraid. I thought back to my request; I asked Dominique to strengthen me. A small laugh escaped my mouth as I felt sad, knowing that maybe that would not happen.

Seeing the bastard walking in, I shoot. His body fell with a thud.

The adrenaline was rushing through my body. Moving quickly, I run and start shooting. I had killed three men. Never did I expect to do this.

Finally reaching the mansion entrance, I stop. No one was in sight, or so I thought.

A click made me gasp, scared.

“Wow, never expected to see you doing this,” he whispered.

I felt the gun on my head, his hand on my waist, as his grip got tighter.

“Nice to see you again, my goddess,” he whispered as he leaned closer to my ear, “It’s been a while Allorah, you don’t have an idea how I have missed you.”

Turning around, I try to point the gun, but it’s slipped away from my hand.

“No, my dear,” he retorted, “This is not a warm welcome, you know. So how about we start all over again?”

Grabbing my hair, he pulls me forward.

“Nice to meet you, Allorah. My name is Stefan. I never told you my name, right? Well now, you know, and please don’t forget it!” Stefan said as he slapped me with the back of the gun on my face.

Falling to the ground, I hold my cheek. The pain is too much for me to take. I was already weak.

“Shall we leave?” Stefan asked as his eyes wide excitedly, “Oh, but before we go, we have a small job to finish.”

Understanding, I threw myself to him and begged him to let them go.

“I-I will go, but please let them go,” I begged, “I will go; just do nothing to them, please.”

I had lowered myself once again. I was begging the person who was my dismissal. Kneeling, he looks at me and grabs my chin forcing me to look at him.

“I love this side. Fine, let’s go,” Stefan said as he started dragging me away.

I turn and look up one last time. Farah and her mother stood with tears as they watched me being dragged back to a car. A small smile was all I could give them as the car door shut on my face.

Dominique’s POV

The attack on the compound was easier than expected. That bastard was nowhere, but we had a lot of clues. It seems they knew we were coming because they deleted data. As I looked around on some files, a desperate Raphael ran into the lab.

“Dominique!” Raphael said, panicking.

“What’s the matter?” I asked as everyone else stared at him.

“T-The mansion, T-They attacked the mansion, they took Allorah,” Raphael stuttered.

Dropping what was on my hands, I rushed out—Erick and Sebastian right behind me. Ordering for a few men to join us, we head immediately back home.

I felt my heart pounding about to escape my rib cage. Panicking, I yelled for them to go faster. We were three hours away from the mansion.

The driving back home was frustrating. I had put my anger out and even had a small fight with Erick inside the car.

Watching the perimeter, I notice men moving bodies. As worries crept into my heart, I got out of the car and ran inside. Raphael’s voice on the back. I hurriedly ran up, and I barged into the room. I found everyone seated down. Farah and my mother looked up when they noticed me.

“Dominique!” my mother said as she ran and hugged me, “Thank god you’re fine.”

“Are you guys ok?” I asked, worried as I looked up and down, checking them.

“We are… but Dominique they…” my mother stuttered.

I looked up and started checking the bedroom. Allorah was all my mind had.

“Where is she?” I asked as I walked towards the bed, “WHERE IS SHE?”

I was getting out of control.

“He took her,” my mother whispered as Farah let a sob out.

Stammering, I tried to pull myself but felt all those words just hit me like a blow on the face.

Holding myself from the bedpost, I try to laugh.

“Lies…” I mumble.

“No, son!” my mother said as she reached for my face and made me look at her,” Allorah protected us, and she went with him. She said she didn’t want us to die for her. She took your guns and left. We saw when he took her.”

“Guns?” I said, confused.

“Y- yes, the ones o-on the closet,” Farah said between tears.

Running back towards the closet, I checked the safe, but the guns were in their place. Realizing what she took, I kneel and open the safe on the floor.

“Fuck,” I cursed and ran out of the bedroom, “Raphael?”

“Yes?” Raphael said as he stood down on the stairs.

“Get your computer. I need you to track the silver guns,” I ordered.

“Why?” Raphael asked, confused, “Those guns.”

“Just do as I say!” I yelled angrily.

Raphael grabbed a laptop from one of the guards and started tracking. A frown formed on his face.

“Impossible,” Raphael mumbled.

Standing behind him, I look at the screen.

“Get a team now! We are heading out; it’s time to save Allorah,” I ordered.

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