Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

My team of ten-headed with me to track down the bastard and bring Allorah back, my heartfelt it was going to run out of my rib cage. A suffocating feeling making me feel like I had lost Allorah forever, but thankfully Allorah was bright.

The guns she had taken were my unique and only one version of pure silver guns with special bullets. Allorah was smart enough to take them and take the extra ammunition. If we could track them, it meant she still had them on her. Hopefully, that bastard wouldn’t be able to find them soon.

The GPS pointed that they were headed north. Were they running out of the city again?

Every second was crucial because we never knew when he would realize Allorah carried a tracker on her body.

“How far?” I heard Raphael ask the driver, “We need to get closer.”

“Maybe five more minutes,” the driver said.

We were in three different cars, armed with weapons and ready to rescue the damsel in distress. I swear I would kill him tonight, even if we needed a blood bath.


Allorah’s POV

We had been driving for what felt like an eternity. We were on the outskirts of the city; all I could see were fields of trees. I hoped everyone was okay, and I felt terrible leaving like that, but I would let nothing happen to them because of me. It was all my fault.

Since we left Dominique’s house, we have been silent. My hands got handcuffed, and I just observed quietly. The bastard whose name was Stefan ignored me entirely like I wasn’t even in the car?

His men said nothing, and this stressed me more. Thankfully, I had one gun with me still on. I hoped he wouldn’t find it. I needed to find an opening before he realized I was scheming something. I know I was risking my life, but I didn’t care. This needed to end.

“We are here, sir,” I heard one of the soldiers in the front say.

Stefan nodded, and soon the cars stopped. Worried, I looked around, but a sudden push had me getting out of the vehicle. Gasping because of the pain, I feel a grip on my arm dragging me.

Two Black SUVs waited on the road. Men with guns stood tall, waiting for orders. I panicked, knowing this was a different plan.

“Take her in that car. We shall divert anyone, and we shall meet back on the lab,” Stefan said without sparing me a glance.

They were shoving me inside one of the cars. I see how he takes the other car and leaves. I found it more relaxing because it was just three other men and me. I had to reach for the gun hidden under my robe.

“Try nothing, bitch,” one of the soldiers said as he pointed his gun.

Panicking, I nodded. I was so useless that I even felt disappointed. I could feel my body trying to surrender, all the pain and anguish finally hitting me. I scooped myself on the corner of the seat, ignoring everyone. As the car drove back to a different location than the others, I panicked. We had taken a turn in the forest, but why?

How could anyone know where I was?

Hyperventilating, I suddenly hear a groan.

“Stop it bitch!” one of the soldiers yelled as he yanked my hair, “You’re making too much noise, and it’s annoying. If you don’t shut up, I will knock you off.”

He glares at me with a look that said he was serious. I turn my head and try to think of something. Noticing outside the window that there was a cliff, I had a sudden idea. It would risk my life, but at the moment, I had no choice. Carefully not to be noticed, I reached under my robe. My eyes looked at each of them. Being careful enough, I pull the gun and take a deep breath. I point it at the driver and shoot him.

I heard cursing as the gun made its shot. The bullet was hitting on the driver’s arm. We were so close to the cliff that I just needed a push. So jumping up, I grab the driver and make him turn the wheel.

Everything was a blur. Screams erupted, and I embraced myself. Tears flowed, and a sorry left my lips. A tremendous bang and crashing were all I heard before my head hit against the window, and I lost consciousness.


Dominique’s POV

Sudden pain in my chest has me gasping for air.

“What’s wrong?” a panicked Raphael asked as he held my shoulders.

I had an ominous feeling. The only thing that came to my mind was Allorah, and just in time, I heard Raphael curse.

“What?” I breathed.

His face contorted in anger.

“The tracking is lost,” Raphael mutters.

“Hurry, we need to reach there now!” I ordered.

It took us ten more minutes to finally reach a cliff hidden in the forest. Running out of the car, I ran, trying to find any clues, the gun, anything. Nothing, but as I noticed wheel tracks, I followed them and stopped. A shudder ran across my body as I registered what happened.

The wheel tracks ended on the cliff.

“No way!” I heard Sebastian say as he stands right next to me, “Get a drone down now!”

Feeling tears down my face, I let my weak legs give up. It wasn’t possible. That was all my mind could register. I tried looking down, but the darkness didn’t allow.

Noticing two drones fly past us, I wait for any confirmation of a car. I didn’t want it to be accurate, but I would go if she were down there, even if it meant her maybe being dead.

“Damn it!” Raphael yelled, “There’s a fucking river down there!”

“Get the rescue team here. I need men scouting the area now!” I ordered as I walked back and pulled my phone out.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Sebastian asked as he yanked my phone away, “You need to calm down and think.”

“I am!” I said as I grabbed the phone back, “I’m getting my team here!”

It was nine in the morning, and we had tried to track anything down the river, but so far, nothing. I had geared up and headed down with a small team of five. Others tried looking up at the river. If the car fell, it got taken by the strong current.

Something in me gave me hope, maybe the feeling of being positive, but that dark feeling still roamed my mind.

“Anything?” I said through the walkie-talkie.

“No, nothing, we might go further down. Another team is redoing a checkup on the zone,” Erick said back.

Frustration was taking over my mind with all the darkest intentions. I was ready to kill. Taking a seat near a rock, I feel a hand on my shoulder. Looking up, I find Farah with a concerned look.

“She will be fine,” Farah mutters.

I know she was trying to make me feel good, but she was even lying to herself. Lowering my head, I ruffle my hair and get up. I didn’t answer back and continue going down.

“Where are you, Allorah?” I whispered to the wind.


Allorah’s POV

Feeling too cold, I try to open my eyes. But start coughing water out. My body felt sore. Slight pain in my head notified me I had a severe injury. Possibly a concussion. I was trying to get up from the water. I feel my body buckle. Everything spun, and I felt nauseous. Taking deep breaths, I cough once more and try to look at my surroundings. I was on the river’s edge, near a waterfall. Had I come all the way down from there?

I didn’t understand how I survived. Trying to sit up once again, I feel pain across my chest. It seems I had one or two broken ribs. A slight weep left my lips, and I tried covering my mouth as I sat up completely. It was even hard to breathe.

Tears started burning in my painful eyes. Finally reaching the edge, I turned and laid down. I was all alone. The only thing left was a car a few feet down.

Checking my hands and arms, I found some scratches and bruises. Removing my hair from the face, I try to see if they’re anywhere I can go. Nothing at all I could see miles and miles were rocks and water. I felt so alone.

Desiring for someone to find me, Dominique comes into mind. How I wished he was here. Deciding it was best to move, I try to hold myself from a rock. My legs gave out the moment I tried to stand up, and I understood why. Blood, rivers of blood streamed down one of my thighs. I had a terrible cut on my left leg. It was so deep that the pain had numbed my leg completely.

Shaking my head, I tried again, and with all the force I had left, I started walking while holding down from the rocks. It killed me every time I gave a step, but I had to. I needed to get away before Stefan could find me.

I felt like hell as I walked away, my body wouldn’t be able to last long, and I needed to find a safe place. Anything would be fine. I was far from where I woke up. But it still felt that maybe I wasn’t safe. Noticing a small path, I walk up. It led to the forest and maybe somewhere near a road.

Careful of my surroundings, I continue walking. My head started pounding again, the same feeling I have been having for the past days. I still didn’t comprehend why it happened, but it felt like something on me triggered it. Was I missing something?

Leaning against a tree branch, I take a small break. Finally, sitting down, careful of my wounds. I cry loudly.

What type of punishment was this? I had enough suffering, so why couldn’t I just die?

I felt all my existence had been a punishment. Did I offend someone? Why me and not someone else? All the darkness and hate crept into my heart. That’s when the pounding came back and stronger than ever. I started coughing blood. Was this it?

Letting my body rest on the ground, I felt that burning sensation once again. I couldn’t move, not even cry. My vision blurred from crying too much.

“Dominique…” I whispered.

I needed him; I wanted to see him.

As sobs were the only thing that I could hear, I started repeating in a chant Dominique’s name.

The feeling of being safe under his touch was something I desire, wishing. My whole body asked for him. Hand stretching to the sky, I begged for him to find me.

A distant noise has me looking to the back. Could I hear cars and voices? Was he back? Was Stefan back to take me with him?

As tears kept flowing, I started wishing to die. But a voice I knew too well made me look up.

“Dominique?” I breathed, exhausted.

Distantly, I heard my name once again. As the shouting became nearer, I mustered my strength and tried to find my voice. I felt hope for the first time in a while. So lifting my body, I shouted.

A shaky voice came out.

“Help…” I yelled.

“Allorah!!” I heard people yell.

Finding strength, I once again yelled for help. I was under a small cliff in the woods. I didn’t know if they would find me, but I had to find a way. Crawling with pain, I try to reach up.

“Dominique!” I said between sobs, “Help me!”

Shuffling started coming my way.

“Dominique!” I yelled once again.

Feeling my vision got blurry, I knew I was going to pass out soon. Letting myself fall back down. I started hearing my shining hope closer again. A dark blurriness came into view. As he started calling my name, sobs louder than any other started coming out my mouth. Reaching for my hand, I tried to get closer, but I couldn’t.

“ALLORAH!” I heard Dominique scream as finally, I felt his cold hand reach mine.

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