Goddess of the Diamond

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Allorah POV

Today was the day I was leaving the hospital. It felt alien being here. At first, when I woke up, I freaked out. For a moment, I thought I was back in his lab. It felt strange, but seeing the familiar faces brought me back—especially Dominique’s face. I felt like crying when I first saw him. I was a mess; I had to admit, not even the pain stopped me. But once in his arms, I felt that peace come back.

I was nervous about leaving because I was aware he was out there. My stupid idea of killing myself with his men must have made him angrier. Nothing would stop him. I was sure of.

“-LLORAH!” I heard someone yell as the grip of his hands make me realize I wasn’t walking.

Looking up, surprised, I find Dominique with a worried face. He looked tired and stress. Reaching for his face, I slowly caress him. Smiling shyly, I sigh.

“Sorry…” I whispered.

“Are you ok? You were not reacting,” Dominique said worriedly.

“Sorry, I just got lost on my thought,” I said, apologizing.

Nodding, Dominique holds my hand, and we walk towards the elevator.

Once the elevator stopped and the doors opened, I stopped, surprised. Several journalists stood with cameras flashing and blinding us. I got scared because it was unexpected. Hearing Dominique curse, I feel his hand on my waist and bark orders. His security team, including Raphael, moved with us.

Finally, as we reached the car and got in, we leave the hospital. I pant nervously. I had never seen too many people paying attention to Dominique.

“Calm down,” I heard Dominique say as his hand grip mine.

I nodded and tried to distract myself by looking outside the window, but it was in vain. My hands didn’t stop shaking. Feeling arms around me, I calm down.

“Allorah looks at me,” Dominique said as my eyes met his.

Dominique had a worried look. What was wrong with him today? The only look he was showing was him being concerned about me. I didn’t like it; I hated him. It felt like I was a burden.

“Don’t even think,” Dominique said, “You are not a burden.”

Eyes wide, I stare at Dominique. How did he know?

“Your face is giving you away, Allorah,” Dominique said with a chuckle.

His smile and his laugh were bliss to my tormented mind. Refreshing like anything I have ever felt. Somehow it reminded me of my deceased husband. Looking down, I lean my head, letting him hug me.

Feeling a slight tug, I open my eyes. I had fallen asleep in Dominique’s arms.

“We are here,” Dominique said as I yawn.

Looking outside the window, I gasp. The place Dominique has brought me was magnificent. Beyond beautiful. A two-story mansion stood tall, with Greek pillars entering a spectacle. The prism’s glass windows tinted the estate colorfully as the sun reflected on them. The vines were curling up the walls, like dominants taking control over the beauty of the white walls.

Getting down from the car, I looked around in awe. The place was enormous once standing in front of it.

“This is where we are staying?” I stutter.

“Yes, do you like it?” Dominique asked as he looked at me happily.

I was beyond in love with this place. The garden full of different colorful flowers, and from afar, two fountains with angels in the middle stood high sprinkling water. I had no words, somehow this was getting me excited, and I couldn’t wait to see the inside.

Tugging my hand, Dominique pulls me in. I followed as everyone else stood behind, talking. Going up the entrance stairs, I looked at the white marble floor. It was so neat I could see my reflection.

“Welcome home,” Dominique whispered.

I turned my head towards his beaming face. I smiled nervously and kept looking around.

The big double doors open wide as a man greeted us.

“Welcome, Sir, Ma’am,” the man in a suit said, smiling.

“Allorah, this is Sasha, my butler. Sasha, this is Allorah,” Dominique said politely.

I waved a small hi, and he smiled.

“We have prepared everything, Sir. We have set the new stuff up in the bedroom,” Sasha said as he started walking with us.

My eyes wander around the place. Two big stairs, going in different ways, made the space in the house look majestic. White walls covered with beautiful and colorful pictures in golden frames stood magnificently tall. It intrigued me to look at each of them. Some had woman paintings, and others had fruits; some had fields drawn on them. The furniture in the house was primarily black and golden.

“Very well, you may leave,” Dominique said as we stopped, “Now, how about we do a house tour?”

I nodded excitedly.

Dominique took me all over the house. He showed me the two living rooms, the kitchen, the foyer, the bathrooms, the ten bedrooms, which one was the master bedroom where Dominique and I would share. I felt embarrassed when he mentioned it but also understood why he said that. I also felt safer been near him, so I felt grateful for that.

The mansion had a library, a small infirmary, a gym, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a grand room with a lone piano in the middle. That was one thing that caught my attention. I stood looking at the enormous space with elegant windows. The white grand piano stood in the middle as the prism glass reflected on it.

“You like it?” Dominique whispered, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Yes,” I nodded and looked at the place one last time before walking away.

Once the tour was done, I was feeling tired. Reaching the stairs, Dominique stops and turns to look at me. Without saying a word, he bends and starts carrying me bridal style.

“I-I can w-walk,” I stutter.

“You look exhausted,” Dominique said without looking, “And I’m not bargaining this.”

I didn’t argue and just averted my eyes.

The master bedroom was on the second floor at the end of the hallway. White double doors greeted us. As I help Dominique open one door, we walk in until we reached the canopy bed in the middle of the room. I noticed that only the bedrooms had a different color on the walls and décor. But the master bedroom had this eerie feeling. Everything was dark blue with velvet.

Setting me down on the bed, I look at the bed. Long velvet blue curtains hang low from the bedpost. The pillows and bed frame were blue velvet with golden details.

I noticed the furniture and floor were aesthetically the same. The floor wasn’t marble, but carpet. I like the feeling of it.

“Your new clothes and things got arranged,” Dominique said as he walked over and handed me a robe, “The clothes you will need are on the walking closet, and every other personal thing got set on the vanity table over there and the bathroom.”

I nodded.

“You should rest; Farah will be here to check on you soon,” Dominique said as he walked into the walking closet.

“What about you?” I asked.

“I have to go to the company. I will be back later tonight,” Dominique said as he buttons up a shirt.

As I stood up carefully, I walk but stopped when I see a body-length mirror. They covered my body in bandages. Some bruises were still visible on my face and arms. Even though I wore a long dress, I knew I had more bruises.

“Don’t do that,” Dominique said as he stood behind me.

Averting my eyes, I clutched the silk robe in my hands. Without a word, I walk to the bathroom. I expected Dominique to follow, but he didn’t. Hearing the bedroom door shut, I lean against the wall and breath.

Pulling myself together, I undress. Farah had mentioned not to get my wounds wet. So, I could only clean myself with a damp cloth.

As I remove my bandages, I hear a soft knock. Letting know that they could come in, I hear Farah’s cheerful voice.

“How are you? Oh, were you about to get cleaned?” Farah asked as she sets a bag down.

“Yes,” I whispered.

Her warm smile made me smile brightly. Farah was a sweet girl. Her demeanor made her look so mature when in reality, she was younger than what she looked.

“Here, I brought you some daily necessities that you might need. Also, I bought a small gift for you, so I hope you like it,” Farah said as she handed me the bag.

I opened it and checked the contents. Seeing a small bag inside, I pull it. Inside the bag, there was a silk red dress.

I frown at it. Raising my head, I wait for her to say something, but just a slight smirk played on her lips.

“This is something you can wear for a special occasion with Dominique. His favorite color is red, so he might enjoy seeing you on that,” Farah said with a smirking plaster on her face, “Also, you would look beautiful. Your pale skin and white hair would make you look like a goddess.”

Laughing softly at her comment, I check the dress once more.

Setting it down, I let her know I want to clean.

Farah helped me along the way. Especially on the wounds on my back. The once healing wounds got bruised again. My body would take time to recover.

“You will need to be careful, especially the wound on your leg and the back. They are deep wounds,” Farah explained, making me nod silently.

“Which reminds me, do you like the place?” Farah asked.

“Yes… it’s beautiful,” I whispered.

“Good, Dominique had this mansion built up for his beautiful future wife,” Farah said as I go eyes wide.

I was feeling my body stiff, Farah giggles.

“Dominique had only been here once. This place has been untouched, so it’s the first time he moves here with us. Especially you,” Farah mentioned, “So enjoy it.”

“He has never come here?” I asked, curious to know more.

“No, so it was a surprise when he said he was bringing you here. This place is dear to him. Now that you guys are staying here, not only is it closer to his other work but is safer, so you shouldn’t be afraid here,” Farah explained, “Another good thing is that I will be around often.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, the company lab is fifteen minutes from here, so I would stay here. And you need my help also,” Farah said as her eyes met mine on the mirror, “I will be here for you.”

Nodding and thanking her, we continue washing my body.

When we finished, I changed into a nightgown and rested. Farah left me alone, but I felt lonely here. I turned the T.V. on and sat on the bed watching. It was still early, but Farah insisted on me to rest.

The room looked dark, but it was barely five in the evening. As I watch the show on the T.V., my head started pounding. I sat up, wincing to the pain in my body.

The same pounding, but more unbearable. I grit my teeth, not wanting to yell off the pain. What was wrong with me?

I grabbed the bedsheets, trying not to scream. My tears flowed down my cheeks. Looking for something to make the pain calm down, I find some painkillers Farah left for my aching body. Grabbing two, I throw them in my mouth and drink some water.

The water spilled on the floor, but I didn’t care at the moment.

Unable to hold the glass, it falls on the carpet. Crying loudly, I laid in bed in a fetal position.

“Please, please…” I stutter between cries.

Somehow the pain subsides. Panting and sweating, I calm myself down. I was all alone, and without knowing what all this was about, I had no plans to let Dominique or Farah understand this. I was enough burden to all of them. Closing my eyes tiredly, I fall asleep.

Feeling shuffling in the bed, I move slightly, rubbing my eyes.

“Shh, go back to sleep,” I heard Dominique’s voice near my face.

Obeying, I laid back down. Dominique’s arms were going around my stomach softly. As he gets close, I feel his warmth on my back. A small kiss on my neck has me falling back to sleep.

The following day, I woke up all alone. Dominique was nowhere around. Putting a robe on, I walk out of the bedroom. I was hungry, so walking down, I passed by the piano room. Stopping, I peek inside; no one was near. Something intrigued me about this place, like pulling me towards it.

The tapping of my feet on the floor was all I could hear. Approaching the piano, I carefully touch it. My weak hand moved all over it, skimming the edged. I touch one of the piano keyboards, making a high note. Smiling, I sit. As my fingers play, I felt this nostalgic feeling building in my heart. I felt so at peace with myself that nothing would bother me.

A melodic song plays as I reminisce on the past. The times I had with that person I called husband. A woman with desires and a simple dream to become human.

Concentrated on what I was feeling, I never got to feel someone’s presence. As a single tear rolls down my face, my melody ends—a small smile on my lips as I feel my heart more on peace.

Feeling sudden eyes on me, I look towards the door and find two maids and Farah standing with a smile. Panicking, I stand up and shyly say hi.

“Wow, that was wonderful; I didn’t know you could play,” Farah said with a smile.

“Neither did I,” I said, looking at the piano.

“What do you mean?” Farah asked, confused, “You just played the piano perfectly.”

“Yes, and this is my first time,” I mumble as confusion sets on me.

Farah was right. I never played the piano, but it felt so typical that I started touching keys without knowing. The melody just came from my heart. It was like I was born knowing how to play.

As I feel their eyes on me, my stomach growls. Feeling my face red, I apologize.

“No worries,” Farah said, laughing, “let’s have breakfast.”

Nodding rapidly, we exit the room.

Farah brought me to the garden for breakfast. The place was grand and beautiful. My eyes couldn’t stop wandering around.

“After breakfast, we will tend to your wounds, and you will rest,” Farah said as she sipped her tea, “I need you to recover. How is your chest?”

“It still hurts. The pain I can handle as long as I don’t force myself,” I said as I look at her eyes.

Farah nodded and started eating quietly.

Hearing something vibrate, I look over to Farah. A frown on her face.

“Sorry, I need to go. I will come later to help you treat your wounds. So stay relaxed, don’t wander too much,” Farah said as she grabbed her purse, “Sasha will assist you if you need anything, ok?”

I nodded, and Farah left with a smile. I finished my breakfast and headed back to the room. Passing by the library, I stop. If I was planning to spend the day in the bedroom, I needed distraction. Deciding to take some books to read, I head in.

The place was enormous. Rows of books cover the walls and isles. I felt like a kid looking over everything. My fingers touch each cover. Some full of dust, others old. Intrigued, I stop on an isle that says the legend and myths section—looking at what book to choose. I approach one with a yellow cover. It looked old and dusty. Pulling it out, I read the title, “Goddess.”

Curious to know, I take the book and go back. It was thick enough to have me at least four days distracted on it.

Shutting the door, I sit on the bed and open it. Its letters kind of a blur because of how old it was, but it has me noticing that it wasn’t typed but written in hand. Turning the page, I keep reading until I see an image.

“What is this?” I whisper.

I was about to inspect when I heard someone call my name. Snapping my head, I see Sasha.

“Sorry to interrupt, but Mrs. Montiel is here,” Sasha said with a smile.

It was Dominique’s mother.

“Hi, where are you resting?” she asked as she walks closer.

“No, I was reading,” I said as I close the book and set it on the night table.

“Good, so how about we try some clothes on?” she said excitedly.

“Uh, excuse me?” I said, confused.

“Oh, just follow me,” she said as she helped me off the bed and dragged me to the closet.

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