Goddess of the Diamond

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Dominique POV

Feeling tired and stressed hasn’t been helping me get concentrated on work. The past days have been stressful, especially after what happened to Allorah. My heart ached, and I didn’t understand why.

When I moved to the mansion, my only thought was Allorah’s smiling face. I wanted to see it, and I got to experience it. She looked so happy and excited that I couldn’t contain my happiness. But that subsided when I knew I had to leave her.

I didn’t want to but work needed to get done. It was a chaotic mess. Now that Allorah was back in my arms, that bastard would do anything to get her back.

“Dominique?” Farah said as she knocked on the door to the office.

I called Farah over for a quick meeting. I needed new weapons to get tested and a new design for a specific gun. One I would give Allorah. Never in my mind, I thought I would request this from her, but I needed it urgently.

“Dominique, you called?” Farah said as she walked in and sat on the armchair.

“Yes. I need to talk to you about some new weapons,” I said as I took a file out and handed it to her, “I need this on a new gun. If you can, please make a new design and show it to me by tonight if possible.”

“May I know the reason?” Farah asked.

“It’s for Allorah. I need it. Now that she’s interested in learning and being stronger, I need something special,” I explained.

Farah looked between the request until her brows furrowed.

“You need this kind of gem?” Farah asked with a frown, “But we don’t work with diamonds, Dom.”

“I know, but diamonds are the strongest ones, so get me the best. If possibly ask Sebastian,” I said with a wave of my hand, “How is she?”

“Allorah?” Farah asked as she looked up from the files, “I was having breakfast with her when you called. Also, mother was on her way.”

“For?” I asked, intrigued.

“She said something about girl’s day,” Farah said with a shrug, “Which reminds me. Did you know Allorah could play the piano?”

“What?” I said as I stop typing on the computer, “She knows?”

“Yes, today when I arrive I was heading to the bedroom when I heard a melody. At first, I thought it was music playing somewhere, but then I found two of the maids smiling in the piano room. So, when I finally approached them, I saw her. It surprised me. She played the piano so well that it makes me feel sad. It was nostalgic, like if her mind was somewhere, but her body was playing,” Farah said with a smile.

“I didn’t know that…” I mumble.

“Dom, have you ever asked her about her past?” Farah asked, intrigued, “She mentioned having a husband, but she never talks about it.”

The mentioning of that bothers me. I listen to Farah’s words and let them set in my mind. I knew Allorah had a life, but why did I hate it?

I’m lost in thought; a soft knock makes me look up. Farah lets the person come in. It was Raphael.

“Everyone is ready,” Raphael said, smiling.

Nodding, I stand up and fix my suit.

“Please have everything ready,” I said as Farah nodded.

I sat in the armchair in the conference room. My mind was distracted by the thought of Allorah having a husband. The words my men were saying were numb to my ear. I couldn’t concentrate, and it bothered me.

I have let nothing distract me from my work. I had things to prioritize, and now Allorah was one of them, but somehow it affected me. It may sound selfish, but I needed to forget about her and concentrate.

Turning my gaze back to the screen, I hear Raphael explains what we found on the second compound.

“So, you’re saying that he has been trafficking human beings?” one of my men said with a scowl.

“What was his name?” another asked.

“Marcus, was it?” Raphael said as he looked at me.

“No, it’s Stefan,” I said, shaking my head, “His actual name is Stefan; that’s why we have been having problems in finding him.”

“Sir, but I still wonder how did he know about last time?” one of the men asked.

“We don’t know…” I lied.

My plan to find who the snitch was going smoothly. No one but Raphael and Erick knew. We have been tapping phones and Sebastian’s company, but nothing. The only clue we have is from the company employee.

“We will keep you updated once we know,” I said as I nodded towards Raphael.

“Now we are moving into new weapons. He had five new designs for five unique weapons. One of them made of diamonds,” Raphael said, earning murmurs on the group, “The guns should be ready by the end of the week.”

“Not only that, but we have to test the new weapons we got from Stefan’s compound,” I said, “I need a list of those weapons divided and how many in total.”

“We already have the total,” Erick said.

They were signaling the secretary; the screen changes to the weapons we found. My eyes look at each weapon—high tech.

“There is something odd,” Erick said, getting my attention.

“What might that be?” I asked.

“The weapons have traces of human bones on them,” Erick said, making the entire room go silent.

“Are you sure about that?” one man asked with a frown, “That’s against any other rule. This bastard needs to pay.”

I looked through the files. He was right; they detected traces of human bones. It seems the buildup of the weapons’ outer layer had human bones.

“Let’s keep investigating, and then we will proceed,” I ordered.

Once the meeting finally ended. I noticed it was past four.

“Do we need to recheck those weapons?” Raphael asked.

“Yes, do that,” I said, taking my blazer off.

“Going home?” Raphael asked as he follows behind.

“No, I’m heading towards the dungeons,” I said.

Nodding towards some guards, I follow the stairs that are headed down. The underground dungeon was where all the captured men were locked. Hearing the metal door unlock, I walk in. Silence greeted me. They made the place of concrete and metal, every room with a closed double door. Seeing some guards standing as they keep their eyes on the prisoners, I turn left and head down the hall.

I was going to pay a visit to one of the guards we could capture alive. He was one man on the second compound.

Nodding to one guard, he unlocks the door—a small blaring sound. The lights flicker on. With a sigh, I put my phone on the metal desk and walk over to the prisoner. They tied him against the wall, just like a dog. Chains on his arms and legs made him look uncomfortable.

Grabbing a stool, I sit in front of him.

“Hope everything is good,” I said as I pull out a small cloth.

The man kept his head low.

“I’ve come because I need information,” I said as I clean my hands, “So it would be best if you cooperate.”

I heard the man scoff.

“Why should I?” he asked.

“Because you’re one of Stefan’s commanders,” I spat.

The man lifted his head, and his eyes went wide.

“Someone is surprised to hear his master’s name. Do you which to wag your tail?” I said with a smirk.

The man angrily pulled the chains.

“Oh, strike a nerve?” I said, laughing.

“You bastard, your day will come,” he said as he spits on my feet.

Calm, I stood up and grabbed the gloves that were in my pant pocket.

“Seriously?” I said as I put the gloves on, “Is that all you have to say?”

“No, but you are just like your father, a bastard, a monster. No human should even look at you, but you keep making them believe in something that’s not true,” he said with a chuckle, “You pretend to be a good man, but your heart is rotten to the core.”

I cringe at his words. Walking over to the metal table, I grab ahold of a long and sharp knife.

“Tell me, what exactly was your master looking for?” I said as I played with the knife, “I know he wanted something from a specific SPECIMEN.”

The man looked at me. His lower lip trembles, but then he frowned.

“Specimen?” he asked, “You got it wrong.”

“Oh, please pray tell then what have I misunderstood?” I asked as I get closer to his face.

His eyes moved to the knife in my hand.

“The specimen you just mentioned, it’s not what you think it is,” he said stuttering, “It was just a way to name it.”

“Hmm, but isn’t it just a human then? Why name it specimen?” I asked.

“The reason was… was…” the man stutter.

“Stop stuttering,” I said as I pulled his hair, “Give me the answer I want.”

“I-I… I don’t know…” the man said, almost in tears.

Pressing the knife to his face, I slowly pierce until blood trickles.

“Ok, how about I rephrase my question?” I said, smirking, “And if you don’t answer correctly, something will happen. How about that?”

The man’s eyes shot up at me. He nodded, afraid of what might happen.

“Number one, what those Stefan want with the specimen?” I asked furiously.

“He… He said that she has something that belongs to him,” the man stutter.

“What is that?” I asked again as the knife moves to his neck.

“H-He never said!” the man said, almost yelling, “he said that he needed it, but no one knows. He never mentioned it, even looked like she didn’t know either.”

Frowning, I let go of his head.

“So why insist?” I asked.

“He… it seems he is in love with her,” the man said as his mind works.

“But?” I asked.

“But he just doesn’t want to admit or say too much. Stefan has always been strange,” the man mumbled.

Nodding, I look away.

“Thanks,” I said as the dagger slits his throat.

I watch as the blood oozes out, coloring my hands in a shade of red. Calling one guard, I ask him to bring another of the prisoners.

Setting the knife down, I hear struggles from the door. This time a man with blond hair walked in. I laugh, recognizing who he was.

“It’s been a while,” I said, smiling.

The man struggled against the hold of my men.

“Fucker, he will kill you,” he spatted.

“You think?” I said, smirking, “How about we send him a gift? After all, you’re his brother.”

When we attacked the second compound, we could get our hands on Stefan’s psychotic brother. He was there during the attack. The bastard injured one of my men, but nothing grave. Those two were similar in looks. You could easily confuse them.

“Tell me your brother has a thing for her, right?” I asked, not mentioning her name.

“You mean Allorah?” he asked, “He does. He has been so engrossed on her, got to admit he never enjoyed her as I did.”

“WHAT?” I yelled as I walk over to him.

“Yes,” he said, licking his lips, “She is a good fuck.”

My anger took control, and I started punching him. Blood dripping horribly from a broken nose. I was panting in rage.

“You sick motherfucker,” I spat.

He started laughing.

“Oh, now this is something,” he said, spitting blood, “It seems someone fell in love.”

Raising my leg, I kick him in the face. His neck was making a small crack.

I heard him groan. Grabbing ahold of his hair, I make him look up at me. His left eye was turning purple.

“Don’t fucking mention her again!” I yelled.

“Or what? You going to kill me?” he said laughing, “Well, you can have the waste; who cares, right?”

Pulling a dagger from my back, I grip it and stab him in his balls. The fucker cried in pain. Pulling it out, I lean closer to his ear.

“Be grateful I’m not killing you, but someone you will want to see will,” I said, stabbing him this time on his thigh.

I was ordering for my men to take him away. I pace the room. I was furious.

My mind needed more blood. That dark sensation was looming again.

“Allorah…” I whispered as I shut my eyes and massage my temples.

I thought if to go back home or not. I hear my phone vibrate. Peeking on the dialer, I see it’s my mother.

“What?” I retorted.

“Lower your tone with me!” my mother growled, “Where are you?”

“Why? Is something the matter? I’m quite busy,” I said.

I didn’t understand why I was mad. I barely showed that side of myself to my mother. I heard my mother sigh.

“Allorah has been sad all day…” my mother said, barely a whispered, “I think she feels lonely.”

“I can’t go back. Allorah knows I have things to deal with,” I said sourly.

“Dominique, you brought her to the mansion; at least be with her a day,” my mother suggested.

I shake my head and sigh.

“I can’t,” I said, hanging up.

It felt terrible pulling my anger towards her, but I needed to finish this first before rest. I felt tired, but not that much. Deciding to return to the office, I grab my things and head out.

It was past midnight, and I had stayed working till late.

“Dom, go home,” I heard Erick said as he grabbed his coat, “Allorah must be waiting for you.”

“She’s sleeping,” I said without looking up.

“Seriously, what’s your problem?” Erick asked as he sat back down, “Something is bothering you, speak, man.”

“LEAVE!” I yelled, making Erick flinch.

Erick shakes his head and left my office. I kept working, ignoring what just happened.

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