Goddess of the Diamond

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*Light and Darkness*

Allorah POV

Going through the quick videos, I try to read every little detail. I was memorizing it. The files I had right in front of me contained the experiment that Stefan was trying to do. His trials on humans exceeded the number we had received from one of our spies two months ago.

A year ago, I left and became someone else. My goal was to become stronger, I needed a change, and I got it. The first weeks were tough. My body took a toll, and my headaches got worst. I started coughing blood, and my nose would bleed every hour if possible. When Farah visited for a checkup, I hid every attack from her—lying that I felt better.

Farah prescribed me some strong painkillers. She was still unsure of what was happening to me, so I just follow her instructions. But there was an issue. Karl found out, and I had no way to hide it. Karl was in shock when he saw me coughing blood in the bathroom. I never heard him walk into my room, but I was shocked when I saw him standing at the door, with a shocked face as well.

Karl begged me to tell him what was happening. I had no choice but to say to him. He had to cover up my sickness when Farah would come. After two months of being in the mansion and training, my body took another toll, which I had to rest and recover. Karl spent the following days with me. He took me to a peaceful place near the mountains and a beautiful lake.

Somehow on the way, Karl and I became attached. The thing I had missed was with him. So we started having this relationship. We were like a couple, but not official ones.

When I had six months of training, Mr. Montiel visited me. He had a small talk with me and made an offer—the offer required me to be a leader of a feared and respected squad leader. My role would be to keep a balance with all the soldiers. The squad was composed of 160 members. Out of the 160, we only had six women. They were the best in the world, and they were the only ones allowed to be part of them.

Accepting his offer without questioning him, I became a leader. Making me the seventh woman in the squad.

Not only was I a leader. But I had become stronger.

I had achieved my goal. It made me happy. My body was more robust and able to defend itself.

I was even immune to certain things. My health progressed well, according to Farah, and my injuries and bruises had healed. I still had some remaining scars, but that was one of my fewest worries.

Now that things had become this way. I had a huge mission. Get Stefan before Dominique laid his hands on him.

Dominique, a name I had to remember but forgotten little by little. The first days my mind still roamed towards him. I missed him, and even though things didn’t end well, I wished he would be with me, supporting me. But things never go the way one wants to. Farah told me that Dominique has been asking for me. I never answered her back. My feelings for him faded as time passed by.

Being with Karl helped me. He was the support I didn’t expect to get, and he will be there for me. I felt grateful, and everything that was happening, I had a hunch for a reason, which I would know soon.

One day as I worked on some files, I received a visit from Mr.Montiel. He offered a mission, one I would decide to accept or not. His reason, Dominique, he was worried Dominique was losing it. His vengeance and desire to kill Stefan were blinding him completely. Mr. Montiel looked concerned. He even looked exhausted.

The mission he offered was to extract Stefan and put him under my arrest. I had the will to do with him whatever I wanted to. Dominique should never know we had him, and he should never see me, especially while working. According to his grandfather, Stefan was hiding in one of his most essential compounds. Handing me videos, I check them and make sure he was telling me the truth.

After some thinking, I accepted the mission, and we started gathering intel. We had spies stationed around. All information is studied and thought through. Nothing would go wrong, and we needed to capture him on our first. But that guy was way cockier.

The attack on the compound was ours. I had information that Dominique and his men moved that night. At first, I was skeptical about going or not personally, but after watching him from afar, I knew I had made the correct decision. Dominique and his men had surrounded the whole place. What they didn’t realize was that Stefan was hiding well and that my team would be there.

Surprise for everyone was when we attacked. We planted bombs in different areas, and only two were supposed to detonate. But the bastard played us, and more than one bomb detonated, making Dominique’s people and my retreat.

Not only that, but I had accepted that mission because there was something else that intrigued me. And it was a tube. It seems Stefan had someone locked inside an experimental box like I used to be. The small glimpse I got of them showed someone with long dark hair and white, pale skin. For a moment, I seem to recognize the person, but without more information, I was still unsure.

Now that the building had exploded, I had lost all clues. The only clue left were some files, and that one of the cargos with the tube left the building a few minutes before the bombs exploded.

Half of the plan was a disaster, but the other half was good. During the explosion, I knew that maybe things could go wrong, and they did when I realized Raphael was on the same side of the building that exploded. I had my men search for him in a hurry. He was lucky to survive. Deciding it was best to take him with us, we left that place. None of my men were injured, and we left no one behind.

Now here I was with Raphael staying in the same place. I knew he would have many questions, but I had a job to do and something I could not answer.

“Allorah?” Karl said, snapping his fingers, “Are you ok? You looked lost in thoughts.”

“Sorry, when did you walk in?” I asked, frowning.

“A while ago,” Karl said as he sets a tray down, “here your medicine and some food.”

Thanking him, I grab the medicine and take it.

The medicine I was taking now was some pills that the lab developed. They would seize my bleedings for a while during the day, but I would have attacks during the nights. Farah was still oblivious of it. After a year, I was getting worst. My coughs turn into throw-ups. I had the worst bleedings as the days went by, and my tattoo on my hand had turned purple, crawling up my arm.

“How’s everything going?” I asked after a while.

“Good, we have the information and what we could recover ready for you. We also got the men secured, and I heard Stefan was on an underground bunker on that same compound,” Karl said with a sigh, “He is quite intelligent.”

“Yes, but his time will come,” I said.

“Allorah, I wanted to ask you something,” Karl said as he lowered his gaze.

“Yes?” I said, taking a bite of my sandwich, “What’s the matter?”

“Raphael… will you keep him here?” Karl asked as he toyed with his hands.

“Yes, it’s the best choice, and I will monitor him,” I explained, “look, Karl. Raphael is a friendly person. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried for him, but for you,” Karl said as he stood up and walked around the desk.

Kneeling in front of me, he smiles and caresses my face.

“I’m worried for you. You won’t be able to handle more, Allorah,” Karl whispered, “Please talk with Farah.”

I knew what he meant. He was talking about my illness.

He was right. Things were getting worse.

My throw-ups and bleedings had become excessive. There would be a point where I could no longer handle it, but I had to become stronger. I couldn’t let this be a weakness.

“Allorah, please, I’m begging you,” Karl said as he holds my hand.

I looked at our hands. Karl slowly removed the white glove that covers my left hand. The bruised hand awful to the sight. Bringing it to his lips, he kisses it softly. I smile at the gesture; Karl was charming and caring. He has genuinely been my support in everything.

“Karl, just give me time…” I whispered.

He looked at my face. Shaking his head, he leans it against my lap.

“Make it fast; I don’t want this to be solved when there’s no turning back. That’s all I’m asking of you.” Karl said as I caress his face.


Heading to the conference room, I open the door and greet everyone. The leaders of the small squads were present. In the Black Coral Squad, we had six different small groups. Each is composed of a leader. They assigned the role of each team according to their ability.

“Thanks for coming on brief notice,” I said, taking a seat. “Now, let’s proceeds; we have important points to talk about.”

“Yes, as the boss mentioned, we have eight different topics for today. Out of those eight, three are of great importance,” Karl said as he displays an image on the screen board.

As the meeting started, I listen carefully. So far, we had people on the compound getting information. Our undercover agents were doing their work without a hitch. According to them, Stefan left after they put the fire off. We got satellite images where we get him leaving the compound.

Still, it was strange. There was something about that guy that made me think he was way more intelligent than us. We knew Dominique’s people had snitches from Stefan’s team, but ours impossible.

“Now, we have information about the cargo,” Karl suddenly said, making me frown.

“The cargo?” I asked, “We had men there?”

“Two of them. They arrived at the lab where they have delivered it.” Karl explained, “According to the file, they are in a lab in the city. Two experiments deliver. None of them had seen them, but they are sure they are there.”

“Can we get one of them inside?” the leader from the second team asked.

“Yes, we can. One of them is undercover as a scientist,” Karl explained, “We will request of him to go in.”

“Have him take pictures or copy files. I want him to get every little information as possible.” I order.

“About that, we have some,” Karl said, looking at me with a frown.

Why was he frowning?

“Could you show us?” the leader from team five asked, “it would be wise to see what we are dealing with.”

“Yes…” Karl mumble.

Something felt off; what was Karl so worried about?

“Here,” Karl said, showing a file, “this is the data of the experiment. According to it is human and has been under trial for.”

Standing abruptly from my chair, I look at the screen in shock. My eyes wide read the file.

“Oh my God…” I whispered as I felt my skin crawl.

I couldn’t believe it. Feeling sick of my stomach, I excuse myself and leave the meeting room. I could hear Karl calling my name. Reaching one of the bathrooms, I run and start throwing up—cold sweat on my forehead.

“Impossible…” I mumble, feeling my stomach turn once again.

“ALLORAH!” Karl yelled as he barge into the bathroom, “Allorah! Are you ok?”

Holding myself from the toilet, I try to think. I needed to find a solution and calm down.

“Allorah say something,” Karl said as he makes small circles on my back.

“I want to rest,” I whispered.

Grabbing my shaking hands, Karl pulls me until I’m holding from his body. My eyes started brimming with tears. I wanted to go back to my room.

“Yes… Let’s go,” Karl mumble as he carried me out of the bathroom and towards the car. “We are leaving,” Karl orders the driver.

Driving off the building, we head back home. As the leader of the squad, they assigned me a house on the nearest mountain. The house was a two-story building with five rooms, a kitchen, a small library, a gym, two living rooms, a pool, and three offices.

Since Karl and I were in a sort of relationship, we shared the same house.

Everyone on the squad knew Karl, and I had a relationship. Some whispered we were dating, others we were engaged. But none of them were true. Karl and I were just partners. The only intimate thing we have shared are passionate kisses.

Karl would respect me and not asked from me things that I wouldn’t want.

“We will be there soon,” Karl whispered as he kissed my head.

I lean my head on his chest. His warmth was relaxing me.


Somehow I had slept in. Not recalling when we arrived, I get up. My head is spinning as I feel my contents trying to escape my mouth. Running toward the bathroom without stumbling, I reach the toilet and throw up. Panting, I try to relax my body.

Once I felt I would not throw up, I walk over and turn the light on. Gasping, I cover my mouth. I was full of blood. My mouth and my nose were dripping in blood. Looking back at the toilet, I see red.

Flushing it, I clean frantically. Karl didn’t have to see this. Throwing everything away, I wash my face. The slight dizziness still present.

“Calm down, Allorah…” I mumble to myself.

“Allorah?” I heard Karl call from the bedroom.

“I-I’m here!” I said a bit too loudly.

Karl walked into the bathroom with a worried look. I stare at him, trying to look calm as possible.

“Something the matter?” I asked.

“Are you alright?” Karl asked.

“Yes, just watching my face. When did we arrive?” I asked, drying my face, “It’s late.”

“You’ve been sleeping for four hours. Are you sure you ok?” Karl asked again.

“Yes,” I whispered.

Karl tried to get closer, but I back away from his touch. Surprised, I look at him. He looked hurt.

“S-Sorry…” I said, looking away, “I’m just confused.”

“Could you tell me what happened back on the building?” Karl asked.

But as he asked my stomach growl. Embarrassed, I lower my gaze.

“Seems you will need to eat first,” Karl said, chuckling, “Come, I made dinner.”

We both sat at the dining table as the servant serves our dinner. Karl would smile as he looked over at me. He must be curious to know what went wrong back there, but even I was confused myself.

“Now, would you tell me?” Karl asked again.

I looked at Karl. His amber eyes were full of worried. He was smiling, but his eyes said something else. It worried me, knowing he was suffering from my problems. Even though his aura was pure, it still pained me seeing him like this.

“Karl, I… I don’t know,” I said, smiling sadly, “There’s something about that… experiment that’s giving me a hard time.”

“Allorah, you’re confusing me,” Karl said as he stops eating.

“I, what I mean is that I think I know who the person is,” I mumble with a frown, “But I’m still unsure because it’s impossible.”

Karl sighed and pinched his nose. He looked stressed, something he would lately get, stress—all for my sake.

“Ok, you think you know him, but you are unsure at the same time?” Karl asked.

“Yes, the images we have are unclear, but when I saw the file… the name, I know that name,” I said with a sigh.

Standing up, I walk over to the glass door that showed the garden. Leaning against the door frame, I stare at the night sky.

Who is he?” Karl suddenly asked.

Looking over my shoulder, I smiled sadly.

“I think that’s my deceased husband,” I whispered.

The room went silent. An uncomfortable silence that even bothered me. It reminded me of those nights at Dominique’s home. It felt like I was all alone, just the moon shining down with its light.

Reaching for my hair, I toy with it; I missed my long hair. Letting a breath, I was holding in out; I close my eyes.

Karl didn’t say a word. And I understood why.

Karl didn’t know who I was. All he knew was I was a human, recommended by Mr. Montiel. He didn’t know the real me. So his silence was his way to question me why I had lied all along.

Hearing the chair scraping the floor, I wait for him to leave. But I never listened to the door to the dining room close. Turning around, I find Karl right in front of me. Surprised, I jump at his closeness. As I was about to hit the glass door, Karl reaches for my waist and pulls me.

“Who are you?” Karl asked with a soft voice, making my skin crawl deliciously.

Gulping, I look at him. He was too close.

“Tell me, Allorah, what have you been hiding from me?” Karl asked again, “I knew you hid something from me and all those scars on your body. I know there’s something else, so please tell me.”

I tried pushing him away, but Karl’s grip turns stronger. Biting my lip, I look up. His blond hair glimmer under the moonlight; he was so beautiful. I couldn’t stop staring at him.

“Oh fuck it,” Karl suddenly whispered.

Frowning at his remark, I suddenly feel his lips crash against mine. It was a rough kiss but gentle at the same time. Closing my eyes, I surrender to him. His kisses, full of desire, calmed my nervousness and dissipated all the doubts I had right now. Relaxing against him, I let his kisses make me forget the small nightmares that crawl my mind.

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