Goddess of the Diamond

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Allorah POV

*Important Chapter*

I’ve been so depressed this last day. I feel like I just want to go back to a deep slumber and never wake up. Sometimes I think being locked in that lab was for the best. Being asleep helped me be oblivious of what was happening. I didn’t accomplish my wish to die, but the fact I didn’t know what was happening around me was a relief. At least Stefan wasn’t experimenting on me. Locking me in that tube was his form of imprisoning me away from everything else.

I have barely seen Dominique since he left me in this enormous house. There were servants, but things were not the same. I would spend most of the time alone. Yes, all alone with just the walls. The mansion had a lot of things you could do, but I missed him. How stupid of me to believe in him.

Aware of the reason behind his behavior had me wondering a lot. Revenge was one thing he had on him, revenge. At first, I thought I didn’t see it clearly, but now I understood that he had something dark on him. Dominique was an odd person. One that made me think he had no emotions.

But he has them. Deep down, he is kind and caring. But was that enough?

Most of the time, I would spend it reading and sleeping. The headaches were becoming more unbearable and annoying. I never thought Farah would find me when I had one of the attacks. She looked in shock when she saw me fainted and with blood on my shirt. I tried to hide it, but it was in vain.

Farah explained that it was maybe the weather or a simple headache. I knew it wasn’t that. Since I got out of that lab, my body has been acting strange. I can feel it. Now Farah has been running the test, and I know she would find something soon.

Worried for myself and everyone else, I had gotten to play the piano. That has been a relaxing way for me. Feeling lonely and sad wouldn’t help at all, and this was my peace. Something though told me that me playing that piano was something I already knew too. It’s just I can’t recall. I’ve forgotten things, and I don’t know why.

Now I laid in bed feeling exhausted. My hand has been throbbing. The tattoo that they gave to me because of the desire to become human throb with pain. This tattoo was a reminder I was getting punished for all the sins I had done. I was no saint, and my greediness brought destruction. Now I was paying the price. That’s always been my thought. Me being alive, unable to die, is my price to pay.

“Allorah?” Farah said as she opened the bedroom door.

I had moved to Farah’s home. Her mother and everyone else had asked me to move out of the mansion and come to live with them. I knew the reason was that they know it depressed me. The idea that Dominique had left me alone has been bothering everyone. It has upset the guards, Raphael, Erick, even his grandfather.

Farah was worried for another reason. Me being sick. I wanted to move somewhere else, but they insisted on me staying here.

“Allorah?” Farah called once again.

“Yes?” I said as I sit up in bed.

“Lunch is ready; everyone came.” Farah said as she sat on the bed, “Are you ok?”

Was I ok?

I saw Dominique earlier hurt.

He didn’t even look for me or asked me how I was doing. He slept home and didn’t even come over. Like, was he ignoring me?

The fact he was mad and asking me why I was leaving, I found it stupid. He had no right to claim what was right to do or not. It bothered me, and just a tiny glimpse, and I could see his heart full of hater and revenge. Dominique stained his hands in blood.

I hated seeing him like that. But when he started hitting Raphael, I couldn’t stay still. That’s why I slap him. It hurt to do so, but I had to show him it wasn’t right what he was doing.

“Allorah?” Farah said, holding my hand, “say something; you look lost.”

“I’m fine,” I lied, smiling.

I was heading towards the dining hall. I greet everyone and take a seat.

“We have a surprise for you,” one of the guards said.

“Yes! Hope you like it,” another one chirped.

“What is it?” I asked, intrigued.

“Here,” Erick said as he walks into the room with an enormous bouquet. Then Raphael and then everyone else started making a line and handing me a flower.

“Guys, uh, thank you,” I said, embarrassed.

Everyone gave me a white rose. The enormous bouquets were full of them.

Flowers surrounded me. It was nice. Feeling tears on my face, I giggle and thank everyone. I know they were trying to cheer me up.

“Do you like them?” Farah’s mother asked.

“Yes, thank you!” I said happily.

I felt grateful for what they were doing.


The rest of the day, I spent it with everyone. Most of the staff came over to grab a bite at different hours. It was a busy day, and night came.

“You should rest,” Farah said, “You can’t stress and remember you are still recovering.”

“I know; I will just finish this and then go to the bedroom,” I said, smiling.

“No go, I will do it,” Farah insisted.

Nodding, I thank her and take my leave. As I was heading to my bedroom, that Farah gave me temporarily. I saw her grandfather walking down the stairs.

“Oh, I’ve been looking for you,” Farah’s grandfather said with a warm smile.

“What can I do for you?” I asked, intrigued why he needed me.

“Would you mind taking a walk with me in the garden?” Farah’s grandfather asked.

Nodding, I follow him.

The garden in the house was beautiful. It had a wide variety of flowers and trees. According to Farah, her mother loved gardening, so the place was full of flowers. It was also her idea of giving me roses with the staff.

“May I ask what is it you wanted to know?” I asked softly.

“Well, I’m just curious, darling. Hope my questions don’t bother you,” Farah’s grandfather said, smiling.

“No, go ahead,” I said.

“Hm, how do I start this. I just wanted to know, what are you planning to do?” Farah’s grandfather asked.

“To do?” I mumble.

“Yes, you see, I know you’re still recovering, but I had a thought on the mind, and I even talked it with Farah, Raphael, and Erick.” Farah’s grandfather said, smiling.

“What would that be?” I asked.

“Would you like to be trained?” Farah’s grandfather said.

“Excuse me?” I stutter. “What do you mean, sir?”

“I mean to strengthen you, train you to be a fighter. Just like the guys and like Dominique,” Farah’s grandfather said, chuckling, “if you don’t wish to, I won’t push you.”

He was giving me a choice and something I had requested Dominique. I couldn’t believe he was saying it. Smiling, I look at him. I wanted to be more robust; I didn’t want to do it to take revenge but to become stronger.

“Would that be ok?” I asked.

“It would, but there’s something you need to know before accepting,” Farah’s grandfather said, “If you say yes, I will take you somewhere else, no one knows and be under the protection of a team. They will train you in becoming stronger, and you won’t be back until they complete everything. No one will know but Farah and me.”

I would disappear. He was planning to lend me a helping hand. But would it be wise for me to accept? All this time, I had struggled, and I had a tough life. I knew that I needed to be stronger, but; I had a minor issue, which was my health. With my headaches and my nose bleeding, I was useless. Would Farah agree, knowing that maybe I was seriously sick?

“Did you talk with Farah, sir?” I asked with a frown.

“Yes, and she told me your condition. It won’t be a problem. They will help you recover and start training slowly. It’s your choice.” Farah’s grandfather said, “And please call me Mr. Montiel; no need to call me sir.”

“Mr. Montiel, can I think about it and give you an answer tomorrow?” I asked nervously.

I needed to think about this carefully. But I needed this for myself. I was tired of being protected and of being useless. The torture and pain I’ve been through have to stop. Only that way, I will be strong.

Taking a deep breath, I look up at the sky. What was Dominique doing right now?

Returning to my bedroom, I change into a silk nightgown and sit on the rocking chair near the balcony. The night sky was looking beautiful. A full displayed on a starry night.

“Faith,” I whispered.

Smiling, I close my eyes and think back on that person, Faith. He was the person I loved, the person who was my love. The goddess herself—our creator put us together.

“Allorah,” Faith whispered, “Don’t accept it, please…” he begged.

I remember before I accepted that offer that he warned me not to. I was naïve enough to have fallen for greed. The desire of being human burning in my chest like it was the only solution to my immortal life.

“You can’t,” Faith whispered, “Don’t fall; t’s a trap….”

It truly was. I should have heeded his warning.

It was all along there.


A Few Years Ago…

“Are you sure about this, Allorah?” Faith asked her as he looked at her pace up and down the hall.

“I have to. There’s no other choice…” Allorah said with a frown.

“choice?” Faith mumble with a groan, “Allorah, that’s not a choice. Have you ever taken into consideration my feelings?”

“What?” Allorah mumbles as she looked at him.

“Yes, me, I’m your partner; you’re my goddess. Have you ever considered me?” Faith said harshly, “You are becoming blinded by that desire, that greed.”

“This is not greed!” Allorah yelled.

“Oh, how naïve of you to say that, Allorah,” Faith said, turning away from her, “Just hope you don’t regret it. Maybe someday you understand that, that your desire wasn’t truly what you wished for.”

Faith turns away from Allorah, leaving her standing confused. She tried to stop him but turned away. He was giving his back to her, knowing that he was right all along.

End Of Flashback.

“Oh Faith, I’m sorry,” I whispered as I lean back and smile at the moon sadly.

Somehow, I doze off in the rocking chair. Opening my eyes slightly, I look around. The morning sun was rising, and I had slept on a chair. My back hurt, and my neck was stiff. Getting up, I walk to the night table to see the time.

It was six in the morning. I needed a bath, so preparing the hot tub, I undress and get in. Relaxing my body, I wash. The place was silent; you could only hear a bird chirp far away.

I needed to make make a decision. The offer Farah’s father made was one I couldn’t deny. It tempted me. Taking a deep breath, I stare at myself on the water when a red spot fell into it and then another and another.

Blood, red crimson blood tainted the water where I was. Getting up to grab a towel, I suddenly feel dizzy. Holding myself from the bathtub, I take breathes as Farah told me to.

“Calm down, Allorah,” I said to myself.

Opening my eyes slowly, I see everything back to normal. Getting out carefully, I head to the mirror, holding my bloody nose. Grabbing some tissue, I clean myself. My entire body was covered in scars. I stare at myself in the mirror. I was getting better as the days pass by—the purple bruises disappearing as they got treated.

Farah has been doing an excellent job in healing me. The only problems were my headaches and my bleeding nose.

I heard a soft knock. Washing my face, I yelled to wait a moment. Putting on a robe, I walk and open the bedroom door; it was Raphael.

“My apologies. Didn’t know you were taking a bath,” Raphael said, embarrassed.

“It’s ok, I just finished,” I smiled.

“I see. I came because, well, just to see how you are doing…” Raphael said smiling.

“I’m good, thanks,” I said as I waited for him to leave.

“Ok, then I shall see you downstairs?” Raphael said as he turns around.

“Yes, see you guys in a while,” I said, closing the door.

Walking into the closet, I pull a dress out. Farah’s mother had bought me some dresses. She said they suited me. Getting ready, I decide to look good today. Wearing some light makeup and doing a messy bun, I head to the dining room.

“Morning, Allorah!” Farah’s mother said happily.

“Morning, everyone!” I said, smiling and taking a seat.

Farah’s grandfather was eating quietly. Smiling, my way occasionally.

“Mr. Montiel?” I said after we were done with breakfast, “I accept.”

“You do?” Mr. Montiel said, surprised, “you sure?”

“Of course, I need this for myself. So, I thank you,” I said, bowing my head in respect.

Laughing, he pats my head.

“You would be a delightful daughter-in-law. Too bad my stupid grandson doesn’t appreciate things,” Mr. Montiel said, “Now I will prepare things. You should depart tonight.”

“Tonight?” I repeated.

“Yes, you are going to a faraway place,” Mr. Montiel explained.

Nodding, I excuse myself and head up to my room. After a while, Farah walks into my room.

“I heard you decided to leave,” Farah said sadly, “you sure?”

“Yes,” I said as I stopped packing my stuff, “I need this for myself. Hope you understand.”

“I do… I’m just worried because of your headaches.” Farah explained, “It would be wise if I check you before leaving.”

“Sure,” I stated.


As I sat on the bed, I watch as Farah does a thorough check on my body.

“What will you say to the others?” Farah asked after a while.

“Hm, I had some time alone for my recovery,” I explained, smiling, “Just keep it a secret.”

Laughing, Farah shakes her head.

“You know, we will miss you, right?” Farah said as she looked at me, “everyone likes you.”

She was right. I had become attached to the surrounding people—humans who were friendly and got to know me with nothing in exchange. Sighing, I look at her, and caressing her face, I say.

“I know, and I’m grateful. But remember, I’m coming back once I feel ready.” I said, laughing, “You will see me soon.”

“I know, I will…” Farah said, standing up, “Well, everything looks good so far. There are still bruises that need to heal, but overall found nothing abnormal. I will let the leader in charge of your training know. And I shall visit you every two weeks, ok?” Farah said as she put her things away.

“Good,” I said, standing up and putting my robe back again, “now I need to finish packing.”

The time for me to leave came. It was past midnight, and a black Range Rover awaited me with another two cars.

“This is Karl; he will be the one assisting you. Karl, this is Allorah,” Mr. Montiel said, introducing us.

The young man was in front of me looking young. He was slim but tall; he didn’t even look like a soldier.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Allorah,” Karl said.

“Please call me Allorah,” I said, smiling.

“Very well,” Karl said, chuckling.

“Here, Karl. These are Allorah’s files. We should be in contact. I don’t know where you will get stationed until the day of the visit,” Farah said, handing Karl some folders, “Also, if anything happens, call me, anything!”

“Very well, Ms. Farah!” Karl said, surprised by her statement.

“Now, now it’s time to go,” Mr. Montiel said, pushing Farah away.

“Well, I shall see you in a few months?” I said as I get in the car.

“Wait!” Farah said as she stopped me, “take this.”

I looked at the box Farah was holding for me to take.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“These are things you will need; just open it when you’re on the airplane, ok?” Farah said, smiling sadly, “Take care and don’t overdo things.”

“I will,” I said, taking the box and putting it on the seat. Turning around, I hug Farah and her mother. Getting in the car, I bid my goodbyes, not knowing when I might be back.

Turning around, I look at the road ahead.

This was a new challenge coming my way. Taking a deep breath, I stop the tears threatening to come out.

“Don’t worry, Allorah, you will be ok. The place you are going is isolated,” Karl explained as he studies my face.

“Thanks,” I mumble.

How long would this take, I didn’t know, but next time I come back? I wouldn’t be the same. I just hope when I come back, Dominique has changed.

Smiling, I look at the night sky. The moon shined down once again as I drove away to the airport.

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