Goddess of the Diamond

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Raphael’s POV

*Important Chapter*

What did she say?

Was Farah being serious right now?

It was a lie, right?

The fact that Farah said that Allorah might die was one it shocked me to the bones.

For the last couples of weeks, I’ve been visiting Allorah. Getting to know her was a warmth in our dull life. We were all aware she was not human, but I saw her as a simple and fragile human being. Finding her, turn our lives upside down, especially Dominiques.

Dominique and I grew up together. Our families have always been united when it comes to help the innocent. We had work for years in this cause and now seeing Dominique like this has me wondering if this is the correct path for him.

When Dominique lay his eyes on Allorah, I knew he fell for her at first sight. His eyes glimmer with awe as he saw that woman inside that tube in the lab. His eagerness to save her was something I’ve never seen on him.

It made me happy knowing that he found someone he would treasure. But now it’s like went back to his normal self. What was his issue?

Erick and I have been trying to persuade him ongoing back home and spend some time with her but he’s not budging and it’s annoying.

With a sigh, I head back to my office.

“How did it go?” Erick asked I walk into the office.

“Good, everything went as planned,” I said, taking a seat.

“Oh, by the way, I’m heading to Dominique’s mansion to have lunch with Allorah. Would you like to come?” Erick asked.

Looking up, I smile and nod.

It was lunchtime, and we were heading back to the mansion.

“Thanks for coming guys,” Farah said as she pulled her phone out, “mother should be there already.”

“Is she cooking?” I asked, smiling.

“Yes, but she sent me a text saying Allorah was cooking as well.” Farah said with a frown, “I didn’t know she could cook.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter, I just can’t wait to try it,” Erick said chuckling.

“Too bad Dominique didn’t join us,” I said as I looked out the window.

Everyone looked at me and sighed. We all were worried for Dominique. I just hoped he doesn’t regret what he is doing? Because maybe it would be late when he comes back.

Arriving to Dominique’s mansion. We all walk into the living room, surprised to see many people, I ask Farah what was happening.

“I-I don’t know…” Farah stutter confused as I was.

“Let’s go to the kitchen,” I said, dragging Farah.

“Mother?” Farah said, pushing the kitchen door slightly.

“Oh, there you are! Hi Raphael!” Mrs. Montiel said smiling.

“Hi Mrs. Montiel,” I said, smiling.

Looking over to the side, I see Allorah with a tray in her hand.

“Hi Allorah!” I said as I walk up next to her.

“Welcome, how have you been?” Allorah asked with a smile.

She looked like she hasn’t been sleeping well. She had bags under her eyes and she looked paler. Her smile a soft warmth. Feeling eyes on us, I look up and see Farah and her mother looking at me warily. It seems they were also worried for her.

“I’ve been good. What about you? You look like you haven’t been sleeping well,” I said with a frown, “You sure you’re ok?” I asked.

Allorah nodded and smiled. Excusing herself, she heads back to working on her food. I didn’t like how she looked.

“Need help here?” I suddenly offer.

“Yes, please. Why don’t you help with the table? We have a lot of guests over.” Mrs. Montiel said as she giggled, “Allorah invited the entire squad for lunch.”

I turn and looked at Allorah, who was chuckling softly.

“Yes, I know. I think they are all happy and that’s what matter,” Allorah said, a sad smile in her eyes.

She missed Dominique, and we all knew.

When the tables were ready, and they set the food down, we all took our seats.

“Sit here please!” Farah said, offering the head of the table to Allorah.

“I… I can’t,” Allorah stutter with a giggle.

“No, please seat there,” I said.

Everyone looked at me as I stood up and pulled the chair for Allorah. We had at least fourteen men joining for lunch. Two tables were set, and we looked like a big family.

“Yes, please sit. We insist,” one man said smiling at her.

“Yes, go ahead!” Farah said urging her to seat, “You are tired of cooking so seat and relax.”

Allorah looked conflicted. She looked nervous but happy at the same time. Smiling, she finally nod and took a seat. Once we saw everyone was in their place, music started playing softly and we started eating. I heard chatting and laughter during our joyful lunch. Allorah looked more relaxed, and I saw her exchange words with Farah and her mother.

“So, Ms. Allorah tell us a story about you!” one of the men said. If my memory serves me right, his name was John. He was one of the head of security.

“Story?” Allorah said with eyes wide, “but what type of story would you like to hear?”

“How about of your times in the realm?” another one asked.

“Hm, well, the realm was a place where us beings lived. It was a magical place, but not as much as here. Your place is beautiful and I’ve always dreamed of becoming human,” Allorah said as she furrowed her brows. “But I had a price to pay for this greediness.” Allorah suddenly said, making everyone hush.

The atmosphere in the room had changed.

“Desiring something that wasn’t for me, led to my people to be killed,” Allorah mumble, “Never desire for things you can’t have. Remember, everything is just desires that could lead to your destruction.”

We all stare at her. Then one of the men raised his hand.

“Those that mean you’re not happy being here?” he asked, making Allorah lower her gaze.

“Happy?” Allorah whispered.

We all waited for her. She was quiet and thinking on the question. I didn’t like where this was going.

“Honestly,” Allorah said as I was about to open my mouth. “Honestly, all I had ever desired is to die.”

I snapped my eyes towards her. Farah and her mother gasp to hear Allorah say that. No one said a word, it wasn’t what we were expecting.

“What about Mr. Dominique?” one of the men asked, making me throw daggers to him.

Did he really had to mention him?

“What about him?” Allorah asked with an emotionless face.

“Well, doesn’t he love you?” another of the men asked.

I cursed under my breath. What was wrong with this people?

“Oh, please don’t ask her that,” Mrs. Montiel said, laughing nervously, “This will make Allorah feel uncomfortable.”

“He doesn’t love me,” Allorah suddenly said as I turn and look at her.

Standing up abruptly, Allorah tries to excuse herself.

“ALLORAH?” Farah suddenly said as she stood up and holds Allorah from her arm.

Shocked by what was happening, I stand up. Allorah was bleeding from her nose, her white dress tainted in red.

“I’m so sorry,” Allorah said, wiping her nose clean.

Her hands where cover in blood. Shaky hands try to remove the stains away. Farah tried holding her hands to make her stop.

“Farah!” I heard Erick said as he moved over to her.

Holding Allorah, they excuse her, and they all leave. Farah’s mother just smiled and apologies for what happened. Excusing myself, I follow them up to her bedroom.

“What’s happening?” I said barging into the bedroom.

“Stop it!” Erick said as he tries to stop me from going forward.

“Is she ok?” I asked furiously.

“She will, but we need to talk,” Erick said, pushing me more until we finally were out of the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” I asked annoyed, “Farah might need our help!”

“Raphael! Listen!” Erick said as he holds me from the shoulders, “Allorah isn’t looking good. I think we should tell Dominique about it.”

“What are you crazy?” I retorted.

Even though this sounded crazy, we needed to tell him. Dominique needed to know. Thinking on what to do, I pull out my phone.

“Don’t!” Farah said as she grabs my hand.

“Farah?” I said, surprised.

“Don’t call him.” Farah said sadly.

“What do you mean?” Erick said angrily, “Allorah is sick! He needs to know!”

This was a rare sight. Erick would barely get angry and especially with Farah. Erick and Farah used to date long ago. When they were teens. Everything ended because they both didn’t have time for each other, but we all knew down there in their hearts they still loved each other.

“He’s right Farah,” I said with a sigh, “he needs to know…”

“No…” A voice suddenly said, making us look towards the bedroom.

Allorah stood on the bedroom entrance leaning against the bedroom door. She had tears in her eyes and she looked pale. Anyone who saw her would think she was dying. She looked awful. Even Dominique would be worried.

“Please don’t tell him,” Allorah begged sadly, “he’s to busy and I… I don’t wish to be a burden.”

“A burden? Are you crazy?” I snapped.

Allorah flinch at my words. But I had no choice.

“You are no burden, he… he’s just being irresponsible!” I retorted.

“No… you know it’s not true,” Allorah whispered. Her blue dress hanged low on her shoulders. Her scars and bruise where visible. “You know Dominique is working. He has a lot and I understand. Don’t take me for someone useless.” Allorah snapped.

“Allorah…” Farah mumble.

Standing straight, Allorah walks over to me. Reaching for my face, she touches it. Gasping, I look at her. I could feel her warm touch. It spread across my face until I felt it. Tears, I had tears on my face.

“Don’t cry for me,” Allorah whispered as she wiped my face, “I… Don’t deserve it.”

“But Allorah…” Erick continues, “This we can’t accept it.”

“And this is my right!” Allorah said as she looked at Erick, “This is my decision and I hope you respect it.”

With that she turned and walk back into the bedroom, shutting the double doors with a slow creaking sound. Turning away from Farah and Erick. I look outside the window. The day was turning gloomy. I had a bad hunch, and I knew we would regret this if we stayed quiet. But I would respect her choice.

“I think we should respect her decision,” I whispered, “It’s not our right.”

With that said, I walked away. My mind was a complete mess. I just hope that Allorah doesn’t regret this at all.

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